New Normal
New Normal


In this phase, restrictions on community activities will resume and adapt to the new normal. More businesses and activities are allowed to open such as work and school, but there are a few health protocols that need to be taken like wearing masks, limiting physical distancing, and etc. Therefore, we need to prepare several things before going outside – the new normal phase.

1. Masks

Returning to our activities in the midst of Covid-19 pandemic, masks are very important to use. Also, always carry a spare of mask in our bag to replace the mask that is being worn.

2. Hand Sanitizer

Don’t forget to bring our own hand sanitizer. Use before and after we do or touch something.

3. Food

It’s recommended to bring our own food from home than buying outside. Not only it’s healthier, but we’re reducing our contacts with other people.

4. Vitamin

In addition, we also need to have vitamins in our bag. Vitamins may help our ability to stay healthy or recover faster, to fight viruses, and support our immunity.

5. Drinking Water

Fact about water: it carries nutrients to all cells in our body and oxygen to our brain. Also, it flushes out toxins and waste. By drinking enough water in a day, we are reducing the chance of our body being infected with the viruses or sickness around us.