You are astonished to witness an adorable bunch of peace lilies that turned your mind from chaos to solace. The ones you witnessed are not true lilies, they are only the name doppelgänger of lilies owing to their resemblance to white lilies. 

Peach Lily
Peach Lily

As the name suggests, so does the work; they are the path to peace and serenity.

The scientific name of peace lilies is ‘spathiphyllum‘. Spathiphyllum is derived from ancient Greek words, “Spath” means spoon and “Phyl” means leaves. They are also popular as Spath, and Mauna Loa. Their family is Araceae. They are native to lush tropical rainforests of Venezuela and Columbia and were first noticed in Europe in 1870.

Peace lilies are kind of low maintenance, they live according to you, they are the most stylish indoor plant one can keep. There is no doubt why many fall in love at first sight with peace lily plants. 

1. What do peace lilies symbolize?

Peace lilies are adorned in white colors, so they are commonly linked with the emotions of purity, sympathy, peace, innocence, and prosperity. 

They are recommended by Feng Shui experts as they bring balance, diminish the tension, and grasp positive energy.

Peace lilies manifest sympathy and are good to give to someone who has recently suffered the loss of special ones. They work as condolence flowers. If you are thinking of being a parent to a plant for the first time then this would be a great option.

2. How to get peace lilies to bloom?

Peach Lily
Peach Lily

Peace lilies are affable and amiable in nature but sometimes they take a little longer to bloom. But don’t worry they are not going to distress you. Just have a look at how to get them to bloom.

  • Sometimes they do not bloom any flower, the light may be the reason. Yes, peace lilies are low light lovers but that doesn’t mean they strive in no light. To motivate them to blossom you need to shift the plant to a place where they can get light according to their preference. Now you must be confused over their choice of light, don’t be. As they prefer indirect bright light.
  • You may see that your peace lily has given birth to some weak blooms, it may be caused by the inappropriate use of fertilizing. Try using fertilizers that have a high amount of phosphorus, they will elevate the growth of the blooms.

3. How to care for peace lily?

Peace lilies are evergreen plants that flourish on the forest land, where they get indirect sunlight and accordant moisture. If you want to keep it at your abode then you must replicate this ambiance for them. The forest-type ambiance will lead your peace lily to have a happy healthy life.

With a healthy atmosphere, they tend to give beautiful adorable white and off-white blossoms in the early summer that blooms throughout the year. Peace lilies are not cold lovers; they can only be brought up in warm and humid climates.

You must know how to pamper and care for your beautiful peace lily. Here are some points which will clarify your mind.

  • Place your peace lily where it gets an abundance of light: You are required to keep it away from the direct sunlight as the direct sun rays can cause burning in the leaves and flowers. If you see the foliage of the plant turning yellowish, that is a sign that your plant is being exposed to too much bright light. Peace lilies find their solace in indirect light.
  • The peace lily is a lover of cool but not cold ambiance: Try to maintain a balanced environment for the peace lilies so that they can strive better. They prefer a little bit of coolness around them but that doesn’t mean you provide them with a frosting environment.
  • Peace lilies are head over heels for the sogginess: Water accordingly. If you witness browning on the tips of the leaves that states that you don’t water your lilies in an appropriate way. Observe your lilies carefully so that you can keep a check on when it gets all dried. You are advised to keep the soil of the vase/ pot all moist. Do not overwhelm it with water as it can cause root rot. You need to understand the balancing situation of peace lilies.
  • Peace lilies love to drink filtered water: It’s not you only who drinks filtered water to be healthy. Even these flowers strive for filtered water. They are a little sensitive to tap water as it has the presence of chemicals in it. If possible use filtered water to feed your peace lilies so that they don’t get harmed. 
  • Mist the plant: Yes, misting can help your lilies to maintain sogginess as they are native to humid tropical rainforests. You can mist them in the morning so that they can have all the moisture around them. Misting will keep your plant all happy and moist.
  • Pluck the withered leaves and blooms: To make your peace lilies look best you are advised to prune the wilted leaves and flowers. As trimming can provide them with an elegant look. 

4. Where to buy peace lilies in Singapore?

White Lily
White Lily

Peace lilies are graceful indoor plants. They elevate the beauty of your home and provide a stress-free environment around you. They bring a plethora of positive vibes with them. If you want to own a plant full of positivity and bring home an adorable happy house plant, buy it at best through online shopping. Maybe you are occupied with your chores and not able to go to florist stores and select your favorite. But don’t worry as online shopping is a messiah and you can shop it at your fingertip. You can get an abundance of options for peace lilies in the form of peace lilies bouquets, peace lilies floral baskets, and peace lilies houseplants in the way you like. You can pick some trusted websites for flower delivery Singapore and receive the most beautiful and fresh plants at your doorstep. 

How exciting it is to buy flowers online as in a moment the flowers will knock on your door with a pleasant smile. Going for online shopping can make you a happy customer as you will welcome the fresh indoor plant at your entrance with all contentment and excitement. 

5. Why is the peace lily green?

Peace lilies are low-maintenance plants but have high preferences. They only flourish when they receive regular fertilizer. But you must keep a note that does not put in an abundance of fertilizer as it can cause the blooms to turn green. Once it occurs, you should immediately stop using excess fertilizers as the green blooms would not turn white, but the new ones will come in their original hue. You should feed your plant with fertilizers, once or twice a year like when they are at the peak of their growth or when the plant kicks off blooming. You are advised to use a suitable fertilizer for houseplants.

Another reason for green peace lilies: Peace lilies prosper in low light conditions and thrive better in the areas having indirect light. When they are exposed to too much direct light, the blooms start turning green. This happens due to the photosynthesis performance of peace lilies is on a hike in the sunlight and that tends the green pigment in the blooms to get clearly visible. To refrain from turning your peace lilies into a green color you should shift your plant to a better place. The place should have bright and indirect light.

6. Where should I place a peace lily in my house?

Lilies in a Vase
Lilies in a Vase

Peace lilies are one of the most famous varieties of houseplants. They are easy to be with and increase the charm of your home. With proper care, you can make your peace lily all blossoming and prosperous.

Choosing a perfect spot for the peace lilies can be a little challenging as they belong to hot, moist, and tropical rainforests. They need a cool climate but not a freezing one. You should keep it in a place where it receives a proper amount of humidity and warmth. These flowers should not receive direct sunlight, place it in a spot where it gets shaded light. You can keep it in the north and west-facing windows as they do not allow direct sun rays. Do not exceed the limit of anything, try to keep a balanced condition for every single aspect, such as lighting, misting, and fertilizing.

7. What does an overwatered peace lily look like?

When it comes to watering peace lilies, balanced watering is required as they love sogginess. But keep a note that you must not overwater the plant as it will cut off the oxygen supply and will hamper adequate growth. The abundance of water can lead to fungal infections in potted plants. Root rotting will pave a way for it. As overwatering can choke the roots and they will not be able to breathe.

Water it only when it seems the soil is dried up. For maintaining the humidity you can mist your plant.

8. How long do peace lilies last?

Prediction of a plant’s survival is a little tricky and tough. You can never bet on someone’s life whether it is a plant or a person. As their normal survival is based on your proper care and how longer their needs are being fulfilled. But for peace lilies, their survival is estimated between three to five years. It can be increased when you provide them with the balanced care they require. The increased time period will be a miracle though. They are aesthetic blooms that freshen the mind to the core of it. And have the capability to cleanse the air around it. They are called natural air purifiers by NASA. Because they have the ability to filter the toxicities found in air such as benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene.

You have to take care of peace lilies from the pests and bugs. Houseplant parasites for instance mealybugs and termites can create an obstacle in the nourishment of the plant. You can knock out the bugs by a stream of forced water. Too much feeding can also cause a reduced life span of your peace lily. 

Peace lilies are an ideal gift flower, they are the mood changer. If you see someone surrounded by negativity, do not wait for the perfect moment, give them a pot of peace lily or lily bouquet and see how quickly the positive vibes will hover around that person.