All About Red Rose Bouquet
All About Red Rose Bouquet

Every year, we celebrate an event that many couples wait, an event that occurs in February each year called Valentine’s Day. This special moment sparks many things for couples who are into a relationship. Catch your heart with a red rose bouquet!

What is red rose bouquet?

Red Rose Bouquet FlowerAdvisor
Red Rose Bouquet FlowerAdvisor

Love is a part that makes life becomes meaningful. Do you ever feel empty all day long? You might need someone to be by your side. For this, you can try to get in a relationship. The affection you get from your lover can heal that emptiness.

Being in a relationship means you have to take care of your lover either with feeling or action. Many say that as time goes by, a relation can be boring. If so, you and your partner need to enhance each other by doing romantic things, for example, gifting your partner a red rose bouquet.

A flower bouquet has been an item that is commonly used when it comes to a relationship. The best flower bouquet you can consider to choose is a red rose that we believe, almost all of you have already familiar with this flower type.

A red rose bouquet is one of the gift ideas you can gift your lover on Valentine’s Day. It consists of some beautiful petals of a red rose that are well-crafted.

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Meaning of red rose bouquet

Meaning of Red Rose Bouquet
Meaning of Red Rose Bouquet

The appearance of a red rose bouquet exists with some reasons behind it. Rose itself is classified as a flower type that can reflect many things.

Commonly thought to be the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, a red rose is really beautiful in the eyes. It can captivate anyone who stares at this because of the gorgeousness they have. But, besides it looks, there are some points of red rose it want to deliver to whoever uses them.

First, it’s named a classic symbol for the words “I love you” in many countries across cultures. Only by looking at it, the receiver of the red rose bouquet has already familiar with the thought of deep love behind the red rose.

Further than that, the shade of red colors in rose stands alone for each other’s meaning. Even though the red rose symbolizes love, the red rose which shade is deep, and comes in bold red is reflecting that the sender is ready for commitment in love.

On the other side, a lighter version of the red rose symbolizes passion and desire. Whatever the meaning each shade of color deliver, the red rose never disappointed to attract someone’s feeling on Valentine’s Day.

History of Valentine’s Day

As we mentioned above, a red rose bouquet is named one of the best gift ideas for Valentine’s Day.

Do you have any plan to gift your lover a red rose bouquet on Valentine’s Day? Before deciding to get one, here are a few things you need to know about this annual event that arose many couples’ attractions over the years.

A red rose that stands for its romance meaning has been an item that was being used during the Victorian era to express love. It was a part of the language of love at that moment. Giving a certain kind of flower type, including red rose conveyed some special messages where later red rose conveyed romance.

Later, this habit becomes a tradition that occurs every year until nowadays. In February, couples who are in love usually gift their lover by giving a red rose bouquet along with other romantic gifts, for example, a box of chocolate and a teddy bear.

Tips to get the perfect red rose bouquet for Valentine’s Day

Fresh-cut roses always spark fragrances that no one can avoid falling in love with them. It what makes the red rose a beautiful flower bouquet for your Valentine’s Day.

Are you a first-timer when it comes to gifting your partner a bouquet of red rose? If so, these tips are going to help you to get the perfect red rose bouquet. Attract your special one with a flower bouquet that is meaningful!

  1. Decide the shade of red you want to express

Red rose appears in different kinds of color shades. The first step you need to do is determining which one is suitable for your purpose and the message you want to express through a flower bouquet.

  1. Double-check the rose petals condition

If the planning is to get the pre-arranged red roses, make sure that the petals of each flower come in vibrant color, free from wilting or brown edges. It proves that the rose petals are old enough with a shorter lifespan.

  1. Say no to rose petals that are not fully bloom

Choosing red roses for a bouquet can be challenging. Rose petals that have not fully bloomed are not ready to be picked up because instead of blooming, they will die.

  1. Ask the florist when will you receive the flower bouquet

The lifespan of the flowers is the main priority if want it to deliver them in their perfect condition. For this, ensure that you know when will the florist ship your order to determine how long the flowers have to live.

  1. Don’t forget to add a beautiful message

Valentine’s Day is the perfect moment to catch your partner’s attention. Impress themselves by adding a beautiful message on a red rose bouquet you gift them.

Red rose bouquet delivery in Singapore

Do you still hesitate to choose the right florist to wrap up a beautiful red rose bouquet for your romantic occasion, Valentine’s Day?

Even though hunting for a perfect bouquet of red rose can be difficult, you don’t need to worry because there are plenty of florists that offer flower delivery Singapore, include Flower Advisor for those who expect their order arrive on the exact day.

Florists in Singapore usually offer many kinds of ready-to-order beautiful flower bouquets, including a red rose bouquet that you can go with as a gift for your partner. What makes it interesting is that you don’t need to go out from home, just purchase it online.