gift flower Singapore
Gift flower Singapore


Various gifts flowers always come in great design. The creativity of a florist is never ended. They can place more than a type of flower in an arrangement or bouquet. That is why; it can have a colorful appearance from those flowers.

Although the colorful colors are great, the white flower bouquet is never losing its popularity. It always looks amazing and beautiful for various occasions. You know that white is a color that is so calming and soothing. Besides, it also feels so elegant.

That is why; there are a lot of gifts flower Singapore items that are made from white flowers. Those flowers are so varied. It can be one of your favorite flowers. Below are some recommended flower arrangements in white color domination.

White Roses Flower Singapore

Rose is a really popular flower in the florist world. A lot of customers order the bouquet or gifts arranged from this flower. Roses are not only having a red color but also more. One of them is a clean and elegant white color rose.
This beautiful flower can be created in several designs. First is the bouquet. It can be a common hand bouquet for a gift or for a wedding. Placing about 6 white roses in a bouquet will be awesome. It can be equipped with other flowers too.

An example of this gift flower in Singapore is white roses and pink baby breath. The soft pink color of the baby’s breath blends perfectly with the roses. This arrangement can be wrapped in special papers with various colors such as cream, and more.
If it is for a wedding bouquet, usually the stalks of these white roses will be used. It will be tied beautifully with white ribbons. The stalk can function as a handle for the bride. This kind of bouquet will make a wedding moment felt more sacred.

White Lilies

white lilies
White lilies


Another white gift flower is made from white lilies. Usually, the size of this flower is bigger than the rose. However, it is still possible to create the white lilies into a bouquet. White lilies can be also combined with other white flowers.
Besides a bouquet, white lilies are also the perfect option to make a table flower arrangement. You can choose a table flower arranged from the white lilies and white roses. The clear glass vase is usually used to make its appearance is more perfect.

That is why; the recipient of this gift flower Singapore will feel so happy. This table flower can give a magnificent view of a house. The white baby breath flowers are usually placed for the filler. Meanwhile, the fresh green leaves will be also placed there.

White Tulips

Tulips are other flowers that you can choose. Just like roses, this flower also has various different colors. Those are like red, blue, yellow, and for sure the white tulips. These white tulips really look pure and clean. It can be used for various moments.
The most amazing gifts of flower Singapore from white tulips is a hand bouquet. It is especially a bouquet which is arranged for about 18 white tulips. The green leaves will be also placed there to make this bouquet is not too monotonous.

To make this bouquet looks full, some white baby breath flowers will be also placed there. Then, this bouquet is wrapped in white paper and tied in a dark brown ribbon. You can give this bouquet for a mother’s day, wedding, and more.

White Poms

Besides celebrating a moment, a white flower arrangement can be also used for condolence. In this case, you need to choose the right gift flower Singapore. The best one is the twin display of white poms flowers. It is really unique.

There is two part of the arrangement. One is located in the upper part and the rest is under the first arrangement. The white poms will be combined with some green leaves. It will make this flower arrangement becomes the focal point at that moment.
The white silk or glowing fabric will be also used as a decoration. Basically, this flower shows the meaning of eternity and purity. It is the excellence of white color. That is why; the white gifts flower Singapore is always in people’s hearts.