Are precious moments worth anything? 

In our lives we experience many wonderful things and go through a lot of fun and excitement. All these wonderful experiences give way to moments which are not only full of happiness but are also precious to us and our hearts. These moments give us a reason to look back at time and smile while remembering them. These precious moments bring people together to rejoice. A man proposing his women to marry, a couple getting married, the birth of a child and the first time a child walks, these all are just a few of those moments which not only makes us happy but also strengthens our bond with the people around us. All these special moments are worth more than any royalty or any assets we might have, because the importance of these moments and memories can never be compared with anything else.

How do you capture your precious moments?

Capturing precious moments is a task with great significance. To capture the essence of the moment and to catch the reactions of the people experiencing it is not a piece of cake. Taking pictures has been considered a great way of capturing moments along with taking a video as well. The photos and videos we make while capturing those moments are not only raw and candid but also reveals us in our most vulnerable and happiest stage. People nowadays set up cameras to record these moments while experiencing them to capture raw and candid reactions. These captured moments help us live them again while watching later on in our lives. It is important to live and experience both happiness and sadness in our lives, as it prepares us for the outside world and pushes us to become the best version of ourselves. 


Year after year how do you celebrate your precious moments?


Moments once captured are moments lived forever. Year after year we live those moments again and refresh our memories and have a good laugh or smile. Those precious moment images and videos help us go back in time and lift ourselves and our mood through them. Some people tend to frame the photos of their precious memories while some prefer to compile all of them in a video and watch it together with their whole family. Anniversaries, birthdays and different occasions are celebrated every year to commemorate the one single moment which started it all, that one single precious memory which led to the celebrations that came after.


Unique Gifts for your precious moments 

Any usual gift does not define or make a moment special or precious, a gift has to be meaningful and should be bought with great care and consideration as per the requirements and needs of the receiver. A gift becomes precious when a person puts his thoughts and efforts behind it. But on FlowerAdvisor we have some amazing gifts and hampers planned just for you. Our gift delivery Singapore service brings many great and fantastic gifts to give way to precious moments and amazing reactions from their receiver. We have handpicked a few of those exciting gifts and have listed them down below for your reference. 

Nothing can be compared to the birth of a baby in your family. Relatives and friends visit from around the country to get a glimpse of the new member of the family and to give blessings and love to the baby. To make that moment special we have just the right gifts for you to give to your newest member of the family:

1. Honey Bear Gift Combo

With a bear pillow, 3 pieces bib set, oriel the octopus toy rattle, giraffe pull string musical toy, basket and decoratives, this is one of our favorite and most affordable hampers for the newest member of your family.

2. A Baby’s First Bath

SHEARS purest 4 pieces gift Set (Blue), SHEARS bamboo feeding Set (Blue), KAWA baby teether, CARTER’S HONEY wash cloths 6pcs, CARTER LIEBE wash cloths 6 pieces, flower hand-bouquet. The first bath of a baby is a precious moment for the infant and the parents, to make that moment special we have picked the most amazing baby bath hamper for you. Give this hamper to make the first bath of the little one soothing and relaxing with these amazing products.

3. Play Jungle

SC antino play gym with playful animal print. The giraffe, tree and arch are all interchangeable for a much fun learning variation for the baby. The rattle toys will encourage the baby’s sense of hearing, different play methods also practice baby’s coordination ability comes with packaging. This is one of our most exciting gifts for a baby which not only come in handy for the parents but will also keep the baby busy. 

4. Reversible Stroller

Walking the baby to a park is a fun experience, not just for the parents but also for the baby as the baby gets to see the outside world and have a delightful time. Flower Advisor has just the right baby stroller for your baby to make those long walks in the park special and precious. So no more hanging around your house, put those shoes on and take a walk with your baby.


Decorations for precious moments

Whether you are giving someone a surprise or planning a party for someone’s birthday, decorating the venue is a must to make the day more special and memorable. Decorating requires many important items to turn any venue of your choice into a beautiful dreamy location. To turn any venue into a fairytale like place, one would need the items listed below:

1. Balloons


From birthdays to farewells or proposals to baby showers  nobody can say “No” to balloons. Balloons are cost effective and an interesting item which should be on your list when you are planning any type of party. You can also get creative with the balloons and try to get trendy ones and write words through them. Balloons in parties were a requisite even when we were kids and they are still prominently used in parties and functions for decorations.

2. Flowers

Let’s just accept it, girls love flowers and if you’re planning a surprise date for your significant other or planning to propose a special someone, You should add flowers on your list and if they are not on your list then cancel the whole plan and search FlowerAdvisor on your device and order best flower hampers ASAP. We have the best flower hampers delivered to your doorstep in Singapore and abroad at an amazing delivery speed.

3. Cake

Any celebration is incomplete without a cake to commemorate it. Get a cake to create precious memories and moments which will forever be in your heart. Whether it’s a birthday or an anniversary, a cake is the “icing on the cake” at any occasion.

4. Banners and photos

While decorating, one must not forget banners and relevant images which you can hang on the walls along with the balloons to make the wall look beautiful. Photos on the walls along with the balloons has become an essential nowadays whenever someone throws a surprise party for someone.


How to capture your precious moments?

To capture a moment perfectly is a heck of a job as that fraction of time will always be remembered by you and your loved ones. So in order to remember your special memories you should get them stored in a form which not only delights your soul but also of your loved ones. We have listed 7 ways to capture your precious moments easily and effectively down below.

1. Framing the photos

We all have grown up seeing huge photo frames hanging on the walls of our grandma’s house. Although framing photos was a thing of the past, it still hasn’t died and people do get their photos framed to this day and hang them on the walls or simply set them on their office tables or study tables. Framing the memories is a vintage practice which one should never refrain from.

2. Photo-Mugs

If you are looking for a great gift for someone you love, get them a photo mug with a photo of your favorite memory with them. Photo mugs are a great way of saving a moment forever in your hand. People are very fond of their mugs and having a photo of someone they cherish will make them happy every time they take a sip of tea or coffee from their mug.

3. Photo collage

Making a collage of every beautiful memory you have with your friends or family will not only look wholesome but will also exude love. Your loved ones will surely love the collage whenever they visit your place. Making a collage of all the precious moments you have with someone and gifting it to them will make them feel very blessed and happy.

4. Video

Watching video
Watching video

One of the most used practices these days is making a compilation of your photos. People nowadays indulge themselves in watching a video along with their families of their family functions and reunions. It’s a fun and entertaining way of storing your memories and watching them with your family at night in your living room together. Videos have become a crucial part of our life, in every big occasion, every function or party people tend to record videos a lot.

5. T-shirts

To commemorate a person or a precious moment, people also tend to get t-shirts made out from the photos of the memories captured through the camera. It is a nice way of keeping those moments closer to your heart. Nowadays people create t-shirts of anniversaries, events and birthdays to take it up a notch while celebrating.

6. Photo album

Remember those bunch of photo albums stored in your mom’s closet in a box labeled as “photos”?. Photo albums are a great way of storing the memories from different times. From keeping the photos of the birth of a baby in the family to storing images from the wedding of a loved one, photo albums are very handy and makes it easy for us to find photos with the blink of an eye.

7. Short film

You can convert all your clips and photos and turn them into an amazing short film which will not only entertain you but will also make you spend time with your loved ones while watching it together. It will be a treat for all your family members as they will get together and watch the wholesome movie together and enjoy it.


What makes a moment precious?


No amount of luxuries can make a moment precious as much as love and being candid can. Being candid and living life by spreading love and happiness makes way for precious memories which one holds for their lifetime. Precious moments are made with love and with the people we love and cherish. From the first steps of a baby to proposing the love of your life, these moments become much more precious when captured with love and affection. We capture these moments to save those lovely reactions in the form of a photo or a video so we can live and experience that happiness once again. It is important to respect and cherish every moment in our life and remember it throughout the course of life, as the important moments in our lives are what defines us and our personality. The good, the bad and the worst moments in our lives should never be forgotten as the key of learning and growing is through mistakes and hiccups. Every moment in our life is responsible for our future and holds a lot of significance. Life is incomplete without experiences, whether they are those of happiness or the ones of sadness, experience and moments makes us and shapes us to become the best version of ourselves.