If you have ever come across a star shaped flower with red beautiful and soft petals or a pink sunflower like flower then you will definitely be able to connect with this piece of write-up on the beautiful bedding flowers named Petunia. One of the most beautiful and famous summer bedding plants, Petunia is a must if you are planning a garden full of beautiful flowers. Every flower enthusiast has a dream of having a lawn or a garden full of beautiful and bright flowers, that dream can definitely be achieved with elegant flowers like Petunia. This flowering plant is a genus of 20 species and comes from South America. When the sun is set these beautiful flowers emit fragrance. They smell soft just like lillies, which is why many people prefer them over other flowers. 

Do Petunias like sun or shade?

Petunias absolutely love full sun and need a lot of sunlight to grow and flourish. Without full sun during the day petunias stop growing and become stagnant. They need around 5 to 6 hours of sunlight every day to grow splendidly. This beautiful bedding flower should not be planted under the shade as more shade during the day reduces the chances of flowering in petunias. If you are planning to plant petunias make sure you do not plant them under the shade or it will be a waste of your time.


What month is best to plant Petunias?

Petunias and vineyards have a common enemy, which is frost. Petunia should not be planted during frosting months at all, as they can’t stand it. We recommend growing this gorgeous plant from early May when there is not a single chance of frost. 


Why do petunias suddenly die?

Petunias die from mainly two reasons: Over watering and under watering. It is very crucial to check up on your petunia’s soil to know if it needs water or not. It is not a delicate plant and only dies when you fail to give it appropriate and requisite efforts. Petunias can also stand dry soil for a day and do not get affected by it easily. Even if the flower wilts due to lack of water for a day you can water it and it will get back to normal in no time. Over watering is also a big issue which sometimes becomes the reason for stagnancy in petunias. Make sure you do not over water the plant. 


Do Petunias come back every year?

Although petunia’s are known to be perennial plants, they really do not last that long. This perennial plant is an annual plant in reality and one of the main reasons for that is frost. Petunia’s can not stand frost and die during frost season and are required to plant again. 


What happens if you overwater Petunias?

As mentioned above Petunias only wilt or die due to two reasons, overwatering and underwatering. If you overwater Petunias they either wilt or die. They can’t stand overwatering and should be watered adequately. 


Why do petunias get sticky?

Petunias are naturally sticky and some of its species are stickier than others. If you think it’s a problem, try soaking them with water and it will go back to its normal stage in no time. Every plant has its own natural trait and for Petunias, it is stickiness. 


What is the best time of day to water petunias?


You can water them anytime during the day. Some species of Petunias require watering everyday and some of them do not. During summer, they require more water and some species also require watering twice a day. Although as mentioned above that you can water it anytime during the day, it should be noted that watering plants when the sunlight is sharp and very bright, you shouldn’t water plants as it burns them. So keep that in mind. 


Can Petunias be used in bouquets? 

This beautiful native South American flowering plant can also be used to prepare a bouquet as it feels pleasing and has a very captivating look. It can surely amp up the grace of your bouquet easily.

These refreshing flowers can be given on many occasions to your loved ones to express your affection. We are sharing a list of occasions you can hand out Petunia’s below. 

1. Birthday

You can give a Petunia bouquet to someone you love on their birthday to make their day more special and amazing. You can also add a gift with it, perhaps a teddy bear or a box of chocolates.

2. Promotion

To offer a pat on the back of someone or a cheerful all the best, you can give a bouquet of Petunia with Roses to them, it will definitely make them feel great. 

3. Valentine’s day

Red petunias with a set of red roses will make the mood for a romantic valentine’s between you and your partner. 

4. Apologizing

This beautiful flower can also be given to someone close to you if you want to apologise to them in an elegant manner. Winning over an angry lover or a friend can be quite tricky sometimes, petunia’s are here for your rescue in that matter.

5. After an argument

You can also give this flower to someone you had an argument with and disagreed with on a topic. It exudes the feeling of resentment and is an ideal flower to give someone you had quarrel with. 

Pro tip : Never handout flowers alone, you should always have something to give along the bouquet. Flowers do exude feelings and emotions but giving something along with flowers shows your efforts and shows that you actually care about the person. 


Fun facts about Petunias


Petunia is an amazing plant with many attributes and specialities. It would be absurd if we left some fun facts about this beautiful flowering plant out of this article.

We have shared some amazing fun facts about petunias below. 

1. Leaves of petunias

Petunia leaves are intriguing and have hair on them. Not only hair, their leaves are also heart-shaped. These two features make petunia stand out from the rest and make it more appealing to the eyes.

2. Blooming

Petunias bloom from spring to autumn profusely. They do not bloom anywhere near the cold season and usually the petunia plant wilts or dies during frost.

3. Origin

They are native to South America and are grown mostly in tropical areas where humidity is high. This plant has received its name from native South American word “Petun”, which means Tobacco, which is also a close relative of this plant. 

4. Flowers length

Their flowers can be as big as 10cm. They flower really well from spring season and can be planted in gardens and even pots. Their growth also depends upon the care they get and the mixture of soil they are potted in. Make sure to use the appropriate mixture for them, which we have mentioned down below.

5. Dead Petunia flowers

To make sure the plant grows and blooms abundantly, cut the dead flowers through its head as soon as possible to encourage growth of other flowers. It is often advised to do this so the plant can utilise its energy in growing and bearing new flowers rather than wasting it on the dead ones.

6. Shape

Petunias have a unique shape and they can be easily recognised by their upside down trumpet. The color of the flower is lighter towards the edges. 


Are Petunias edible or not? 

“Move over Oregano, Petunia is here to steal your job” 

Petunias can be used as a garnish (not all Petunias species) on food and have been used in many South American regions over the past few decades. Some flowers of this plant are also used as wraps for food in many cultures. Nature gives us a lot, from oxygen to even food and Petunia are a simple example of the latter.


What does Petunia smell like?

Petunia’s smell can be easily recognised during the day when the sun is set they emit a lot of smell. Their scent is often described by many flower enthusiasts as the same as lilies. Because of their smell, they are used in the cut flower industry a lot as well. 


How to grow Petunia from seeds? 


We have gone through the environment and care requirements this plant has, now it is time to go over the method of growing this annual plant from seeds. Follow the method given below and you will definitely have a petunia in no time. 

  • Buy good quality seeds and a medium size pot with a drainage hole on the bottom.
  • To start the process use 70% of Vermicompost and 30% Fine sand  and mix it well. 
  • Fill the pot with the mixture and press it to make a smooth surface. Subsequently, moisten the mix with a spraying bottle. Then sprinkle the tiny petunia seeds on the soil  surface. 
  • Cover the pot with a plastic wrap and put it in a place where it can receive partial shade and can be protected from insects and germs.
  • Seeds will start to grow in 5 to 6 days. After the seeds have sprouted, put them in a cooler spot. 
  • Water your petunias every few days once the soil dries out. Also use fungicide to protect your petunia from bacteria.  
  • After they have grown, transplant the leaves to a different pot with a drainage hole. Put stones over the holes to improve the drainage of water. 
  • For the potting, make another mixture of soil using 50% normal garden soil, 30% organic compost and 20% fine sand. Put the potting mix in the and also add fungicide in it. Dig for 4-5 inches into the soil and then put the seedlings into the mixture. 
  • For the next few days keep the pot in partial shade as the seedlings need time to recover from transplant shock. After 2 days you can shift them in direct sunlight for growth. To make your plant more bushy remove the first flowers from it. Pinching out the stems and flowers from the plant in the beginning will encourage more flowers in the plant. 
  • After 3 weeks you will see a pot full of beautiful flowers and it will be a sight to see after the hard-work. Keep watering the plant regularly but also allow the soil to dry out as well. Maintain the blooming of the plant by pinching out dead flower buds so the plant can utilise its energy in growing more flowers. 


Follow these simple steps and you will have a beautiful garden full of these amazing flowers. It takes time and effort to grow a plant so one should always be patient throughout this process.


What does Petunia symbolize?

Petunias are unique looking flowers, which also exude many unique emotions. What they symbolize has been a subject matter for contradiction as they symbolize anger and resentment but at the same time they are also a symbol of comfort and warmth. This varies from culture to culture, petunias have different meanings in different cultures and for some cultures it represents the desire to never lose hope. 


Are Petunias worth the effort?

From unique symbolism to unique shape, this flower has got everything a flower enthusiast needs. Their scent is amazing and the same as lilies which captivates the attention of anyone passing by. A close relative of tobacco and a genus of 20 species from South America, this plant is a real show stopper. This annual flowering plant has sticky leaves and a trumpet shaped body making it more unique than others. We have gone over all the points which have clearly helped our case in proving that petunias are worth all the time and effort. Nature is beautiful and has given us a lot, it is incumbent upon us to preserve it and make the best out of it so our future generations can also enjoy it.