Light pink rose
Light pink rose

Whether you are proposing to someone or want to extend your support to someone, roses have been the medium of transmitting emotions and feelings for a long time now. No matter what is the occasion, handing out a bouquet of roses has never hurt anyone. Roses have been one of the most prominent flowers in the cut flower industry for over a long time now and there are still no substitute in the market. Roses have been eminently used to spread the message of love and share feelings with each other. If you want to express your love and affection to someone, perhaps a bouquet of roses will be the icing on the cake for it. It’s not a surprise that roses have been famous among flower enthusiasts, as their structure and essence is the one to die for.  Pastel pink roses are considered timeless gifts of love and have a very interesting history latched on them. This flower not only makes the occasions better with its amazing smell but also exude elegance and royalty. If you ever ponder over which flower you should give to your companion, never think twice before going for a rose bouquet.

What are light pink roses called?

Roses are native to every continent on earth and have been cultivated for various purposes all around the globe. There are many species of this beautiful flower and one of the most splendid ones is the light pink rose also known as Bonica. It bears patel pink flowers and blooms repeatedly from spring to fall. Grows for about 3 to 5 feet, Bonica requires full sun exposure to grow and bloom abundantly. This flower is one of the world’s most favorite roses and it was introduced in 1981 by Marie-Louise Meilland of the famous Meilland family of rose breeders in Europe. This irresistible flower has been loved by many flower enthusiasts and beginners. This shrub is also the first to win the All-American-Award.


What do light pink roses symbolize?

There are over 300 species of roses around the world and all of them have their own uniqueness and exude different and special meanings and emotions. When it comes to pink roses, they have been known to symbolize elegance, femininity and sweetness. Whereas, light pink roses such as Bonica, symbolize grace, gentleness, joy and happiness. You can give pastel pink roses to anyone you love and admire to express your affection towards them. These roses are a great medium of communicating deep heartfelt emotions to one another and they are also delightful to the eyes.

Next time you go to meet your mother or anyone that you love, bring Bonica along with you to make your loved ones feel blessed to have you in their life.


What is the meaning of a single pink rose?

Light pink rose
Light pink rose

Roses have always been an effective way to express your love in relationships for over a long time and still to this day, people resort to roses when expressing their love to their partners. A single pink rose means a lot of things, and guess what? They all are very special and heartfelt. When a person gives a single pink rose to another person, they mean to say that the receiver is the only person they love and admire. In a relationship, when a partner gives a single rose to their better half, it depicts that they are saying “you are still the only one I love”. Dazzled? By the amazing emotions a single flower can display? If your partner gives you a single rose, don’t think that they are cheap and didn’t want to spend money on you for flowers, think of it as a blessing that you have a loving companion. 


On what occasions can we gift pastel pink flowers?

Those who are unaware of flower etiquettes and symbolism, edifying themselves over these vital things related to flowers and customs is a requisite. Giving a flower to someone is not just stopping by the flower shop and picking the cheapest or better looking flower. The meaning and symbolism behind the flower matters a lot. For instance, you can’t hand out a bouquet of white roses to a couple who just had a baby, as white flowers symbolize death and mourning. Similarly you can’t give a red rose bouquet to someone who has just lost a loved one as it symbolizes love, romance and joy. Just like the white roses and red roses, pink roses also symbolize meaning emotions and are suitable for only a number of occasions. You can give pink roses to the occasions mentioned below.

1. Birth of a baby girl

The bright color of the pink rose not only incite joy but also gives pleasure to the eyes. It can be given to a couple who just had a baby girl to make them feel happy and loved.

2. Birthday

If your friend’s birthday is close and you are planning to give her a flower, then go for the pink rose bouquet as girls love them.

3. Mother’s day

Every man’s first love is his mother, so don’t forget to give your mother a bouquet of beautiful pink roses to make her feel appreciated and loved.  


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  •  Pastel Pink field –  Light pink roses (6 stalks), cotton flowers (3 stalks), accompanied with artificial red cherry, purple caspia, baby hand and pittosporum in a square marble white vase, this amazing combination of flowers can win anyone’s heart and make them feel loved and appreciated.
  • Blooming Love – This beautiful basket of mixed Hydrangeas and mixed Roses will be loved by its receiver and you will surely make a place in their heart forever. 
  • Banksia Charm –  Protea, hydrangeas , pink rose and pink and white assorted dried and preserved flowers in a vase. There is no better combo than this and it will definitely make the receiver feel loved and happy.
Pink rose bouquet
Pink rose bouquet


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Pink flowers can take your gift game up a notch and make you stand out of the crowd. It’s the thought that matters not the size of the gift and pink flowers exude heartfelt deep emotions. When you hand out a bouquet of pink flowers to someone they will know the thought behind the gift and the care you have inside of you for them. Even if they are not familiar with the flower etiquettes, giving a bouquet of flowers has never killed somebody. 


What are little pink flowers called?

From Sea thrift to Primrose, there are a variety of pink little flowers which bear little buds and bloom repeatedly. There are many types of little pink flowers and the most prominent one is Sea thrift, also known as Armeria maritima. It is typically found growing near cliffs and seashores, which also explains why it is also called Sea pink.  


What are the names of pink flowers?

Pink color is pleasing to the eyes and captivates everyone’s attention easily. Because of the attractiveness of the color, people root for pink flowers whenever buying for someone. Even those who like to maintain their lawns and plant flowers in it never refrain from planting pink flower plants in it. There are many pink flowers in the cut flower industry and they all have their attributes which makes them different and special from one another. While some grow abundantly, some don’t, while some blooms in winter, some blooms throughout the summer. There is a great diversity when it comes to flowers in the flowering culture. Floweradvisor has picked out the best and famous pink flowers for you. We have made a list of pink flowers which you can not miss. 

1. Begonias (Begonia)

Pink begonia
Pink begonia

This Rose looking flower is nothing like roses. Comes under more than 1600 species and has edible leaves, stems and flowers. Looks beautiful and very elegant, Begonias are much more than just a copy of Roses.

2. Cherry Blossom (Prunus)

If you have been to Japan, you may have seen this flower everywhere without even knowing it’s name. Blooms in April, this famous Japanese flower releases a sweet essence which can mesmerize anyone.

Fun fact : Cherry Blossom was brought to USA from Japan to represent good foreign relations.

3. Hydrangea

This plant symbolizes grace, gratitude and deep emotions. It comes in various colours and every colour represents a different heartfelt emotion. Appealing to the eyes, the pink ones can be your substitute for red roses on Valentine’s Day. They exude love, romance and heartfelt emotions. 

Giving them to your significant other will not only make them feel special but this great choice of flower for the bouquet will be an interesting conversation starter. In Asia, they are given as a sign of love when proposing someone.

Intrigued by Hydrangea? You can also check out our article about Hydrangeas and how to care for them on our website.

4. Lotus

Pink lotus
Pink lotus

National flower in India, Lotus is considered a sacred flower by followers of Buddhism. It is a unique flower and holds great importance when it comes to art and mythology of ancient India. Lotus remains untouched by the muddy water it grows in, just like all of us should arrive for growth by not paying heed to the mud in our lives. This thought was inspired by the Bhagavad Gita and that is why it has been chosen as the national flower of India.

5. Peony (Paeonia)

Just like the name, this flower is cute and symbolizes good fortune and luck. Native to Asia and North America, this flower is used for wedding decorations and bouquets. Resembles Rose, but it’s fragrance is one to die for.

All these pastel pink flowers are unique in their own way and have many amazing features and importance. These vintage flowers are not only prominent among other pink flowers but also have great significance. 


What are the pink flowers in Greece called?

Probably wondering what those pink beautiful flowers in Santorini, Greece are called? 

You must have seen those captivating flowers in photos of greece on social media platforms where bloggers pose next to them and upload their amazing photos. Those flowers are known as Bougainvillea. You can find them on the streets of Greece hanging from above. Flowering Bougainvillea trees are found there in an enormous amount. Bougainvillea belongs to the Nyctaginaceae family, also known as the 4 o’clock family. Most varieties of this tree grow up to 20 to 30 feet under the right conditions. It requires full sun to grow abundantly and bloom.


Which pink flower is best when proposing to someone? 

A proposal with pastel pink rose can be a great way of expressing your feelings to someone. A proposal has to be special and memorable. When proposing to someone a person should plan the venue and the things he’ll be using to propose beforehand. The flowers, the chocolates, the venue and the timings should be flawless. Picking vintage pastel pink flowers to decorate the venue and a bouquet of pink Roses to propose will make the proposal amazing. 


Significance of pastel pink flowers

Pastel pink flowers have their own uniqueness and are loved by many. Whether you want to spread love by sending flowers to your friends and family or want to convey your emotions to someone special, pink roses can be your bridge of communicating your love to your favorite person. From pastel pink roses of France to the Bougainvillea of Greece, the color “pink” comes in many shapes and sizes. The flowering world has many unique shrubs and these are one of them. Flowers have great significance, from being sent to America from Japan to spread positivity and peace to being a medium of love and reassurance among couples. As the time goes by, the importance and significance of flowers changes shapes and forms but the emotion of love stays sturdy. 


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