Gifts hold a special place in our hearts. Some gifts are big, some gifts are small but the ones which came straight out of the heart are the best ones. Lately, people are inclined towards giving personalised gifts because it brings a sense of belongingness to the person you are gifting. Personalised gifts are the kinds of stuff and items that are composed of a person’s name, photographs, initials, or monogram on them. One can get the item personalised in the way they want. It brings a sense of loyalty and attachment and makes the person’s heart swell with love and warmth.

One can get personalised gifts for babies, for their teachers, for their partner in high and low, for their spouse, and for their best buddies. Personalised gifts make the bond more strong and affection even greater.

There is an abundance of gifts out here to be exchanged but personalised gifts have a special corner in the heart.


What can you personalise as gifts?

1. Personalised Coffee mugs

Coffee Mug
Coffee Mug

Coffee mugs are a gift that no one can resist using. Every home has a used coffee mug, then why not make your loved ones happy by gifting them a personalised coffee mug.

For friends, it has overtones of friendship, care, and health, while for lovers, it portrays your love, affection, and passion. You can also gift mugs and cups with a personalised touch as a reminder to anyone you love, which will serve as a reminder of yours every day.

2. Personalised Keychains

No words can express the joy that can be seen on our loved one’s faces when they will get a personalised gift from you that will simply belong just to them. When you are on a low budget, a personalised keychain would be a great choice of gift. It comes in various designs and materials like wood, leather, metal with your name or initials engraved on it.

3. Personalised T-shirts


We all know expressing your feelings is important and necessary. But how many of us are really good at it? We always say, expressing yourself with gifts is the easiest way to let others know how much you care. Gifts say a thousand words. When you want to express yourself in style, gift personalised t-shirts to your loved ones – family, friends and lover. It is a pocket-friendly option that will signify your affection towards your dear ones.

4. Customized Cake

There is a massive demand for customized cakes by people for various special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, etc, because it gives an impressive atmosphere to any event or occasion. It turns any event into an everlasting moment for the rest of the life of your dear ones and it signifies all the brainstorming you have done to customize the cake

5. Personalised Photo Frames

It is very much in demand these days as more and more people are gifting personalised products and photo frames are a kind of thing which never goes out of trend. People mostly hang these on walls or keep them on the tabletop, it keeps reminding the recipient of you.


How do I start a Personalised gift from home?

Creating a gift with your personal touch is one of the most exciting and rewarding things you will ever do.

Personalised gifts are becoming more and more admired and accepted every day and it can be a good option for sending a gift to your dear ones. People who are really innovative and thoughtful can choose to give a customized gift for making the gift standout. In fact, nowadays everyone likes a personalized gift and it makes the person feel special. If you are really someone who can make creative customized gifts, then you can start a business in personalised or customised gifts from your home only. But you need to keep few things in mind.

1. Start from a very basic and simple product

Personalising a complicated product is a big mistake if you are a beginner, try to start with a less complicated and relatively easy to customize and which could be done with the help of household materials so that if you fail to achieve the outcome, it will not put a dent on your pocket. If you succeed in achieving your goal, move to more profitable and complicated stuff.

2. What’s your niche?

Choose something that you love to make and you are handy at and something that is relatively easy for you. You can choose cards, toys, photo frames, calendars, and products like that.

3. Don’t invest too much

Don’t put too much of your hard-earned money into it. Start with little to no investment at all in this way you will be risk-free.

4. Try until you succeed

Don’t hold yourself back due to failures, it’s not about if you fail or succeed, what you learn from it matters. Keep on trying different kinds of stuff and keep learning to do it perfectly.


Why personalised gifts are the best?

Giving a gift is a really thoughtful gesture embraced by people as a way to exchange wishes and heartfelt messages on one’s special day. Gifting has become more special when gifts are one of its kind and creative as personalised gifts. These are a few reasons why personalised gifts are the best.

1. Graced with a personal touch

A personalised gift is made solely for a person by having their name, picture, or initials engraved or imprinted on the t-shirt, mugs, keychains, cakes or photo frame. It lets the receiver know that the gift is made exclusively for him or her with lots of effort, love, and passion.

2. Help in strengthening the bonds


Personalised gifts help develop a stronger bond with the loved ones that keeps getting better with time. These gifts communicate directly with the heart of the receiver. It helps in expressing love, affection, and gratitude to your loved ones in a unique and personal way. This gesture shows that you love and accept the person for who they are.

3. Can be valuable forever

Everything loses its value with time no matter how expensive it is but not Personalised gifts, it never gets old and will always remind the recipient of you. It serves as a token of love and treasured memory. 

4. Stands Out

While most people tend to give traditional gifts like flowers, cakes, chocolates, and accessories to convey their affection and wishes for their loved ones, one can actually go for Personalised gifts that are certain to stand out in the crowd and grab the attention of the receiver at the very first sight.

5. For everyone and any occasion

Be it the birthday of a kid or a wonderful moment like the wedding anniversary of a couple, the personalised item is suitable for any of the beautiful occasions. From your kids to grandparents everyone loves and admires these kinds of gifts. 

6. Thought matters

Receiving a gift
Receiving a gift

When it comes to giving gifts – it is the thought that really matters. The personalised gifts show the receiver that the sender was thinking about them. They show that not only did the sender choose the best gift for him or her but also put a lot of thought and went an extra mile to personalise it. That makes the gift stand out and one of a kind.


On what occasions can I give personalised gifts?

Giving your loved ones a personalised gift is an opportunity for you to show your love and affection towards them. Here are a few different occasions to give personalised gifts that show how much you love them and remind your recipient of the occasion forever.   

1. Weddings

On the occasion of your loved one’s wedding gift them something that they wouldn’t typically buy for themselves and suit their choice. Decorative glasses, plates and other elegant kitchenware are great options to go for. Buying them a high-quality set of personalised t-shirts would be appropriate too, as couples try to begin their happy days together. Kitchenware, in particular, provides useful reminders during the daily life of their commitment to one another.

2. Baby Shower

Baby showers are celebrated to help play a part in the child’s life and prepare the parents to take care of the baby, but that doesn’t mean that your gift has to be a typical child-centered product. Put some of your loved one’s personality into the clothes, soft-toys, or any product you buy. Look for baby clothes sold by their favorite superhero, or give them a soft toy version of their parent’s favorite animal. The parents will be heartfelt by these gifts.

3. Christmas


There are a few occasions to give personalised gifts like Christmas. It is the perfect festival to give special gifts to those you care about like your family and friends. You can gift your loved ones personalized Christmas sweatshirts, red socks, personalised t-shirts, photo frames, and many more items. Custom red t-shirts with funny sayings are perfect for this day.

4. Valentine’s Day

There can’t be a better day to express your love towards your better half. Arrange a romantic date at your lover’s favorite place, bring her a Personalised bottle of red wine, rose, and a pendant with your initials on it. You can also give her a t-shirt with a picture of both of you. This gesture of yours will make your bond even stronger.

5. Mother’s and Father’s Day

Father and daughter
Father and daughter

You’ve been given the gift of life from your parents, and it is not possible to pay them back. But cooking dinner for your parents is a beautiful way to show your love and respect towards them. Try to cook a dish that is traditionally prepared during your childhood, insist your parents to join the cooking, if they would enjoy it. If you want to give them something, give them a customized photo frame with the family photo on it along with a bouquet of customised gerbera flowers, for sure they will enjoy it.

6. Teacher’s day

Teachers are the one who enlightens our life, makes us differentiate between what is right and what is wrong and always makes us choose the right path in our life. For your respected teacher, you should get some personalised pen sets, key chains, diary or document files. This will definitely make your teacher feel special.

7. On a date

If you are going on a dinner date or movie date, you should have a gift with you for your beloved as it helps in increasing happiness, and the gift you got for your partner is personalised then you are the true one for your partner. You can get your companion their favorite item and can get them personalised according to their preference.


Where can I buy gifts in Singapore?

When it comes to buying presents everyone wants it to be the best and perfect but no one has enough time to spend all day roaming around the streets, selecting a gift whether it is for their partner,  teacher, family member, or friend.  Currently,  most people prefer online shopping as it is full of ease and can get the gift delivered in any part of the world. One can get their personalised teacher’s day gifts, or personalised gift ideas through the various trusted websites available online.

If you are swamped with lots of work hovering around your head and do not have an idea to get some personalized gift for the perfect occasion for your dear one, you better not be worried, as you can get some unique gift delivery Singapore ideas and gifts through personalised gifts in Singapore.


What gifts can you get in Singapore?

There is not a single gift item you can not get in Singapore through online mode. You can get items like flower bouquets, soft toys, t-shirts, wine bottles, photo frames, lockets, key chains to name a few and get them delivered on the same day through gift delivery Singapore.


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