Dried flowers
Dried flowers


Flowers have a blooming nature and as they blossom, they make everything blossom around them. They have captivating power within them. If we talk about flowers many will think of the fresh ones but flowers have the power of being used even after being dried out. They have little time span but in that little amount of time, they make a great impact on the surrounding as every flower is blossoming in nature. It has been said that ” Happiness held is the seed; happiness shared is the flower.” 

Flowers are essential for a happy ambience and on any occasions, festivals or any formal party, without flowers there will be no charm and the whole atmosphere will look incomplete and dull.

So to have a happy and soothing party one needs to get it ornamented with flowers. They delight the soul of a person and bring out the stress.


Preserve flowers

Preserving the flowers is a technique, it is introduced because flowers have a short span and they die early, so to keep them looking alive, preservation is done. Preserved flowers are natural flowers that are hand-picked and preservation is a method of drying the flowers but in a more smooth way as the flowers are very delicate in nature.


The steps to preserving the flowers are:

When the flowers are at the peak of their beauty and freshness, they are being cut. After that, they go through the rehydration process in which the flowers are kept in the solution which is made up of glycerine and the elements of various other plants.

This liquid is being filled within the trunk and then becomes the alternative of sap. 

Some days later, the process is accomplished and the plant is ready to use. 

The outcome of this process is a flexible flower with a whole natural appearance.

Flowers give us back so much if we take little care of them.


How long can preserved flowers last?

There is no end date of a flower that has been preserved. The survival of the plants and flowers depends upon their environment, they are being born and in the way, they are being grown-up and kept.

If the plant is kept in an ambience with an abundance of humidity, then it is sure that the flower will not last as long as expected. 

Preserved flowers have a general life span of 1 to 3 years. However, if kept in a sealed environment it can last up to a decade.  The greatest thing about a preserved flower is that it is not allergic to any substance.


How to make preserved flowers?

Dried flowers
Dried flowers

There are many ways to keep your flowers all fresh and blooming all year long.

The first technique of preservation is:

1. Air-dry the flowers

Air drying is also infamously known as hanging the bouquet upside down. This method is suitable for flowers such as robust, roses, lavenders, strawflower, baby breath, statice, celosia, gomphrena and thistle.

The steps are as follows

  1. To strip the extra foliage of the flowers.
  2. Cut down their stems as much you wish, but keep in mind not less than 6 inches.
  3. Use a rubber band and tie the bouquet all together tightly.
  4. Hang the bouquets upside in a dry place full of darkness and with proper ventilation. Keeping the flowers far from sunlight will help them in retaining their original color.
  5. The drying process will almost go for two to three weeks.
  6. Once the flowers get whole dried, spray the unscented spray all over them for protection.

2. Preserving the flower in a microwave

Another way to keep the blossom alive is to use a microwave with silica gel. The gel helps the flower to maintain its original shape and it is reusable. The flowers such as Gerbera daisies, Chrysanthemums, roses and tulips go very well with the microwave dry flowering technique. This drying method helps the flower to keep up with its original look and color much better than the air-drying method. One can use silica gel to dry the flowers without a microwave but it will take a longer time. Silica gel is available everywhere out there in stores as well as online. 

Steps of microwave preserving are:

  1. Remove the flowers from their stems.
  2. Find an appropriate microwave container that will hold your flower safely. Make sure that after the drying method this container should not be used for kitchen purposes.
  3. Apply a slice of silica gel in the bottom of the container and in a larger quantity for larger flowers.
  4.  Place the flowers blossoms up in the gel.
  5.  Gently apply the gel to the flowers so that the petals should not get flattened.
  6.  Place the container open that is uncovered into the microwave.
  7.  Temperature and time will change according to the flower. Start the microwave on a low heating mode and let it on for 2 to 5 minutes. Once check the flower drying process once you increase the heat or the time.
  8.  Once the flowers get dry open the microwave and cover up the container.
  9. Take out the container from the microwave and open the top slightly to vent.
  10.  Let it sit for a whole day.
  11.  After one day, remove the gel from the petals with a smooth brush.
  12.  Mist the flowers with acrylic spray to protect them.

Dried flowers fade quickly in direct sunlight, if possible try to keep them away from the sunrays.

3. Preserving the flowers with sand

 It is similar to the silica gel technique. All you need is fine sand to preserve the flowers.  As the sand is heavy in nature, you can only do this technique with the flowers that are tough in nature with hardy foliage.

Steps to preserve with sand are:

  1. Sprinkle a half-inch layer of sand into a sturdy box.
  2. Lay down the flowers or foliage and stems on the sand. 
  3. Slowly sprinkle the sand all around the flower, cover it with sand from everywhere.
  4. Keep the flowers in this state for at least two weeks. After that remove the sand.

4. Pressing the flowers techniques

This technique is full of ease and most commonly used by the botanist and flowers admirers. Pressing the flowers is a time saver method. It is simple and quick.

It is done in various ways as it is dependent on the quantity and quality of the flowers.  If you want to preserve a lot of flowers then you must have the flower pressure.  Or in general, you can use a heavy book. 

Steps to keep the flowers preserve with the press are:

  1. Remove the unwanted leaves or you can remove the flowers and press the leaves separately.
  2. Open the book half-way or up to the middle.
  3. Place the absorbent sheets such as the watercolour sheet on the pages of the book.
  4. Keep the flowers face on the side of parchment paper and lay the parchment paper on the top of the absorbent paper. Place another absorbent sheet on the top of the flowers and then carefully close the book.
  5. Place some more books on the top of the book with flowers.
  6. Keep the book in a safer place for two to three weeks. 

And your preserved flowers are ready to use.


Where to buy preserved flowers in Singapore?

Dried flowers
Dried flowers

You can get preserved flowers from florists. One of the finest ways to get a preserved flower of your choice is getting it through online mode. One can select from a range of beautifully preserved flowers for any occasion from some trusted websites. You will get the finest and supreme quality of preserved flowers delivered at your doorstep. 


Do preserved flowers die?

Preserving is a method of keeping a flower alive for a long time. But everything has a certain limit and the same goes with the flowers. The fresh flowers last for a few days up to a week if taken with a lot of care. Preserving the flowers is a great sustainable option to keep the flowers blossoming for a long time.

The normal tenure of a preserved flower is one to three years if it is taken care properly. One needs to keep their flowers away from the sunlight so as to keep their natural colour alive. Humidity also plays a crucial role in the death of the flower, don’t let the flowers get mossy, and if possible keep them away from the wind as it will dry out the layer of the gel. 


Is there a way to preserve the flowers forever?

Well, forever is a myth. One can keep the preserved flowers for 1 to 3 years if keeping certain things in mind. Preserved flowers have their sap replaced with glycerine and lots of other methods too. But all this technique makes the flower retain its original touch for some 

years only, not forever. 

To keep the preserved flowers safe one must pay heed to a few points:

  • Do not water the plant, avoid it being soggy.
  • Keep it away from the direct sunlight as it will harm the flower and hamper its natural colour.
  • Do not place it in an environment of humidity. 
  • Keep it away from windows and wind.
  • Handle it with a lot of care as it is being preserved.


Keeping these things in mind one can keep the preserved flower all fit for one to three years but no longer than that.


What is the difference between dried and preserved flowers?

Dried flowers
Dried flowers

Fresh flowers gain much more attention and demand but they have a very short life span so to overcome this problem there are two ways in which a flower can blossom for a longer time.

1. Dried flowers

There are different methods to conserve the flowers. One of the best-known methods is to dry the flowers by leaving them dehydrated by placing their face down. Once they accomplish the desired dryness they go through the. Colouration and setting treatment so that they can regain their original appearance. The flowers that have undergone this drying method are used in floral decoration for all occasions and one cannot easily distinguish whether it is a fresh one or the dried ones.  

But there’s a loophole in dry flowers as they dry out their branches and stems get weaker and break down easily and the color of the petals fades away.

2. Preserved flowers

It is also a method of drying out the flowers but it is more sophisticated and handled delicately. The preservation method gives the flowers a whole natural appearance and feel, it doesn’t let people feel that it is not a fresh flower.

Preserved flowers are a better technique to curb the drying out of flowers in floral decorations.  

It is the ecological and better solution and goes well with the pocket. 

All these qualities of preserved flowers make them the first choice to be chosen for floral decoration for restaurants, hotels, occasions and home decor.


Are preserved flowers toxic?

It is completely false to say that preserved flowers are toxic. The methods used in preservation are solely natural.

The substances used in the preservation process are non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-explosive. No chemicals are used in any form of the preservation method.  The preserved flowers are natural and safe to use. They do not represent any health or natural hazard. They are 100 percent natural and maintenance-free.

Preserved flowers are the most prominent choice in floral decorations as they are pocket friendly and eco friendly. They look original and all fresh for a prolonged time. So there is not any stress to the florist to change the flowers of the decoration.

The preservation can be done on all the flowers and one can opt for the flowers of their choice for the purpose of decoration and it is not going to fade away and the magic vibe will be all fresh and settled.