Reasons Why Carnations Are The Best Choice for Your Special Days



When you hear the word “carnation” the first thing you remember must be carnation milk. However, we won’t talk about carnation milk but a carnation flower. So, what is carnation that we will talk about?

Today we will talk about the reasons why carnation flowers are the best choice for your special day. To convey your feeling to someone you love, a flower is the best choice for a special day gift. A flower gift can be used at celebrations or sorrowful events. It has different meanings for each color of flowers. So, you have to find out first what is the right flower gift for your beloved.

Edible Flowers? Is That Exist?

There are many kinds of flowers in this world, from real flowers to artificial flowers. But flowers also can be edible. What are they?

1. Arugula



Arugula is a white flower. But did you know that they usually add it into a salad? They usually used the leaves and being chopped as a peppery bite then they put it into the salad.


8 Personalized Gifts Ideas for Men

Gifts do not always have to be special for women. Now, it’s time to make your man happy. There are many ways to express your feelings to him, giving personalized gifts is one of the examples. It will be special for him and he will use it for sure. Here are some ideas that you may try:

1. Message Collar Stays

message collar stays
Message Collar Stays


Helping Your Children Become Creative with Flower Crafts and Activities

As we live in a modern era now, most people are doing their activities with technology. One of the example is a gadget. No one can live without gadgets now. We can find everything that we want in a gadget. Gadgets are used by certain kind of age now, even from a very young age. So, as a mother, before your children become “too addict” with technology, there is a way to solve that problem. Making various of flower crafts is one of the great idea. What are they?

1. Cork-Stamped Flowers

Cork-Stamped Flowers
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