Who doesn’t love gifts? As a child, we were so excited when our birthday came because that meant the birthday gift that we’d been waiting for a whole year is finally here. You probably remember the times when you studied super hard because your parents said that they will get you a gift if you ace that exam or do well in school. 

Now that we are no longer a child, the thought of gifts is still exciting. It might be because you get gifts from your loved ones or because you are the one giving gifts and you just can’t wait to see their reaction. The moment their eyes light up when they see the gift, that’s how you know that the money and the time you spent searching for that perfect gift is worth it. 

Do you know what’s even better than just a gift? A personalized gift that is meant just for them. One look at the gift and they’ll know that this isn’t just a last-minute gift you bought off the shelf because you forgot. A personalized gift will make the receiver feels valued and appreciated. There’s no one like you, that’s what the gift symbolizes. 

There are many kinds of personalized gifts such as a bouquet with their favorite flowers, a hamper filled with their favorite chocolate, to a wine basket for that wine lover. If you’re thinking to give a personalized gift that suits different budgets and occasions, Flower Advisor delivers them to your doorstep so you could impress your loved ones. Read more to learn all about personalized gifts.

Four Types of Personalized Gifts

Personalized Flowers Singapore

Flowers are one of the best things to gift someone and they’re incredibly versatile. From birthdays, anniversaries, and funerals, there will always be flowers that suit the occasion. If you know their favorite flowers, it’s easy to choose from Flower Advisor’s selection of hand bouquets. If you don’t know, that’s where it gets a bit tricky. Consider their favorite colors and personalities. Do they like grand gestures or prefer to keep everything simple?

If they like grand gestures, a stunning bouquet of 20 red roses will do the trick. Those who are not a fan of grand gestures will appreciate a single red rose instead. Sometimes, less is more, and being mindful of their personalities will make them enjoy the flowers even more.

Personalized Edible Bouquet Singapore

Not every bouquet has to contain flowers. Some people prefer something edible as a gift and that’s fine too. Chocolate lovers will be delighted with 12 Ferrero Rocher in a bouquet instead of red roses. Still want to give chocolate but don’t want to give up on the flowers? This heart-shaped flower box with chocolate will satisfy both the flowers and the chocolate lover.

Personalized Hampers Singapore

Who says that you could only get one gift? With a hamper, you could give your loved ones 10+ gifts at once! People say the more the merrier and this applies to hampers. Get that alcohol drinker in your life this beer crate or a bottle of red wine. Not enough? Get them this red and white wine with wine glasses included. Don’t forget to drive them at the end of the night or make sure they safely get into a taxi.

Customized Cake Singapore

Now, many people argue that cake and gifts are different. Just because you give them a cake doesn’t mean you should forget the gift. We think it’s even better to give both personalized cake and gift at the same time. Ordering a customized cake will let you choose from four flavors for the base sponge cake. You could also add a name and age on the cake. Whether that’s for the 10th birthday or 50th birthday, make them feel special with a cake that suits their personalities.

Personalized Festive Hampers 

As a multicultural country, Singaporean celebrate each other’s holidays and send their loved ones festive hampers all the time. If you’re not sure what hampers to give and don’t want to make a silly mistake that disrespect someone’s culture, read more about suitable gifts for each occasion.

Christmas Hampers

Joyeux Noel! Celebrate the holiday season with a complete Christmas hamper and send a beautifully curated package from Flower Advisor to spread the joy. Send the cake lovers a yule log cake or a Christmas red velvet cake. Tea lovers will also enjoy a snack hamper consisting of tea and assorted cookies. If you’re not sure what they like, send them this Christmas arrangement that doubles as a table flower that will surely brighten their home.

Deepavali Hampers

Deepavali is a festival of light that represents the triumph of good over evil. Send your friends and families gifts that show how much you care about them. Wish them good health with an immune booster hamper or fresh fruits with healthy snacks hamper. Not a fan of the healthy hampers? Chocolate and sparkling juice are available too. 

Chinese New Year Hampers

Start the new year with a bang with Chinese New Year hampers that will wish your relatives and business partners well. Send lucky oranges or lucky bamboo plants their way. There is also a huge selection of food and drink hampers that will suit your budget. 

Hari Raya Hampers

All the delicious food in Hari Raya doesn’t have to be unhealthy. Keep the healthy resolution to last throughout the year with fruits in a box or a healthy snack hamper. Don’t forget the flowers to go with your hampers too.

Where to get personalized gifts in Singapore?

Whatever your choice might be, Flower Advisor has them all and are ready to deliver the gifts and the flowers to your doorstep. Enjoy free same-day delivery service and secure payment methods on all of your orders. Flower Advisor’s 24-hour customer service is ready to answer all of your questions before or after you order that special gift. Flower Advisor’s personalized gift will make them feel like the most important person in the room.

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