flower delivery service
Flower delivery service


Flowers from delivery service Singapore can always bring happiness to someone who receives them. And a woman is a person who often receives flowers from the man who loves her. However, what happens if this condition is reversed where a man will get the flowers?

Yes, it is not a woman who receives a gift of flowers but a man. Men are indeed masculine figures whom many people think don’t like flowers. But don’t worry, because all your questions won’t apply if you are good at choosing the right flowers.

It is suitable to give to your male friend or a husband. To choose a flower gift for a man, you must pay attention to a few tips below. The delivery service Singapore will make sure that you can get the right products or items.

Avoid the Pastel Color

A man is synonymous with something masculine and strong. Pastel colors are usually related to a woman because it looks soft. Pastel colors are very subtle and are not suitable for men. That is why; try not to give flowers with these soft colors.
The types of flowers from delivery service Singapore that are suitable for men are those that describe the character of the man himself. The bright colors are the right choice when it comes to choosing flower gifts for men or a husband.

You can give flowers in red, purple, blue, white, orange, or yellow. You can use the combination of sunflowers and roses too. With bright and strong colors like that, it will be able to generate enthusiasm and positive energy for the recipient.
You can give this flower bouquet on your anniversary moment or his birthday. In some conditions, maybe you have a long-distance relationship with your husband. Don’t be worried because the delivery service Singapore will help to send it in the fresh condition.

Flowers that Based on Your Message

flower for husband
Flower for husband


Each flower has a different meaning. Therefore, choosing the color and type of flowers is an important thing to do. Don’t let the meaning of what you convey become misguided and not understood by your male friends. It can break the sweet moment.
If he is your husband and you want to convey the love feeling, it is recommended to choose the best flowers. The red and purple flowers sent by the delivery service Singapore can be an option. If it is for your best friend, just give him yellow or orange flowers.

It is the kind of color of friendship that symbolizes warmth. By choosing the right type of flower, he will not misinterpret your meaning of giving flowers to him. It is important if the recipient really understands about flowers and the meaning.

Decide the Right Time

Give flowers to men only when there are certain moments such as anniversary celebrations, birthdays, or congratulations on their success. It will make the man doesn’t feel surprised when you suddenly give him a flower gift. You can also give him flowers when his mood is chaotic.

That way, you are considered someone who cares and is able to calm the man’s heart. The good thing is that the flower delivery service Singapore can help you to give the flowers on any occasion. They have various collections as well.
You just need to contact them on their website. Usually, a professional florist also provides this kind of service. The same-day delivery service is also available. It is a great service to maintain the freshness of the flowers you give.

Table Flower is also recommended

As a man, sometimes your husband can feel strange when you give a bouquet of flowers. That is why; you can change it with other gifts. An example is a table flower. There are so many options for table flowers which are available.
The unique item from a flower delivery is a table flower arranged from a single stalk of orchid. This table flower looks so great and artistic. Your husband can use it as a decoration at home or in his office.

Those are some simple things that need to be done before buying flower gifts for men. Nothing is difficult if you can apply it correctly and choose the right flower. It is especially if your husband loves a certain kind of flower from flower delivery service Singapore.