Rose is the most common flower that everyone knows. But no one knows why there is the existence of rose. And let us tell you a story about “Rose”.

A long time ago in China, there was a fairy named Rosa who fell in love with a human boy named Eason.

Rosa first met Eason in the forest when she was growing flowers with magic due to Queen Flora’s orders. She was busy humming and growing flowers, but suddenly she smelt something burning.

“Who is it?!” she shouted. She flew to the right side where the smell came from and saw Eason burning a bunch of branches, leaves, and flowers. The fire was spreading to the other areas where she just grew the plants at. She was so enraged and used magic to throw Eason to the side. She mumbled a magic spell and the fire stopped spreading. Eason, who was so surprised, slowly stood up and asked “Who threw me? What did I do wrong?” He then spotted Rosa who was flying in the air in front of him, with a furious face.

“You dare ask?! You almost burnt everything I grew in this forest! This is why I despise humans!” Rosa shrieked. Eason was so shocked by the words she spat out, quickly apologized with a low voice, and went away after extinguishing the fire with the water in the bucket. Rosa was so confused, didn’t humans did a lot of evil things to nature and so selfish that they hunt animals due to their own greed.

“Hey wait!” Rosa commanded. Eason stopped and Rosa spotted that he was shivering in fright. She was completely confused. She didn’t even hit him nor did anything except screaming. Eason turned around with his lowered head. Rosa saw whiplashes wounds and scars all over his hands and legs. She scanned up and down and realized that he was wearing tattered clothes that have been amended over and over again until there was no place that could be mended again. It was Rosas first time seeing such a pitiful human being. Like, how can be someone is so cruel to a young boy? How poor and pitiful he is that he can’t even wear decent clothes? Eason only quietly stood still, not moving an inch. Rosa sighed. She used magic to make new clothes and food for Eason.

“Here, take a bath and change your clothes. Then eat this after changing” Rosa exclaimed. Eason slowly looked up to Rosa and stared at her.

“What? Never see a fairy so pretty like me? Quit staring and go.”
“O..okay… I’ll go. Thank you so much, pretty fairy sister! I’m Eason and please remember me!” Eason blushed and bowed, then ran towards the river.

“Hihi, how cute” Rosa giggled.
For a week, Rosa thought of the cute boy every day. She was so curious about him but hesitated due to the fact that fairies and humans are mortal enemies. So she decided to sneakily look at Eason to see what he’s doing these days. The more Rosa goes to see Eason, the more she liked him. How can a human be so innocent and cute? This was very different from what the Queen told them.

Red Roses
Red Roses


One day a few years later, Rosa accidentally got caught on a spider web and couldn’t use her magic due to the webs sticking on her hands. She was stuck for almost a whole day, was hungry and tired. Rosa then unconsciously called out Eason’s name.
Eason, who was walking nearby, heard a small, weak voice calling his name. He followed the sound and saw Rosa helplessly stuck on the spider web. He then rushed and quickly got rid of the spider web from Rosa’s hands and feet. Eason gently put Rosa into his shirt pocket to keep her warm and lit a small fire pit to cook some food he collected during the day.
At midnight, Rosa woke up. She saw Eason lying beside her, sleeping on guard. At that moment, she realized that she had fallen in love with him. She left Eason a note: “I’m heading home for a bit. Let’s meet tomorrow near the lake we first met.”

Eason smiled looking at that letter. It was the first time someone has been that nice to him. Rosa didn’t treat him like other villagers do. Rosa was different. He knew that Rosa was peeking at him a few times, silently helping him when there’s danger, following him until he got home safely.

“Is this what mom told me before? The feeling of wanting to protect someone with your life, no matter what it takes” Eason thought deeply. He then gathered his thoughts and decided to confess to the pretty fairy sister he unconsciously loved. But that night, Rosa didn’t appear. Eason waited for days and nights. He searched Rosa frantically like a madman, praying to god to protect her from any danger. But still, he didn’t found her.

A few years went by quickly, and Rosa finally finished the tasks Queen Flora gave her. It was the condition to turn Rosa into half-human so that she can stay with Eason. Rosa was so happy to finally turn into human form.
“Finally I can be with my dear Eason! I have dreamt of the scene of me and him, walking down the aisle, having cute children with him, and live together until the end of our lives.” Rosa skipped her way to Eason’s hut. But as she arrived, she was in horror. She saw Eason lying on his bed, looking so lifeless.

“Eason, I’m here. Look at me please” Rosa kneeled and begged.
“Is that you pretty fairy sister? I miss you… You finally come to see me. Cough! Cough!” Eason coughed out blood. Rosa bawled her eyes out. She then noticed a pool of blood on Eason’s bed, dripping out from the sides.

“Who did this to you?! I swear I’m going to kill them! I’ll kill each and one of them!” Rosa shrieked with eyes full of hatred. Eason slowly reached out his hand, patted Rosa’s head gently, and said, “I was attacked by a wild boar a few days ago. I’m glad you’re healthy and fine. God has granted me my wish. Live happily my fairy. Tell me your name please. I’ll ask a favor from God to let me be with you in our next life.”

“Rosa, I’m Rosa… Please don’t leave me! I’ll… I’ll heal you with my magic!”

Rosa tried to use her magic but to no avail. She completely forgot that she had turned into a human. Her magic was taken away by Queen Flora. Rosa could only cry by Eason’s side. On his last breath, Eason said, “I love you, my dear Rosa. Let u meet where we are both the same kind and I promise that I will love you only until the end of my life. Meeting and loving you was the best thing I’ve ever done in my life.”

Eason died that night due to excessive bleeding and Rosa cried all night. She buried Eason and herself, with the help of other fairies. A few years later, a flower bloomed on top of the tomb of Rosa and Eason. Their love story was spread throughout the world, and the fairies named it “Rose”. The rose we know now is like the life of humans; a bud when they are small, an adult when the rose fully bloomed where they are at their most beautiful stage of life, and followed by old age to death when the flower withered as the petals fall off. And “rose” was red in color due to Rosa and Eason’s love, hatred, and resentment.

This is why until now when confessing, apologizing, communicating, and showing your true feelings to your loved ones, all of us will always choose “rose”, and rose is widely acknowledged and known as the meaning of everlasting love, commitment, true love and confession of true feelings.