Newborn Baby
Newborn Baby

What’s more delightful than hearing the voice of a crying newborn in your house for the first time or the tittering of kids in your backyard? These special moments are the ones that make our lives more special and beautiful. The arrival of a newborn in a family is a monumental event that marks the beginning of a new precious life and changes the lives of everybody in the family drastically. Whenever a child takes birth, every family member tries their best to make the baby feel loved and cherished by 24×7 constant affection and kisses. But if it’s your first time welcoming a baby in your life, you might wanna read this piece of article thoroughly to get a better understanding and crucial tips on how to welcome a newborn baby.

How do you welcome a newborn baby?

Welcoming a newborn baby is not a piece of cake and requires a lot of work and attention to even the slightest of details. You need to work out ideas and be creative while looking out for things that can be both useful for the newborn as well as safe for the little munchkin. To welcome a newborn baby in your family we have shared a bunch of ideas that you can implement to have an amazing baby welcome. 

  • Decorations: Although we wouldn’t suggest following the plans of Phoebe from F.R.I.E.N.D.S of planning a newborn’s welcome, using banners with funny and catchy tag-lines will steal the show and make people excited. Make the decorations according to a basic theme you have planned for the welcome, it can be a color or anything. Plan accordingly and prepare an immaculate welcome for the newborn. 
  • Food: The baby obviously wouldn’t have a preference for the food right after taking birth, so this is about the momma bear. Prepare food that is preferred by the mother of the newly born and make her feel loved and cared for as well. A woman goes through a lot of hardship while carrying the baby and giving birth and deserves all the love and affection for her courage and strength. 
  • Flowers: You are not planning to welcome the baby and the mother empty-handed right? Get her flower bouquets along with chocolates to make their special day more precious and beautiful. 

These cute little ideas will make the welcome of the newborn baby in your family more momentous and splendid. 

Throwing baby shower party

Baby Shower
Baby Shower

Throwing a baby shower is a very interesting task and forces the best friends of the new mommy to put on their creative shoes and bring out the best baby shower possible. A baby shower is not just about the flowers and the food, it is much more than that. To plan a splendid baby shower, one will have to pick a specific theme of the event. The theme should be relevant and should be special to the mother. It can be anything from her favorite show such as The Big Bang Theory or F.R.I.E.N.D.S or any place such as Disneyland. 

Get lovely baby gift hampers 

Picking a gift for a baby girl or a baby boy is not a tough task, there are so many options out there available for newborns that you can pick anything you like. From clothes to diapers, toys to feeders, there are tons of options. Let’s go through some cute and beautiful products and gift hampers available on FlowerAdvisor for the little munchkins. 

  • Baby arrival gift: This cute hamper has Infant cream from Buds Baby 75ml, Buds Baby-Beo head to toe cleanser 60ml, An amazing set of 6 books named My mini library, 2 packets of Baby wipes for your little munchkin, and a beautiful personalized balloon. 
  • Jumbo set: This wholesome hamper includes tons of amazing products such as Cute owl musical mobile, Deli-Swallow bird’s nest w/ white fungus & rock sugar 70ml, bird’s nest w/ wild ginseng, white fungus & rock sugar 70ml, SC training cup system w/ 3 Interchangeable Tops-Teat, Spout, Straw, Johnson & Johnson baby lotion 100ml. Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo 200ml, Soft activity ball, Cute owl squeaker. Baby gift set: Bodysuit, Hat, Booties, Bib, pink/blue. Pigeon baby wipes, Drypers, and disposable diapers.
  • First baby shower: In some cultures around the world, the first bath of a baby is considered to be special. To make your friend’s or family member’s newborn’s first bath amazing and precious give them this amazing gift hamper which has SHEARS purest 4pcs gift set (Blue), SHEARS Bamboo feeding set (Blue), KAWA baby teether, CARTER’S HONEY washcloths 6pcs, CARTER LIEBE washcloths 6pcs and a Flower hand bouquet.
  • Little Angel: Give the little angel this amazing and useful gift hamper which includes Fomec double swallow bird’s nest w/Ginseng, white fungus & rock sugar 70ml, 1pc set bodysuit, Pigeon baby wipes, Pureen baby powder pure cornstarch 125g and Pureen baby normal bath 150ml.
Baby Hampers
Baby Gift Hampers

These special baby gift hampers are not only pleasing to the eyes but are also quite useful, which makes them 10 times more special.  

Think about the new parents too!

Now that we have gone through the unique gifts and ideas which can make the baby’s welcome special, Let’s not forget about the new parents as they deserve to be cherished and loved as well. Amid the stress and the chaos, the most important thing you can do for them is to go out of your way to make them feel special. Let’s go through some gift ideas which can make the new parents feel blessed to have you in their life. 

  • Precious bouquet: Bouquet consists of 7 shocking pink roses, 5 pink gerberas and orange rose spray, accompanied by yellow phoenix and eucalyptus. This beautiful bouquet will surely be loved by the new parents and they’ll be happy to see someone doing something special for them. 
  • Rejuvenate organically: To keep the baby healthy and strong, a set of healthy and fit parents are requisite. This hamper does wonders for you and rejuvenates your soul and body. It has Naked Organic Raw Almonds 150, YumEarth Organic Vitamin C Citrus Grove Drops 93.5g, Orgran Gluten-free chocolate Biscotti 150g, Freedom Corn flakes 260g, R.W. Knudsen organic apple juice 32 oz, One Nature dried Cranberries 200g complete with fruits and packaging.
  • Pyramid of excitement: This amazing party popper has Cocktail sparkling Juice 750ml, Aaist WholeNut/Fruit & Nut Milk Chocolate Tin 300g, Organ Biscotti Amaretti 150g, Julie’s Oat 25 Biscuits with Ten Grains 200g, Moore Strawberry Cookies with soft strawberry filling 64g, Organic brown rice rings 40g, Phaner eggless chocolate pie 168g, Haldiram’s Khari Puff 200g, Tipson organic turmeric herbal infusion 37g, Camel round Muruku 120g and Gryphon osmanthus sencha tea 300ml. 

Apart from these amazing products available on our website delivered throughout Singapore and overseas with our efficient delivery services, you can also opt for amazing ideas such as planning a movie night for the new parents or a date night to mark their unparalleled love. 

What are some personalized/customized baby shower gifts?

Wondering if there are any customized gift ideas you haven’t explored yet? You have come to the right place for that then. There are amazing customized baby shower gifts out there just for you. From customized pillow covers to customized mugs, you can get anything for the baby shower. We have listed a bunch of customized gift ideas below for your reference. 

  • Customized T-shirts: You can get customized t-shirts for basically anything and everything. If you are throwing the baby shower for a friend you can get matching t-shirts for the mother-to-be and all her friends. If the baby’s gender has been revealed you can pick the color of the t-shirts accordingly. If it’s a boy, you can get blue t-shirts and if it’s a girl, opt for pink. 
  • Customized mugs: Customized mugs have been gifted by people to their friends and family members for a long time now. If you want to give someone a customized gift, go for the customized mugs. Pick your favorite memory with them and get it printed on the mug or get something written on it which reminds them of you or a happy memory of you. This can be an amazing customized gift for the baby shower. 
  • Customized photo collage: Have a bunch of beautiful memories with someone? The best way of never forgetting special moments you have had with someone is probably by getting them combined in a beautiful collage. Giving this to the mother-to-be on her baby shower will make her feel loved. 
  • Customized cake: Personalized cakes are trending nowadays. You can get anything baked through the order. Giving a beautiful personalized cake at a baby shower will be a great way of beating everyone else’s gift game.

These were some amazing and interesting ideas of customized gifts you can give at a baby shower.  

Amazing newborn gift brand in Singapore

If you are looking to welcome a newborn baby in your family in a wholesome and exciting way through gifts, FlowerAdvisor is just for you. Through the gifts and flower delivery Singapore service you can get awesome gift hampers and flowers delivered to your home around Singapore and overseas. 

Movies to watch when expecting a baby

Newborn Baby
Newborn Baby

Pregnancy is tough! We get it, and for our pregnant gals out there handling the pain and stress of pregnancy and witnessing emotions and feelings they have never witnessed before, we have handpicked the best movies to watch while carrying a baby to lighten up the mood and make the stress go away. 

  • Baby’s day out: How can we miss this movie? Almost every single one of us has watched this movie in our childhood through that old TV screen. It’s time to revisit the childhood memories and watch this spectacular and funny movie. Baby’s day out is a classic and you can’t say no to this movie at all. 
  • Baby Mama: Need something to cheer you right up? Put that popcorn in the microwave and get ready to watch this movie. A rollercoaster ride that depicts pregnancy in an amazing and refined manner.
  • What to expect when you’re expecting: Witnessing the hardest time of your life due to pregnancy? But your mother makes you angry with her story of an easy peasy pregnancy? Then this movie is for you. This classic comedy focuses on the life of different women who are expecting at the same time and depicts the hardships and challenges faced by some pregnant women while some have smooth pregnancies with zero problems. 
  • The backup plan: This romantic comedy featuring Jennifer Lopez depicts the life of a woman who gets pregnant through artificial insemination and meets the love of her life. If you have been facing hard days lately and need something to rejuvenate your soul and mind, do watch this movie. 
  • Bridget Jones Baby: This 2016  romantic comedy is a delight for you. Set around a woman breaking up with a guy and meeting a stranger, and finding out soon after that she is pregnant. You can also watch the whole trilogy if you want to. 
  • Father of the bride: The Father of the bride dilogy is a classic based on the story of a man who goes through various phases as his daughter gets ready to marry the love of her life and leave the parents to move in with him. Both movies are a rollercoaster ride of emotions. You will surely find yourself sobbing up on moments recalling your days before your wedding and feel the connection between a father and a daughter. 

These were some beautiful and soothing movies to make you feel warm and fuzzy when expecting a baby. You can also watch series like F.R.I.E.N.D.S, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, and Mom to make your maternity leave entertaining and exciting.


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