Women are delicate and expect us to pamper them and care about their heart’s little needs. They need affection and efforts from their partners, friends and family members. It is incumbent upon us to provide women a safe space where they can live and do whatever they want and shower them with love and affection. To cater to their hearts and soul, we must take sweet and thoughtful initiatives. From buying Chocolates to make them happy to getting something they have always wanted, these little gestures take a woman on cloud 9. 

7 Awesome yet Simple gifts for women

There are many things one can do for a woman to make her happy and feel loved. Even a small gift can make her feel lucky to have you in her life. With women, it is never about how expensive and how huge is your gift, because some women also love hand-made gifts as well. It is always about the feelings and the emotions you put in your gift and not the cash. One does not have to think too hard when going to buy something for a woman, if the person is familiar with her likes and dislikes. Just make sure the thing you are buying or making yourself is something she likes or even adores. We have shared 7 amazing yet cliche gift ideas which can help you get in her good grace and make her feel that you care about her.


1. Chocolates

So firstly, whenever we talk about gifting women, we can not forget chocolates. Almost every woman has a sweet tooth and loves to eat chocolates, unless she has diabetes or does not have teeth. You can never go wrong with chocolates for women. Dark chocolates have been known to be loved by women a lot, you can give any dark chocolates to her and she will absolutely love it.

2. Teddy

No matter how old she is, A woman loves teddy bears a lot. Teddy bears have been known to be given to women on valentine’s day or their birthdays a lot. It is not hard to buy and one can get many amazing deals online as well. 

3. Roses

Blue Rose
Blue Rose

Roses have the power to share your message of love to her passionately. They symbolize love and romance and are the perfect flower for you, if you want to express your love and affection to someone. Red roses, blue rose and pink roses are the most prominent in all of the roses which are given to women.

4. Bracelets

Remember how Joey and Chandler became bracelet buddies? You can also make her your bracelet companion by giving her a beautiful bracelet. Women don’t like to go out with nothing on their wrist. Scrunchies have taken the place of bracelets nowadays but a nice bracelet with love will make her want to wear it all the time.

5. Hand-made cards

It is said that love brings your creative side out of you and compels you to do things you wouldn’t normally do for anyone. Creating a gift card is one of them. If you know how to write, you can even write poetry for her. Women love poetry and trust us, if you write your feelings on a piece of paper for her, she will feel very special. 

6. Gift hampers

You know what’s better than a single gift? A bunch of gifts in a basket. Give her a gift hamper and she will love it a lot. Gift hampers are not that expensive and can be bought at very reasonable prices from the right place. You can go for a cosmetics hamper or even a healthy foods hamper. Women love cosmetics and even if she doesn’t do makeup, she wouldn’t mind having a makeup kit.

7. A date

Plan a date with her or surprise her with a romantic date and take her by surprise. A movie night or a candle light dinner will make her feel amazing and lucky to have her. Set out a date and surprise her. Women love when someone takes initiatives for them and makes efforts for them. You will be showing how much you care about her by your actions and she will definitely feel blessed to have you.


What are some amazing birthday gift ideas for her?

Birthdays are one of the most prominent days in everyone’s life. A woman expects nothing but love and gifts on her birthdays. It gets tough to pick birthday gifts for women as they receive tons of gifts and standing out from the crowd is usually not that easy. But if you want your gift to stand out from the rest follow our advice and win her heart. We have mentioned the gift ideas for her birthday which will definitely help you win her heart and make you stand out from the rest.

1. A birthday dress


Nothing can be better than this. Give her a dress to wear on her birthday and you will be pleased to see her wearing what you gave her throughout her special day. Get a nice dress for her, ask a female friend of yours for help if you are not good at picking dresses for women. Something simple but not too dull is always what women root for when they look for dresses. 

2. Bouquet of flowers

A bouquet of flowers will be enough to make her feel loved and the scent of the beautiful flowers will make her feel amazing. Get her a bouquet of Roses and Hydrangeas or Lily and Roses. These are the best combinations one can opt for when buying a bouquet for a woman.

3. Box of chocolates

It’s a big day for her, why not make it more special with a box of chocolates. Chocolates can do wonders if you don’t have any idea what to buy for a woman’s birthday. Get her a box full of chocolates and you will surely make a special place in her heart. 

These ideas can surely help you win her heart on her birthday. Birthdays are the only occasion when one expects people to treat them with love and affection. By giving her these amazing gifts you will be making her feel that she means something to you and you care about her.


5 gifts for women who wants nothing 

As mentioned above, it is never about how expensive your gift is or how big it is. A woman requires nothing but love from you and not ostentatious gifts. While there are some women who don’t want you to spend a lot on gifts, there are some women who don’t want gifts at all or at least they show that they don’t want any gifts. Everybody deep down wants gifts and nobody hates being gifted something. When a woman says she doesn’t want anything, deep down she expects you to do something special and out of the box for her. Giving her something gets hard because you get discombobulated over the thought process of what to get her as she’s not showing interest in gifts, but this is your biggest test. Don’t get worried as FlowerAdvisor Sg has got your back, checkout this list of 5 meaningful gifts coming straight from our website which can make your girl’s day.

1. Potted Happiness

Calvin Klein free EDT and a potted plant. This small but unique gift is enough to surprise her and will help you win her heart easily. Looks elegant and not too ostentatious, this gift idea will make her very happy.

2. Bonding

Comes with white (4 stalks) and pink (5 stalks) roses. This beautiful box of flowers, pleasing to the eyes can surely make her feel loved and cherished. Women love flowers and giving this cute box of flowers neatly tied up with a cute pink rope will help you make her happy. 

3. Everything is Gucci

Gucci’s Envy Me 50ml. Comes with a bouquet of flowers. This cute little gift will be good for her. The key is not to go overboard but still get her something she can happily accept. 

4. Immaculate Blooms

For an immaculate woman, one must get an immaculate gift. This artificial flower arrangement looks graceful and pretty. Women love flowers and there’s no other way of making her feel good than giving her beautiful flowers.

5. Blooms To Go crazy for

These sweet & lovely blooms are paired with an elegant carrier, a perfect way to show off its blooms. A woman wants love and flowers are the way of showing your love for her in a way nothing will ever depict. 

You can also look out for more such amazing gifts available on FlowerAdvisor Sg where we create the perfect gifts for you to give to your favourite person and make their day extra special.


What can I buy a 40 year old woman?

With age comes experience and knowledge of things. To buy a 40 year old woman something is a tough job as with age comes different opinions and likes & dislikes. But one thing which no woman can say no to is flowers. A bouquet of flowers will be great for her if you want to give her something pleasing and delightful.

Hydrangeas, Roses, Tulips and Carnations are one of the most prominent flowers one can combine and give to a woman. A bouquet full of all these four flowers can make a beautiful and flawless gift for a woman. 


What are some thoughtful gifts?

Every gift is different and unique in its own way but what every gift has in common is that every gift is meaningful and every person puts a lot of thought before giving someone something. What makes a gift thoughtful is the effort behind it, the thought process behind it and most importantly, the love behind it. Putting a lot of thought behind a gift makes it more special and thinking about the likes and dislikes exudes that we deeply care about the receiver’s needs. We have shared a list of thoughtful gifts below which can make any woman feel that you have put a lot of thought behind planning the gift. 

1. Poetry


It goes without saying that poetry requires a lot of thought behind it and poetry only comes from the heart for the person you love. If you write poetry for a woman and put it in a beautiful card for her, it will be an amazing way to express your feelings to her. Poetry is an old school way of expressing emotions and women love it. 

2. Something she has always wanted

Giving her something she has been longing for a long time will make her feel that you pay attention to her whenever she vents to you about the things she wants and can’t have. We have seen many movie scenes in which the hero gives his companion something closer to her heart and something she has desired for a long time and it puts a huge smile on her face. Become the hero of your woman and make her feel that you pay attention to her all the time.

3. Something related to her childhood

Women are delicate as mentioned above and they really care about their past, their childhood and everything related to it. She must have talked to you about her childhood, think about something which is related to her childhood and give her something cute and lovely. A gift should always be something which connects with a person and is not just a materialistic object for happiness.

4. Time

Perhaps the most thoughtful and expensive gift you can give a woman is time. Time is thoughtful and shows effort and care for someone you love and cherish. Give her time and efforts and she will want nothing more from you. In the world full of ostentatiousness and materialistic gifts, something valuable and meaningful is time and efforts.