White Lily
White Lily

Lilies are chief flowers in aspects of culture and literature. Love moistens everything, same goes with lilies, they mollify the ambiance around them and make a cheerful surrounding on all sides.

Lily flowers as a gift

Flowers have the potential to impress and allure humankind. They are the majestic beauty present on the Earth. Nothing else can give voice to your emotions rather than these fresh and charming blooms. Flowers are the perfect companion to offer your best wishes.

Lily bouquets are an absolute gift for any occasion. Several celebrations can not be accomplished without these blooms. Flowers as a gift never runs out of style. Lilies are the most perfect flowers you can always rely on at any moment on to get them as a present.


Moments to get a lily bouquet as a gift

1. Birthdays

It is your loved one’s birthday. You want to make it extra special and make them all happy and notable. Don’t stress out as lilies are there for you. If it is your buddy’s day you can opt for yellow lilies as yellow color is a sign of amity. Lilies will surely work as a mood changer. 

2. Anniversaries

Want to give your loved ones an anniversary cheer! Lilies are going to work majestically for this day. Anniversary brings fond memories for the couple and it is your concern to make their day miraculous. You can get them a bouquet of lilies or a hamper of lilies. The bouquet and hamper will undeniably put them on the seventh heaven.

3. On the birth of a baby

Baby Shower
Baby Shower

Birth is an act of god, it is one of the most beautiful moments of one’s life. The best way to celebrate a baby shower is to garnish the home with all flowers and lilies are the best ornament for a home filled with all love and laughter. You can get the parent of the newborn a bouquet of lilies that will definitely prove to be truly joyous for the happy family.

4. Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a day all dedicated to contentment and happiness.

Lilies have soothing beauty which is bewitching to everyone. Lily’s beauty is being appreciated all across the world. You can get a hamper of lilies on the eve of thanksgiving and can spend the day with all elegance and gaiety.

5. Housewarming

New home, new happiness and you can share happiness with your friends, family, and acquaintances by sending and gifting them a beautiful adorable lilies bouquet. You can also get them a pot of lilies to be adorned in their new home. This will increase the charm of the new home and make them believe that you consider them an important person in your life.

6. Get well soon

This year is very vulnerable, and most people’s health is in peril. It is good to spread positivity and calmness. Lilies are one of the congenital delights. What is a more special way to convey your best wishes to your ailing friend, send them your warm wishes of recovery, and to be back all fit and fine? Lilies are going to do the magic.

7. Love proposals

Love Proposal
Love Proposal

Whenever you think of a proposal the first thing that pops up in your mind is flowers. Flowers express your feelings on behalf of the person. Lilies are a wonderful choice to get for your lover. A basket of delightful lilies will elevate your love bonding. Nothing lit up the love more than a flower.

8. Business gifting

From meetings to deals, business never rests. Building an amicable relationship is quite necessary for business. What’s better than a bunch of lilies to offer your client before a big deal. It is the most perfect way to establish a pillar of trust in business dealings. If you are ready to deal, Get a bouquet of lilies and everything good is going to happen.

9. New Year

What’s a new year without blossoms, if you are planning to visit your friends, family, and acquaintances this new year, don’t let someone complaint that you are a dull person, get a bunch of colorful lilies and see how beautifully things going to happen, everyone will have a pleasant smile just like the lilies. Make your happy moment happier by offering a bouquet of lilies to your loved ones.


Colors and receivers of Lily

Lilies are majestic. They look classy and have different shades. This multitasking flower not only shows love on birthdays or anniversaries but also shows sympathy and condolences on funerals. These different shades of lilies have different manifestations. They are not limited to one occasion only. These vibrant and jubilant flowers are perfect for every occasion. Only you have to take note of the colors.

Lilies are famous from ancient times, they have been here with us for 2000 years. It has been believed in Greek mythology that Zeus’ wife Hera, is the creator of lily flowers. It was the drops of her milk that fell to the ground, which she refused to feed Hercules, which were believed to be the seed to growing lilies.

If you are puzzled as to which shade of lily will be the best for your beloved or on occasion, don’t stress your mind anymore, your mind queries will be all cleared. Commonly lilies stand for purity, passion, rebirth, and royalty. Take a look at the colors and the feelings they represent!


1. Pink lilies

Pink Lilies
Pink Lilies

The color pink conveys the emotions of love, compassion, admiration, understanding, and feminism. You can opt for pink lilies if you want to shower your love on your mother, aunt, sister, or a female friend. Take an adorable bouquet of pink lilies and their fragrance and beauty are going to do the magic. It is a perfect pick for your date and anniversaries. You can also tie a pink lily on your partner’s hair, and witness her blushing.

2. White lilies

White is a color of purity and peace. This color brings gentle vibes along with it. White lilies demonstrate purity and modesty. They are a perfect choice if you are going to attend a funeral. The majority of people have their first choice as white lily. For expressing condolences and a better companion with a sympathy card.

White lilies are also a better pick when you want to express the innocent feelings of your heart to your partner. They are also a great addition to a bride’s floral bouquet, which is a sign of their long-lasting love and respect for each other. White lilies are suitable for Church decoration too or to offer a floral bouquet of white lilies to the almighty.

3. Yellow lilies

Yellow shade is jolly in nature. It elevates the feeling of happiness, joy, and lightheartedness. Bright and sunny, yellow lilies never fail to make someone all contented and ecstatic. This color brings an abundance of joy with it. Everyone forgets their sadness for a moment while yellow lilies are all around. One gets lost in its beauty and charming nature. These jubilant yellow lilies are the best choice to offer to your friend. You can make your friendship day all filled with love and laughter and yellow Lillies are going to be the star of the day. Yellow lilies perfectly fit with the occasion as they are a symbol of gaiety and friendship.

It is a perfect mood changer. If your friend is under the grey skies, yellow lilies are going to bring rainbows and kick out the grey skies. They are an exquisite choice to get it for your friend.

4. Orange lilies

It is a strong and bright color. Orange lilies represent energy, warmth, compassion, and satisfaction in life. Orange lilies give energetic vibes. It has the ability to stand out from the crowd. They usually manifest honor and respect for a notable person. They are the best choice if you want to express gratefulness and want to thank and appreciate the dedication and hard work of someone. 

Orange lilies are also a perfect gift for remarkable milestone achievements in life. They bring so much positive energy and strong and motivating vibes with them.

5. Purple lilies

Purple color stands for pride, success, admiration, dignity, and accomplishment. Purple lilies are way too cute and smart. They are exclusive and very rare to find. Owing to this they convey the message of royalty, pride, dignity, privilege, and  passion. Purple lilies are perfect for someone special as they are very rare to find. Purple lilies are lavish and luxurious, one can offer them to very important persons.


What flowers go with lilies in a bouquet?


Lily bouquet
Lily bouquet

1. Lilies and roses

Not a single being is there on earth who does not like roses. Lilies and roses make a great pair together. This companion of two aesthetic flowers is going to explode the bomb of extreme beauty.

2. Lilies and orchids

Orchids, a great beauty if paired with a master of fragrance and definition of beauty, will be a price possession to the eyes. This beautiful pair is surely going to hit the hearts with their captivating nature.

3. Lilies and daffodils

Daffodils symbolize new beginnings and so do the lilies. This beautiful attractive pair can be gifted on several occasions such as house warming, marriage ceremony, and the birth of a baby.

4. Lilies and Carnations

In basket lilies and Carnations, what a great sight to see! Carnations look attractive and the backdrop and lilies in front are none less than a gem.

5. Sunflower and white lilies

Sunflowers have the quality of faithfulness and brightness. This duo will light up a smile on everyone’s face. Get this sunflower and white lilies bouquet and get ready to bring plenty of prosperity to your abode.


Which lily blooms the longest? 

Asiatic lilies bloom the longest. They grow in summers and are most convenient to grow. They offer varieties of shades of lily. They have straight stems and curvy petals which make them look all great. 


What does the lily flower symbolise?

Orange Lily
Orange Lily

The meaning of lily comes from an Old English word lilie, from Latin Lilium, and from Greek leirion. Originally, The lily is named from the Hebrew word “Shoshannah” (שׁוֹשַׁנָּה), which was borrowed from the Egyptians

Lily flower in Chinese: It is more loved in China as lily is pronounced as bai he which is connected to famous Chinese proverb Bǎinián hǎo hé, which signifies “happy union for one hundred years.” Therefore, the lily, or bǎi hé, is a symbol for a life long and happy marriage.

There are different shades and a variety of lilies are there. But the paramount meaning of lily is purity and fertility. The sweet, innocent, and adorable beauty of the lily flower have given it the association of fresh life and rebirth. Lilies hold a special place in everyone’s heart. 

Not a single occasion is complete without lilies. Lilies have an exquisite fragrance that captivates people around them. They are now the prime need of people for any occasions, festivals, and special moments. 

Lilies just can’t go wrong anywhere. If you have to get a gift or have any occasion at your home but you have piles of work to do and you are a busy bee, get your favorite pick of all fresh and fragranced lilies delivered at your doorstep and the very moment you want to. Elevate your happiness with fresh lilies bouquets Singapore. 

Your satisfaction and smile matter the most for us. One can also call for lilies flower arrangements for the wedding occasion or any party.


Lilies, A Symbol of death

The blooming season of lilies is summer. It is commonly known as a symbol of renewal and rebirth. It is widely used in funerals as it is believed that lilies represent mourning and purity. They convey the message of innocence of the departed soul. Lilies have exquisite fragrance and mind-calming vibes, making them the number one choice in funeral decors and funeral flowers. You can also get lily bouquets for the grieving family, this will make them feel pampered and cared for.