Morning Glory
Morning Glory

Imagine waking up in the morning and opening your eyes to see the beautiful sunrise through your bedroom’s window, a warm cup of coffee next to your bed and a beautiful flower next to it. “Glorious” would be the best and most appropriate word for describing the feeling you will get by witnessing such bliss in the morning. Ah! Such a feeling is one to die for, isn’t it?

To make your morning blissful like this, you need a flower which is nothing but a thing of beauty and gives you the feels. One such flower is the “Morning Glory” which is a prominent flower species, found across Asia, North America and South America. Let’s quickly dive into the glorious world of the “morning glory” and learn about the significance of this beautiful flower. 

What is morning glory?

What is Morning Glory
What is Morning Glory

Morning glory is a flowering plant species found prominently across Asia, North America and South America. This annual vine bears heart shaped leaves and flowers which are pink, white or purple. This flower is grown as an ornament across many countries and grows to about 6-10 ft. tall. 

This beautiful flower can give your garden or home a classic look and an old-fashioned charm. This beautiful annual flowering plant thrives under full sunlight and grows very aggressively. When looking after this plant, it is advised to cut back on the extra growth frequently or it can quickly spread across your whole garden and sabotage the growth of other plants.  

Morning glory blooms from June to October and can tolerate dry soil too. This flowering plant is frequently found growing on roadsides, fence rows and garden edges. Whenever you plan to plant this flowering plant, make sure the spot can protect your plant from strong winds. 

Scientific name:- This beautiful flowering plant is scientifically referred to as “Ipomoea”. 

How to grow Morning Glory?

How to Grow Morning Glory
How to Grow Morning Glory

Morning glory plant, which is also known as “Ipomoea purpurea” can be grown easily on well drained soil and in a spot which has great accessibility to full sunlight. This flowering plant can easily become potted plants i.e, be planted in containers. If you are going to plant this flowering plant in your garden, make sure you plant it near something it can climb on to grow successfully. This plant is known to tolerate hot and dry soils and is able to withstand different conditions. 

Why is it called Morning glory? 

The minute you started reading this blog, you may have had one big head scratching question in your mind, why is it called “morning glory” and not something else or something which suits a flower? Well we have the answer for you, and it’s an interesting one. 

It is called “Morning glory” because of the flower of this plant. Morning glory’s flowers bloom in the morning and start dying towards the end of the day. This is the reason why it is called the morning glory, to depict that it blooms in the morning. 

Is Morning glory a creeper or a climber?

As we mentioned above in the article, planting this beautiful plant near something it can climb and grow on will allow this plant to grow rapidly without any issues. The morning glory is indeed a climber as it can gradually climb on anything next to it. 

What is Morning glory good for? 

Now that you must have gained a lot of information on this splendid annual flowering plant, let’s get to know a little about the good things which come with this flowering plant or should we say “How glorious this flower can make your life”.

  • Remedy for bad skin:- If you are facing issues with your skin which is hampering your personal and professional life and sabotaging your growth, you can consider morning glory, your best friend. 

Skin related issues can severely dismantle your whole confidence and can easily make you feel low about yourself. The flower of this beautiful plant can immaculately cure your skin problems. The oil extracted from the morning glory helps in smooth skin by reducing the appearance of fine lines and scars.

  • Good for your brain:- Along with the petals, the seeds of this plant can also do wonders for you and are really beneficial for your brain. The seeds of this plant are known to boost and improve the brain power of kids. Consuming the seeds of this plant in the right amount in the form of tea can be very beneficial for your brain. 
  • Nutrients:-  Looking for more reasons to love this beautiful plant, are we?  The morning glory has amazing nutritional benefits and many botanists and plant enthusiasts have loved this plant for its abilities. 
  • Calm:- Apart from skin & health benefits, there’s a psychological benefit of this splendid flower as well. When you look and smell this flower you get a feeling of tranquility and calmness never felt before. If you are going through stress or if your friend is going through a hard time, give them this flower along with get well soon hamper to eradicate their anxiety. 
  • Headache:- The tea brewed from the leaves of the morning glory has been used to effectively treat headaches. Herbal healers prefer the morning glory to cure a lot of problems and headache is one of them. 

Is the Morning glory poisonous? 

After all the benefits of this flowering plant, overlooking the potential cons can be very bad. So the question arises, whether the morning glory is poisonous or not? And the answer is not so simple. The morning glory is fortunately, not poisonous and it’s leaves and flowers can be used for various purposes. On the other hand, when it comes to the seeds of this flowering plant, they are regarded as poisonous. It is advised to keep the seeds out of children’s reach as it can lead to serious problems. 

Does Morning glory spread?

If you’re wondering whether this plant will spread rapidly across your garden or lawn and will take up the most of your garden’s space, you’re probably right. If it’s not shredded often, this flowering plant can easily spread aggressively and take up most of your garden’s space. It is suggested by many botanists and plant enthusiasts to keep this plant confined as much as possible and not let it get wild. 

What’s the story of Morning glory?

Story of Morning Glory
Story of Morning Glory

The minute you read the word morning glory, you must have had this thought rushing behind the back of your head that is this flower, related to the popular catchy line “What’s the story behind morning glory”, well it is to some extent. The line “What’s the story of morning glory” started as an innocuous rhyme just like “See ya later, alligator” but it later attained many different meanings. 

If you are a fan of the popular band Oasis, you must be thinking, they invented this line in their song, but the origin of this famous line goes way way back. 

Another reason why this phrase is so popular is because we usually tend to use the term “What’s the story” to ask someone what is happening or what’s up. The line in this case makes it look as if we are asking the flower “What’s up?”.

Symbolism of the Morning glory

After the baffling discovery you’ve just made on this mesmerizing flower, it’s time to dive into the symbolism this flower has attached to it. 

Strength:- This flower can be considered as the symbol of strength and power. It is said that this flower gives a person hope and passion in their mundane life and makes them reach for the sky. It is given by people to their loved ones to display their support to them. If you want to exude your support to your loved ones, there’s nothing better than giving a morning glory to them. 

Royalty:- The purple morning glory flower depicts royalty and lavishness. If you give someone a purple morning glory flower, it shows your nobility and kindness. 

Love:- Just like most of the flowers, this splendid flower also represents love and affection towards a person. Flowers are often used to spread love and are considered to be the language of love. If you wish to communicate your love and obsession for someone in the purest manner, you can do so by giving them a beautiful morning glory bouquet. 

Passion:- Everyone has a passion for something or someone. Some are passionate about their work, some are passionate lovers and some are passionate about their hobbies. To acknowledge someone’s passion and to encourage them to keep striving towards their passion you can give this beautiful flower to them as the Morning glory depicts and symbolises passion. 

These were a few emotions and feelings which are symbolized by this flowering plant. Every plant has a deep and emotional meaning behind it and people use it to their advantage to communicate their emotions without words. Sometimes your actions can help you communicate your love for someone more immaculately than words, which engenders people to spread love through flowers more than words. 

Make your morning more glorious

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