Mother and Son
Mother and Son

Mother’s day is the most special day on Earth. It is the day that commemorates the sole reason for the existence of humans. It is a celebration to honor the glory of motherhood. The day is dedicated to mothers, maternal bond, and their effect and influence on society. 

Mother’s day is celebrated by more than 40 countries all across the globe with beautiful bouquets and gifts. However, its date may vary around the world. For the most part, it is celebrated on the second Sunday of May.

Importance of Mother’s day

There’s only one selfless bond in this mortal life which beats every other relation and scores above all the other known relationships on this globe. 

Mother’s love and bond are truly priceless as no other person has the audacity to love, have dedication, and devotion towards the family.

Mother’s day is celebrated to acknowledge the existence of all the mothers around the globe.

This day is observed because mothers’ hard work, dedication, and devotion are most underrated in this male-dominated society.


Origin of Mother’s day

Mother’s day was originated by Anna Jarvis, who belonged to Philadelphia, once her mother had organized and assembled women to encourage and promote the friendship and health of women, this idea of her gave rise to make one day dedicated to all the mothers and to honor motherhood. 

  • In the US Mother’s day is celebrated annually on the second Sunday of May.
  • In Uk, Mother’s day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent, and it is well known as mothering Sunday.
  • In Brazil, It is one of the most commercially celebrated holidays. It is observed on the second Sunday of May.
  • In Germany, it is infamously known as Muttertag and takes place on the second Sunday of May. Sometimes it is observed on the first Sunday of May when the day falls on Pentecost.
  • In Malaysia, it is famous as Hari Ibu, and it is commemorated on the second Sunday of May.


How to make mother’s day important?

For kids, it is their utmost duty to seize this day for their beloved mothers. This day calls for a magnificent celebration. As the mother is the reason for your existence and she truly deserves all your love, dedication, respect, and attention. 

This year is a little tough on the beings and most of the people are far away from their beloved family. One can mark this day as notable by being virtually active. Here are some tips to not let you and your mother feel alone on their special day.


1. Meet Virtually


Maybe some of you are not able to physically bear hug your mama but let’s not lose hope, as technology is there for you all. Call her virtually on platforms like zoom, facetime, or any other video platform you find ease and cheer her up as much as possible.


2. Flowers



Nothing is as special as blooms. They are the happiness in a flora form. Send your mother her favorite kind of flowers, you can also opt for floral decor items or floral jewelry for your mother so that she can get all dolled up and spend her day with all the fragrance around her. You can also go for flower bouquets and hampers for your loving mama.


3. Order her a special breakfast


Let your mother be all astonished when she opens her eyes. Order her favorite meal in the morning and get all the blessings and best wishes from her heart. She will absolutely love this idea of a surprise breakfast in bed.


4. Favorite meal delivering


You shouldn’t only stay limited up to breakfast, make her free from daily routine, and order her meal for the whole day. Let her hog on her favorite mouth-watering delights offered by her beloved children. Let her day pass with yummy treats and a full tummy.


5. Take care of chores


If your mother is being tensed for any chores, you should take care of it and surprise her with the completed work, she’s been trying to finish and then look at her beautiful relaxed smile on her face.

6. Wine or beverage



If your mama loves to drink, or drink occasionally, it is the perfect day to make her go all chilled. You could send her favorite beverage and can join her and cheers through video calls and facetime. 

7. Make a donation



Everyone is aware that time is going tough. You can donate some money in your mother’s name or can buy stuff to the needy and organizations to combat this pandemic. Nothing is more pious than making someone smile because of you. By donation, you can make not only your family but also many other families smile and make them breathe of relaxation. By this gesture, you can make someone else’s mom happy too.


8. Make a Slideshow


If you have the curiosity to make your mama’s day special by being far away, then you can do much more than you have thought of. Make a Slideshow of her favorite moments, favorite people, best moments spent with family. This day is perfect to reminisce about the good old days and happy and funny moments. You can also add your videos and pictures of your childhood where your mama is running behind you and keeping you safe from all the troubles. This will surely melt her heart and remember the good days she had spent being a mother.


9. Virtual bake-off


It is another unique way to make use of video conferencing, all you need is to make your mother agree to a virtual cook-off. Make her ready for a recipe and see whose dish comes out first and best. This is going to be all fun. You will not know how the time got passed and you and your mama are connected through technology.


Gifts for your mama bear!

Only a mother has the strength to give the most precious gift to humankind, gift of life, gift of nourishment, gift of forgiveness, and many more. This mother’s day, let’s give her an item that shows your gratitude, let’s tell her she is appreciated and loved through mother’s day Singapore gifts.

1. Cakes

Black Forest Cake
Black Forest Cake

Cakes are the dose of happiness and yumminess. Without a cake, there couldn’t be any happy occasion. Order a yummy and a feast for your mother’s tummy, her favorite flavored cake. You can also get your customized cakes the way you want, you can add photos of her or her favorite animal. Keep a note that the cake should be of her kind as she deserves to get special treatment on her day.

2. Fruits or fruit basket

Keep your mum all fit and fine as she is the backbone of your home. Gift her a basket of fruits. It Is going to diminish her hunger cravings and also will keep her all healthy. As in this bleak time keeping your health okay is a necessity. Health is the greatest wealth, give your mom the greatest wealth and make her all healthy and well.

3. Dry fruits hamper

Dry fruits are loved by everyone, give your mother fruits of love. It is a healthy gift, will keep your mom right as rain.

4. Kitchen items

Make your mother all blossom by gifting her the kitchen items such as utensils, spices, and all other items she finds necessary to be there in her kitchen. Try to make her work easier by gifting essential items such as a mixer, juicer.

5. Yoga mats

In this crucial time, it is an important task to keep yourself all fit, and it is the child’s duty to keep a check on their parents so that they can be all fit. This mother’s day, give her a yoga mat so that she could start exercising and keep herself in good health.

6. Flower hampers or flower baskets

Flowers are a perfect mood changer. As the flower blooms, the love of your mom will also blossom when she will receive the beautiful flowers given by you. Try to get her favorite kind of flowers in a basket or a flower bouquet.


You can also opt for combos such as flower baskets and soft toys, flower bouquets, and chocolates. Flower hampers with Chocolates and cookies are the ultimate gift you can get for your mother. A sweet delight for your sweet mother.


Pretty mother’s day flowers in Singapore

Mother’s day flowers for making mama’s happy: 


1. Carnations

Red Carnation
Red Carnation

Carnations represent admiration, deep love, and affection. Carnations vary in colors. Some carnations denote feelings of good luck. Gift your mother beautiful carnations on this mother’s day and make her smile go all twinkle.

2. Crystal roses

Show your mum how much you treasure her. Give her a beautiful bouquet of crystal roses, as roses are the most adorable ones. It is the gift your mother is going to cherish and will have all smiles.

3. Dried flowers

They do another kind of magic. Show your mother some appreciation for all her selflessness and the devotion, dedication she has towards your family. Get her a bouquet of dried flowers. You can also have a combination of dried flowers along with roses to make it go all exquisite. 

4. Lolita (flower soap)

If your mother doesn’t have a single choice for flowers, get her a bouquet of mixed flowers soap with fillers. This unique combination will absolutely melt her heart and swell it with happiness.

5. Blaire (Flower soap)

This elegant combination is enough to captivate one’s eyes and heart. This bouquet of graceful flowers is going to be the center of attraction. Gift your mom this bewitching bouquet and get all the appreciation for gifting such prepossessing flowers.


Celebration of Mother’s day in Singapore


Mother’s day is a day for people to show their gratitude towards their mother or any other women who are like mother figures for them. It is not observed as a public holiday but a lot of people celebrate it with lots of zeal and enthusiasm. As it is the day of a woman who is the pillar of the family who binds everyone together and works like a magnet of happiness in the family. 

This year it is a little enigmatic to go out with your mother. Commonly, people take out their mothers to their favorite eatery and go out shopping with them.

Many people get their mother ornaments for her unconditional love. The movie date with mama bear is most loved and admired on the account of mother’s day.

Mother’s day 2021 is going to be happy only if you can stay safe. It is well known that, in the midst of a pandemic, it is difficult to go out freely and spend the day with all eagerness and excitement. However, don’t scratch your head too much, this pandemic has brought out the old days when people were bound to live inside the house. Do not take it as a challenge, think of it as an opportunity and take advantage of this as much as you can. 

If you are not able to go out on a movie date, set up a home theater inside your house, play your mom’s favorite movie and a bowl of popcorn, and you are going to spend a great time you never thought of.

You can bake your mama’s favorite flavored cakes and cookies with a creamy message of thankyou on the top of the cake. Or else you can simply order a delicious cake delivery in Singapore. This trick will touch your mama’s heart and she is going to cry out the tears of happiness.

You can make your home a private and personal club. Play your mother’s favorite tune and song and just groove on it. And a drink along with it going to be charismatic. This is a perfect idea to have fun and entertainment within the sweet home.

One can spend quality time with their mother, have a conversation with her and talk about life, what’s the plan, what are the hindrances she is facing, what are her grievances. Let her share the moments of happiness and sorrow with you. You can make her a cup of tea and coffee whatever she prefers the most it will provide assistance to the deep conversations with your love of life, mother.

On this happy mother’s day, If you live miles away from your mother you can surprise her by online gift delivery of flower bouquets and yummy treats such as cakes and cookies by mother’s day Singapore. It can all get personalized according to your preference. Get the items all fresh and delivered the same day at your doorstep with mother’s day Singapore flowers.


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