May Birth Flower
May Birth Flower



The birth flower is the birth month flower, flower zodiac based on certain months related to blossomed time.  Lily of the valley is the birth flower for the month of May. Just like every other month, they are represented by at least one or two birth flowers. People believed that the characteristics of the flower may be ‘’inherited’’ by the person born in that month.

Lily of the valley is one of the most fragrant flowers that we can find in the world. It has a scientific name of Convallaria majalis and belongs to the asparagus family and are herbaceous plants in botany, also known as herbs which do not have woody stems that stick out of the ground. It originates from Europe and Asia but can now be found in parts of North America.

Although its name has the word ‘Lily’ in it, Lily of the Valley is not actually a true lily. It has a significantly different shape as it has a tiny form factor and has a shape of a droopy bell. The Lily of the Valley grows in big colonies and could grow wildly under ideal conditions. This plant usually blooms in Spring in the forests and mountains where it is mostly under the shade of trees away from the sunlight, as it cannot withstand the heat and would survive so much longer in colder climates.

As we all know, roses have thorns that grow along the stems of the plant to work as their ‘’ defense mechanism’’ against animals that are trying to abuse them, and just like them, Lily of the Valley also has their own defense mechanism which is toxins. They are highly toxic and would cause vomiting and diarrhea if ingested. Therefore, it is advised to remind the person you are going to this flower, to keep it away from children or animals.

Although it is known to be a toxic plant, the May flower is often used as the wedding bouquets during Royal Weddings. This is proven to be true as we can see Queen Victoria, Grace Kelly, Princess Astrid of Sweden, and Kate Middleton all used this pretty little bell-shaped flower for their wedding bouquets.

Lily of The Valley Meaning

Lily of the Valley
Lily of the Valley


Eve’s Tears

In Christian legend, it was said that the Lily of the Valley is Eve’s tears when she cried as she was thrown away from the Garden of Eden for disobeying God’s commands. In another Christian tradition, the flower symbolizes the second coming of Jesus Christ and was mentioned a lot of times in the Bible.

Prosperity and Luck

The Lily of The Valley has different meanings from culture to culture. Like in France, during the 20th century, people are selling this May flower without paying any taxes on their earnings from selling the flowers as they see it as a symbol of harvest, spring, and work. Therefore, you can give an arrangement of Lily of the Valley to someone and wish them prosperity and good luck.


Fine Choice For Funerals

White may flower bouquet
White may flower bouquet


On the other hand, this plant symbolizes the sadness and pain of losing someone. That is one of the reasons people are sending these flowers to funerals. Another reason is that the flowers looked pure and innocent, which is suitable for funerals unlike flowers with colors that are so vibrant, as some cultures avoid these vibrant colors on funerals.

Ward Off Bad Vibes

Moreover, older people believed that it could communicate with the other world and would put these flowers inside their houses to keep bad vibes away. This May flower is also believed to bring good luck and serenity, as its bell-shaped flowers are believed to be able to call for good spirits.

Caring for Lily of the Valley

Caring for Lily of the Valley
Caring for Lily of the Valley


Growing and caring for Lily of the Valley is easy as they grow quite wildly in almost anywhere with enough shades. It can grow in almost any kind of soil but will grow much better in moist and well-drained soil.

Temperature and Climate

This May flower prefers a humid, and cooler climate to grow well. In places with hot climates, the heat will kill this plant. They do not do that well even in an environment with a mild temperature, although it will not kill them completely as they will most likely return the next spring.

Water and Soil

Generally, this plant can grow in almost any type of soil, even clay soil, but prefers soil that is organically rich with nutrients and is well-drained. It is also ideal to consistently keep the soil moist for it to grow well.


As this May flower does not grow well in a hot environment, it is optimal to plant it in a place that is covered in shades, away from the heat of the sun.

An arrangement of white roses and lilies of the valley is a perfect combination when you want to give someone you love a pretty bouquet of white flowers. On a side note, the May flower would still look gorgeous on their own.

If you are looking for a wedding bouquet, this May flower is a perfect choice, although it does not come at a cheap price. A small bouquet of the May flower will cost you around $60-$70 just on its own. Fortunately, this plant goes well with most flower arrangements and is fairly easy to find.

What Does Your Birth Flower Reveal About You?

For those of you who are born in May, this flower may show similarities to your personalities. Although this May flower is a toxic plant, your personality is actually quite the opposite. You are someone who can easily handle difficult situations and are a very sweet person in others’ eyes.


What Are Other Birth Month Flower

We already know that birth month flower for May. What is another birth month flower?

January is Carnation, February: Violet, March: Daffodils, April: Daisy, June: Rose, July: Larkspur, August: Gladiolus, September: Aster, October: Calendula, November: Chrysanthemum, December: Poinsettia.