Purple Roses Meaning
Purple Roses Meaning

Roses, hearing its name, we guess almost of your familiar with it. Yup, roses are named the queen of the flower due to their gorgeousness. Roses have been flowers that frequently appeared as a gift for many occasions. If red roses are pretty popular out there, wait until you see how beautiful yet attractive purple roses are.

Meaning of purple roses

Meaning of Purple Roses
Meaning of Purple Roses

A flower never fails to attract anyone. Many people use flowers for different purposes. Among those flower types that existed in the world, roses mark as the one that is indeed popular. The popularity of roses makes them perfect for many occasions.

So, before landing your hands on a bunch of roses and gifting them to your special ones, do you know what’s the meaning behind roses especially if they come in purple?

Red roses have been known for the meaning of love they have. It’s not strange to see someone proposes to their fiancé by using red roses because of the deep and lust of love that living in this flower.

In addition, red roses also symbolize the feminism of women. That’s why this flower is perfect to be gifted to a woman.

Apart from red roses, the meaning of purple roses is a bit different. Belong to some rare flower colors, roses that come in purple symbolize enchantment and splendor, making them meant for royalty. This color goes well when it comes to a budding romance.

Belong to rare rose colors, the meaning of this beauty that comes in purple is also versatile. Besides, it reflects love at the first sight, purple roses also symbolize balance and regeneration.

Variety of purple roses

Variety of Purple Roses
Variety of Purple Roses

After knowing the meaning behind purple roses, are you interested in this flower color that makes roses look more appealing?

Most women out there love purple besides pink and red. If you want to express your feeling to someone with roses that come in purple, you need to know that this color is not only limited to one range only.

Yup, the variety of purple roses shows that among one purple to another purple in roses can stand different looks and meanings to each other.

Here is the variety of purple roses with different shades of purple color you need to know before deciding to buy and craft it as a beautiful gift for your girlfriend, fiancé, or anyone you love.

  1. Indigoletta

The color of lilac has been pretty popular nowadays. You can see it on apparel, mostly. Lilac consists of soft purple that looks beautiful in the eyes. It’s become everyone’s favorite and we guess you have already seen many people wear anything lilac-related.

Lilac is also being a part of the shade of roses color. Described as dark with leathery leaves, rose with lilac color is perfect to level up your garden. This color is well-known for its vigorous growth and healthy foliage. It shows the magnificent petals in June.

  1. Rhapsody in Blue

Although the name contains “blue”, this type of purple roses is way from how the color of blue is supposed to be. Among the others, Rhapsody in Blue is named the most beautiful. You will fall in love once you see this flower in person.

Rhapsody in Blue is described as a rose type that comes in the combination of blue and purple. It has a white center on its petals that makes it looks unique, way different from ordinary roses. It also contains a light fragrance that perfect to be spread on the bed.

  1. Blue Moon

The shades of purple roses usually come in beautiful names, so is this one that people called “blue moon”. The beautiful name has also reflected the appearance of it where this flower described has the shade of lilac with the combination of silver, serving the distinctive look of the unusual pretty rose.

Similar to other rose flower types, the blue moon also sparks fragrance. This purple roses type is recommended as a gift for a romantic occasion.

  1. Violet Blue

Roses are not only beautiful to be crafted in a bouquet, but they are also perfect to be displayed in your home garden and Violet Blue is the one you have to get if this is what you planned.

With the light fragrance it has, Violet Blue blooms perfectly once a year. It looks feast for the eyes with the deep purple color that makes you want to stare at it for a long time.

The five meters height of Violet Blue is the reason why this flower is perfect to be in your home garden. It’s strong and can stand for years.

  1. Novalis

Purple is such a beautiful color, especially if it happens in flower color. Unfortunately, this color is rare nowadays. You might face difficulty seeing Novalis, one of the varieties of roses in purple that named the most beautiful one.

Novalis is well-known for its tall growth, beautiful petals that showcases pale purple, and leaves that are so healthy. There’s no specific place where you can see this rare rose flower type.

How to get purple roses in Singapore

How to get purple roses in Singapore
How to get purple roses in Singapore

Roses that come in enchanting purple never go wrong to be handed as your party companion. It’s suitable for many occasions especially if you’re in love with someone and looking for something special for them. Crafting purple roses as a flower bouquet makes roses that come in purple become a meaningful gift for your loved ones.

Purple roses are the right type of rose that perfect to be given to someone you feel in love with. But the problem is, you might be wondering where to get the color of this beautiful rose in Singapore since it’s a kind of rare color of roses.

For this case, you don’t need to worry because FlowerAdvisor provides a lot of purple roses bouquets with various designs and price ranges. FlowerAdvisor also supports fast delivery to any address in Singapore, so all you need to do is just six and relax while waiting for your order to arrive