When we feel lost, scared, or anxious, there’s one word that brings us comfort and strength: “MOTHER.” She is the reason for our existence, the most important person in our lives. And while there are 365 days in a year, there’s only one day that’s truly dedicated to celebrating the incredible woman who brought us into this world: Mother’s Day.

A mother is a priceless treasure, a source of pure bliss in our lives. Her love is unparalleled, and being in her embrace is like being in paradise.


1. Flower baskets

This gift never fails to put a smile on people’s faces. As the flower will blossom your mother’s heart will also blossom with love and affection and it will put a positive vibe all around your home. Fill up your hamper with a variety of flowers as all the mothers out there deserve a bouquet of orchids, like literally.

Here’s the table for the newest flower basket price list for April 2023 from FlowerAdvisor :

Flower Basket Price (SGD)
Lucky Eleven 82
Chloe (Flower Soap) 85
Fruity Glow 86
Blooms To Go 79
Bunchies 121
Fresh Meadows 106
Pure Crimson 114
Red Harvey 112

2. Pink carnation

Pink carnation
Pink carnation

Pink carnations are the most sufficient and impressive gift one can present to their mother on the account of mother’s day. They manifest gratitude and you can express your extreme thankfulness and appreciation by arranging and decorating the beautiful pink carnations in your home. You can also get a hamper full of pink carnations for your beloved mother and she will cherish it forever.

Here is list Pink carnation from FlowerAdvisor Singapore :

Mother’s Day Carnation Price (SGD)
Voice of Reason – 6 Pink Carnation & Filler 82
Say Say Say – 20 pink Carnation in Vase 116
Captured My Heart – 6 Pink Carnations & Teddy Bear 72
Lovely Carnation – 6 Pink Carnations in a vase 82
Unforgettable – Bouquet of 12 Pink Carnations 82
Truly Pink – 12 Pink & 12 Red Carnations 104
Bloom of Love – 5 Purple Roses, 6 pink Carnations 132
Graceful Gift For Mum – Pink Carnation with Fragrance 165

3. Chocolates Bouquet

Send a gift that is both delicious and beautiful with this chocolate bouquet. Mothers are as sweet as chocolates then what is the most delightful gift other than chocolates? You can give a hamper of chocolates to your mother and it will melt your mother’s heart with full of fondness.

Chocolates Bouquet price list Apr 2023 – FlowerAdvisor :

Chocolates Bouquet Price (SGD)
Wonderland Bundle 83.00
Fit Inside 85.00
Pocky Bouquet 85.00
Choco Craving 95.00
Dancing Hearts 101.00
Sweet Muse 98.00
Sweet Burst 104.00
Warming Thoughts 105.00

4. Lilac roses

Lilac Rose
Lilac Rose

Lilac roses symbolize life and happiness, making them a great choice to show your mother how much she means to you and how much joy she brings to your life, especially since every being wishes their mother could stay with them forever.

You can surprise your mother by gifting her a bouquet of lilac roses on special occasions such as Mother’s Day, her birthday or just to show her how much you love and appreciate her. The delicate and sweet fragrance of lilac roses will bring a smile to her face and fill her heart with warmth and love.

Newest roses purple roses price list Apr 2023 – FlowerAdvisor :

Lilac roses Price (SGD)
Cutie Toffee 67
Violetta 71
Dancing in the Kitchen 75
Endless Love Purple 89
Blooms To Go 79
Cherry Lips 91
Baby Vox 91
Jeannette 69

5. Key finder

Mothers have enormous to-do-lists and have a topsy turvy schedule which makes it hard to keep track of all the things. The key finder can get attached and paired to any gadget such as mobile phones, wallets, house keys, and bags. You can pair the apparatus with the smartphone and it will locate the missing items on a fingertip. This mind blowing gift can make your mom’s routine stress-free


6. Handbags

Handbags are like partners, being there for you, holding the things for you, hiding your stuff. There’s something very charming in the handbags which captivates all the women irrespective of their role and age. Handbags are perfect to be gifted on mother’s day to your beloved mom as mothers have tons of things running in their mind and they need tons of things to carry while going outside. What are you waiting for? Gift your mum a handbag according to her preference and need. You are so gonna capture the contented grin on her face while holding the bag and if the bag is waterproof it’ll be like icing on the cake.


7. Necklace & pendant


Grooming is an essential part of women’s life. Women love to get adorned, regardless of their age & especially with a necklace and a pendant along with it.

ornaments are always a girl’s best buddy, so opt for simple and classy designs which will go on every occasion and make your mama go head over heels for the neckpiece.


8. Neck massager

After doing long hectic chores in a day, every being would crave a good massage and the same implies to your lovely mother. Neck massagers are the best way to show gratitude to your mother and how much you understand her painstaking schedule. Massager will make her feel like a touch of a professional masseuse. This gadget is something that surely will be adored by your mother after a backbreaking and exhausting day.

9. Toaster & Kettle set


Impress the women of your home with the kitchen appliances that are the need of the hour and which every woman would appreciate. This time-saving gift set will make your mum’s life a bit easy. Every time she will walk into the kitchen the gift will put a genuine smile on her face.


10. Foldable sofa chair

It will make your home as well as your homemaker as happy as lark. It will provide her with a good relaxation time and a comfy time to her back and it can be stored away if not in need. Make your mother happy and satisfied with the foldable sofa chair, which doesn’t even take up the area and can be moved in and out with ease according to the necessity.


11. Bamboo chopping board

Chopping Board
Chopping Board

The kitchen is the heart of the home and mothers are the soul of the home and chopping board is like an award to your mother, as it will make the ingredients get chopped with ease, and by folding the board you can slide the ingredients very easily into the pan or pot. Bamboo boards are water-resistant which makes them more desirable to use.


12. Gardening tools

Nowadays every edible item has fallen prey to adulteration which is resulting in the escalation of gardening. Make your mother pleased as punch by gifting her the gardening toolset and she can spend some time in the garden as being close to 

nature reduces the stress and it’s like an exercise to your mind and body.


13. Digital photo frame

Happy times come and go, things end but the memories stay with us forever and pictures are the one way to be in touch with the memories and relive it within your heart.

This mother’s day fills up your mother’s heart with tons of good memories shared and you can add some music that will make her go all nostalgic and delight.

If you live far from your mama then the gift of a digital photo frame will be the best choice for your mother, it’ll make her feel your presence along with the moments shared.


14. Multivitamins and minerals


In this era, health is the greatest wealth one can have and earn. Your mother, the shining star of your home, must be taken care of. Gift her something essential and healthy which will boost up her immunity and maintain her health. 


15. Exfoliating gel

In this toing and froing life, women often forget the need of their skin, our skin needs TLC amidst the chaos of the busy life. Make your mother flawless and her skin exfoliate the stress by gifting her the exfoliating gel.


16. Aroma diffuser reeds

 Who will resist being in a room full of an exquisite scent all around. A classy thing to gift your mother and to grab her appreciation.


17. Amazon echo

This smart gadget makes life easy and works smart, your mother will get an electronic helping hand and friend who will take care of the little chores like switching on and off of the lights, setting up the alarms, and can make your mum listen to her favorite audiobooks.


18. Watch


Time is the most luxurious, so be attentive while spending your valuable time. You can make your mother go all punctual and classy by gifting her a watch on the occasion of mother’s day.


19. Face mask

This mother’s day give your mother something very practical, that is a face mask. It will help her to finally bid adieu to her dull skin and saggy eye bags and the face mask will make her skin happy and tidy.

Mother’s day celebration

Mothers don’t need any particular day to celebrate their worth but in the present generation where time gets hardly saved for the loved ones, it is the prime duty of us to celebrate a day for the most selfless creation of the god, “mother”.

Mother’s day is celebrated across the globe and half of the countries celebrate it on the second Sunday in May. It is a day to honor and admire mothers.

This year 2021 mother’s day will fall on the 9th of May, Sunday.

To celebrate the important day of the year you need to do something offbeat for your superhero mum, along with taking care of her preferences.


Ideas to celebrate mother’s day are:


1. Preparing a morning meal


Begin her day by astonishing her with her favorite meal to be made by you. It will make her go all happy and you will witness an adorable grin on her face. You can also pen down your feelings for your mother and stick it to the food tray.


2. Flowers

Flowers are the most elegant gift on earth, bringing joy to even the dullest environment. They speak volumes without saying a single word. Brighten up your mother’s day by offering her a bouquet of her favorite flowers or by decorating your home with flowers. It’s truly fascinating!

If you live far away, don’t worry. You can order flowers online and it will be just as special. Check out FlowerAdvisor Singapore for a wide variety of beautiful flowers and arrangements!

Mother’s Day Flower : surprise your mom with a beautiful bouquet from our collection. It’s truly fascinating how a simple gift can bring so much happiness to your mother’s day.


Mother Type Flower Symbol
New Mom Lilies
Expecting Mom Tulips
Grandma Carnation
Mother-in-law Orchids
Stepmom Gerbera
Adoptive Mom Baby Breath
Single Mom Sunflowers
Dog Mom Hydrangea
Any Mom Roses


3. Mother’s day out

 Let go of your mother from all the household chores. Make her feel relaxed and set a day out with her friends and let her have the fun which she always wanted to but couldn’t do it owing to her busy schedule.


4. Surprise party


What is better than throwing a surprise party for your mother? Nothing!

Make her go all ‘awe’ by setting the party with all her favorite mouth-watering cuisines and drinks and her favourite music will be a treasure in the party.


5. Spend a quality time

Time is the most substantial gift one can afford. Spend the whole day with your mother and share some quality time by venting out your feelings and by listening to her words.


6. Bake a cake


Cakes are the best. They are the most special cuisine on earth.

Bake a happy mother’s day cake of your mother’s favorite flavor and you will witness her grinning like a Cheshire cat.


7. Pamper and care

 A slight amount of rest and relaxation will bid adieu to all the stress and anxiety. Book a massage session or spa for your mother and make her skin glow and shine and her heart smile.

8. Cards

Cards are the best way to express your feelings in words. You can either make a card or buy a mother’s day card with a sweet message written on it for your sweetest mother.

Why is mother’s day different in Singapore?


While many countries around the world celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May, Singapore celebrates it on a different day and in a unique way.

In Singapore, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May, similar to many other countries. However, it is also celebrated on August 12th, which is the birthdate of Singapore’s first female president, Madam Halimah Yacob. This day is dedicated to celebrating the spirit of motherhood and the contributions of women in Singapore.

Singaporean culture places a high value on family and the role of mothers in nurturing and raising children. Mother’s Day is a time for children to honor and appreciate their mothers for the sacrifices they have made and the love and care they have given.

So, whether you celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May or on August 12th, it is a day to show love and appreciation for the special women in our lives. Let’s make it a day to remember and cherish the bond we share with our mothers.



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