Champagne in Singapore
Champagne in Singapore

Celebration is the precious moment most won’t be completed without champagnes. Belong as a sparkling wine, champagne has been pretty popular in Singapore. Many people love it because of its tasty flavor. What makes it exciting is that you can request champagne delivery in Singapore.

What is Champagne

What is Champagne?
What is Champagne?

As we mentioned above, champagnes belong as sparkling wine. It’s not an ordinary drink, but further than that. Consists of white-colored water, champagnes have been associated with celebration, for example, wedding party, anniversary party, birthday party, bachelor party, and many more.

There are a lot of champagne brands out there that most of them are pretty expensive, making this kind of drink that contains alcohol on it regarded as a symbol of luxury especially if they’re being produced in the region of France, the state where it first developed.

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Champagne, Where It Was First Discovered

Champagnes are not mere a drink. There is a story behind this white sparkling wine before it became pretty popular nowadays. Over thirteen centuries ago, champagnes were used as a “holy wine” because the color of white itself has been classified as a sacred color.

There’s a fun fact behind the champagnes where it was discovered by accident. The story began when the winegrowers that later famously known as Champagne Houses from France, champagne center region, were trying to equal wines in burgundy color. Unfortunately, due to the cold winters that occurred at that moment, the fermentation later ended up unlike how it was supposed to be.

The cold winter caused the release of carbon dioxide gas which was coming from the wine in the bottle during the fermentation. The bottles were weak, but later they exploded with only just one that contained sparkling wine, champagnes we know today.

The King of France, Hug Carpet, was the one who served the sparkling wine during the official dinner at his place. The popularity arose as the Duke of Orleans introduced champagne wine to the rich and famous people. That’s why this drink is always associated with luxury.

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What is so special about champagne?

Why Champagne are so Special
Why Champagne are so Special

Become a sparkling wine that has been existed for many years, the taste of champagnes is tasty and perfect to complete the moment of joy that you celebrate. However, with its expensive price, what is so special about it?

That question might appear for you who never tried this drink. First discovered in France, the process of making it in that region is complex, they need to be highly regulated, making the process is indeed time-consuming to create the best quality of the product that can only be achieved in this region.

What makes champagne so expensive?

Champagnes are tasty. There’s a lot of champagne brands you can buy in Singapore that provide good quality sparkling wine where most of them are expensive. But, what makes it becomes so expensive in Singapore and other countries?

The answer is related to the process of creating itself that is very meticulous. This sparkling wine needs to be well-maintained to create the taste you will be in love with.

Best champagne brands and how to enjoy them

Best Champagne Brands
Best Champagne Brands

Takes part as one of the luxury items that its price somehow can meet expensive clothes or jewelry, you need to fully enjoy your champagne to experience the best taste it serves.

There are some of the high-end brands that are categorized as the best. Among those all, Dom Perignon Vintage 2003, is the one we recommend. Another recommendation comes from Moet & Chandon Imperial, Pol Roger Brut Champagne, Ruinart Blanc de Blancs, and many more.

Want to get some? Here are some tips on how to enjoy your drink.

  1. Don’t over freeze the bottle

Even though it’s prohibited to heat up the bottle till it is warm, make sure to not freeze the bottle until it becomes icy or nearly frozen.

  1. Don’t underfill the ice bucket

A glass of champagne is perfect to be served cold. For this, ensure to not only fill the under part of the ice bucket. It will make the bottle become half cold. You can add cool water to the ice cubes inside the bucket to make the bottle is well submerged.

  1. Don’t add more than one bottle to the ice bucket

Adding two or more bottles in the ice bucket will end up making them half cold. It’s better to leave the second one in a refrigerator while enjoying the first one.

  1. Always fill the glass of ice cubes or crushed ice

There is a difference between serving champagne and serving martini. For champagnes, always fill the glass of ice cubes or crushed ice to create the best effect of bubbles once the sparkling wine is poured into your glass.

Champagne Delivery From Singapore

This luxury drink gained its popularity almost everywhere. In many countries, you can enjoy the bottle of champagnes that are freshly yet authentically made from France as the only region where this sparkling wine drink is being produced.

Yup, even though you can sip it everywhere, including Singapore, the only authentic champagne is the one produced in France. Other than that, they all just mere a sparkling mine.

In Singapore, you can find a tasty and luxurious drinks that come in different styles. You need to understand those styles when it comes to shopping the bottle from champagne delivery Singapore, so you can choose which one is the best.

Mostly, champagne delivery Singapore is easy to find. They provide a different level of the drink sweetness along with its brands. If you want to shop then deliver it to your address in Singapore, take note that the three types of this sparkling wine including Blanc de Black, Black de Noir, and Rose are worth buying.

The good part when it comes to finding champagnes in Singapore is that you can also easily meet them in grocery stores. Don’t have much time to hunt this tasty drink? You can purchase it online from FlowerAdvisor Singapore. They usually offer authentic champagnes made by 100% grapes we mentioned above.