Pink Flowers
Pink Flowers


What Does Pink Flowers Symbolize?

The color pink, including pink flowers, has always been associated with something feminine like women as well as elegance, strength, and grace that come along with them. Aside from being the symbol of love, pink flower plants also symbolize gentleness, happiness, and depicts women’s characteristics.

For breast cancer, it is also becoming a symbol of awareness. This flower is used to convey awareness and thankfulness. It is also used in some funerals as an expression of love. More than that, it is also used for many purposes, such as making an ornament.

When you want to give flowers with a gorgeous living and hue feeling, it is recommended to buy pink flowers that come in a wide variety. It is great to add to table arrangements, wedding decorations, bouquet, or other arrangements. Here are 7 types of pink flowers that you can grow in the garden.

Pink rose, Astilbe, and Begonias

The color pink represents playfulness, affection, and cheer and becomes the known color for love, it is perfect for celebration events: wedding, birthday, baby shower, bridal shower, etc. You can know about the different types and understand its meaning to help you find inspiration for your arrangement.

1. Rose

Pink Roses


This flower was found over forty years ago in fossils. This pink rose is established by the report that it was seen 5,000 years ago in the Chinese Imperial Garden. The victorian’s greeting card era also has a decoration of rose.

According to the nuance and shades of pink rose, they have different meanings. Dark pink roses represent gratitude. The medium and light colors represent first love, admiration respectively, and congratulations.

2. Astilbe

Pink Astilbe


This fern-like foliage and glossy petals are one of the most popular in the world. It is grown in plumes and also called a false goat’s beard. In several different conditions, this plant thrives in low maintenance. However, moist summer and cool weather are perfect for them.

3. Begonias



They have an array of colors. Charles Plumier (French Politician) is the one who gave this flower’s name. returning the favor is implied by this flower. Begonia also has a meaning of double edge swords.

To remind someone that the challenge ahead will be faced, beautiful pink flower arrangements are often sent. The sad thought that becomes distractions and obstacles also represented by Begonia in the way you can be happier. On the other hand, it represents justice, individuality, gratitude, and peace.

Another Type of Pink Flowers

1. Carnation



Carnations have the most popular color which is pink. Colour from baby to shocking pink ranges this flower. The favorite décor in the Roman and Greek era has used this flower. There are beliefs from Christian that carnation is made up of the mother Mary’s tears.

She was crying when she saw the crucifixion of her son. Although this pink flower is breathtakingly gorgeous, it contains a toxin. So, if you have a pet, just take it away from them and always pay attention to this important issue.

2. Azalea



Often found in beautiful bouquets nowadays, Azaleas are actually well-known flowers. It represents femininity and softness and is one of the best choices of flowers to give to your loved one. As this flower symbolizes womanhood, its floral meaning lets your loved ones know that we want them to take care of themselves.

3. Dahlia



Grace and kindness are represented by pink dahlias. Dahlia stands out in a mixed bouquet because they have petals in a multi-layered arrangement. This is the reason why this flower can be a perfect give for someone whom you feel and treasure for.

4. Oriental Lily

Oriental Lily
Oriental Lily


Stargazer or true lily or also called oriental lily is named by Leslie Woodruff. She was impressed because of the unique shapes of this flower. You can make a beautiful pink flower bouquet from lilies.

The everlasting love of a couple is represented by this flower and it is used as the 30th anniversary. Another meaning that also implies in this flower is an achievement, financial situation, and success. To help you close one stay confident against all odds, just send lily to them.

To express your emotion, or when you are struggling hard to convey what you are feeling, just pick these flowers and give it to the one. If you are looking for some various beautiful pink flowers, you can get it at FlowerAdvisor.