Wedding Flower
Wedding Flower


Choosing the best Singapore florist for your wedding is as crucial as selecting other things on this special day. A reliable and experienced florist will help your wedding ceremony even more special and memorable for you as well as the guests.

Flowers have been a beautiful part of any wedding party. It completes the bride’s look, adorns the venue decoration, and even makes the wedding cake even more pretty. Thus, selecting the right florist should be an important part of your wedding planning.

Having the right flowers won’t be perfect without the right florist. Even the most limited flower options can appear so much beautiful when they are arranged by the best florist. That’s why this article will show you some tips to find the perfect Singapore florist.

Finish Your Own Wedding Homework in Advance

Firstly, you need to deal with your homework before looking for a florist out there. Take your time to discover what kind of bloom you like and how it should appear in your wedding venue, so the main idea has been clear before anything else.

This means you should know the general idea of what to have on your wedding day. By having some ideas in mind, your florist will be able to help it come true more easily. Remember that some flowers are not in season sometimes.

To begin with, you can consider looking for some inspiration on the internet. Before meeting the best Singapore florist, try to collect as many ideas as possible so that you have a clear vision in mind. Start with saving and collecting all pictures you love.

From all the pictures collected, you can choose some of them that will work for your wedding party. You can mix and match some ideas or themes if necessary. Don’t limit yourself when browsing around for your floral arrangements.

For an easier practice, you can even create an inspirational board consisting of pictures of your favorite floral arrangements. This way, it will be easier for you and your partner to discuss it together.

Gather Some Recommendations for Your Wedding Arrangement

Wedding Bouquet
Wedding Bouquet


After that, it is time to take the style of your wedding venue and color theme into account. Keep in mind that the style and colors of your wedding venue will help to determine the right flowers to select.

Since your Singapore florist will follow what you want to create in the venue, it is important to have a clear mind about it too. If your wedding is held outdoor and there have already been enough natural flowers around it, you need fewer arrangements.

Instead, you can go with some flower details to make the wedding venue even more charming. If the wedding will be held indoors, take the color theme into account. But, remember that not all flowers may match the color of your wedding theme.

Once you have some rough ideas about how the venue will look like, you can get some more recommendations before meeting with a Singapore florist. You can get some suggestions from bridal magazines, review sites, or even other brides.

If you are working with a wedding organizer or coordinator, they may have some recommendations too. Since they typically cooperate with many other vendors, it will be a lot easier to get some useful opinions from them.

Meet Your Favorite Florist for the Best Arrangement

Before scheduling a meeting with your favorite florist, try to set a budget first. Although it is pretty hard to guess how much you will need to pay for the flowers, it is still possible to set an overall budget that makes sense.

Setting a budget will help your Singapore florist to recommend the right flowers and what kind of arrangement to execute. That’s why you should be honest with your florist from the beginning, especially when it has something to do with the budget.

If you want to have floral arrangements for the reception table, try to calculate how many of them will be. Then, you should have a general idea of how many bridesmaids will be around you. After that, you can create a detailed proposal for it.

In conclusion, it is better for you to know some general ideas about your floral arrangements before meeting a florist. This way, you won’t waste your time and the time of your Singapore florist since there has been a clear vision about what to execute.


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