In today’s fast-moving generation, anxiety is the biggest companion for the majority of people. It doesn’t matter if you have an abundance of friends, but it will still stick to you no matter what. In the journey of life, anxiety is an unexpected phase. Experiencing stress is common nowadays, it has been experienced by people of all ages and genders. Being with a sticky friend like anxiety is a little hard, as it always offers you irrational fears, extreme nervousness, and a rock of chaos in your mind.


Symptoms of anxiety:

Are you feeling anxious? Maybe you are tensed about the remaining task of yours, or issues of la Familia or any sort of mishap and the butterflies in your stomach are playing a roller coaster there. On the boulevard of life every single person experiences anxiety according to their time zone. For most people anxiety is like a headache, it lasts for a short tenure, or else we can say it comes and goes in a blink. Or it can last for a week too like an uninvited guest. 

For some part of the population, anxiety is not a kind of feeling which passes, but it takes a severe form or we can say it interferes with your daily life, and each and every second it pokes you with its horns. It gets worse over each passing time.

If you are feeling a little disturbed or your mind and body is raising a red flag, the path to anxiety has been created. Here are some common symptoms which show that you are bound in the handcuffs of anxiety.

  • Worrying excessively: It is the most common symptom of anxiety. It happens in normal situations too. For example, you have to do your daily chores but still, you are getting worried about it. This excessive worrying is a trademark of anxiety.
  • Feeling of agitation: When someone is experiencing anxiety, their nervous system does a little choreo within it. Anxiety kicks off an avalanche of effects in the body, for instance, palms all covered in sweat, shaky hands, rushing pulse, dry mouth. All these symptoms are like raising a red flag when you feel something wrong is cooking and you are going to get served with it.
  • Restlessness: It is another common symptom of anxiety. Whenever you feel anxious, your body seems to be in a continuous rush, you have time to rest but you are not able to. It’s like it is raining money but you don’t have a pocket to store the money. 
  • Fatigue: It is a sign of anxiety but in an anxious body it doesn’t show up alone. It needs a companion such as excessive worries only then you can say you are in the clutch of anxiety.
  • Difficulty in concentration: People with anxiety have difficulty in concentration. It’s like you are sitting in a library all surrounded by books but still thinking about a movie you saw a while ago.
  • Irritability:  When someone feels extremely anxious they get irritated easily even on little matters. They feel highly irritated with the majority of things.
  • Tense muscles: Muscle tension has strong bonding with anxiety. Muscle tension and anxiety go hand in hand like two best buddies. If one starts the treatment of muscle tension, on the other hand, anxiety decreases.
  • Trouble falling or staying asleep: To wake up till late at night has become a trend now. But still, some people have trouble sleeping, they can’t even sleep at night or during the day. Insomnia is one of the major signs of anxiety.
  • Panic attacks: It is a kind of anxiety disorder. It is a sudden attack that comes up with an intense feeling of fear. The fear keeps company with a racing heartbeat, choking of breath, sweating, chest tightness, shaking, and shortness of breath.
  • Avoiding Social relationships: One who is in a clutch of anxiety usually avoids social gatherings. They think that they are going to be judged, or may get embarrassed or humiliated in front of others. Due to this, they develop a low level of self-esteem and depression.
  • Irrational fears: One with anxiety gets scared over little things such as an insect crawling, closed spaces or heights, or animals. They develop a phobia for specific things such as animal phobia, natural environment phobia, blood injection injury phobia, situational phobia.

11 easy ways to reduce anxiety: 


Nature is the greatest gift to mankind. It is the most essential element to reduce any sort of anxiety and uneasiness. There are plenty of natural ways to bring down anxiety. Let’s get brief on them.

  1. Having a healthy diet: Eating healthy and hygienic food like vegetables, fruits, high-quality meats, grains, nuts, and foods of protein sources. They reduce the risk of having anxiety. 
  2. Taking probiotics and fermented foods: Probiotics and fermented foods assists you to improve your mental health and kicks out anxiety.
  3. Limiting caffeine: Caffeine is like a distant relative of anxiety and its intake may cause you to invite anxiety to yourself. So it is advised to take caffeine in a limited amount.
  4. Avoid alcohol: Alcohol is the best bud of anxiety, the more you consume it the more you are going to be with anxiety. It has been said that abstaining from alcohol can diminish anxiety.
  5. No smoking: Smoking is injurious to physical and mental health. It increases the risk of anxiety. Refrain yourself from being a smoker and it will lead you to a healthy life.
  6. Exercise: Maintaining a daily habit of exercising can lower the risk of anxiety as it soothes your mind and body.
  7. Meditation: It provides calm in the chaos and decreases the stress of one’s mind. It is the way to connect to your soul and find serendipity.  Daily meditation can break your relationship with anxiety.
  8. Candle: Being in candlelight is not less than magic, it is so fun and exciting to spend your time in the candlelight. Thus, a scented candle can provide composure to your mind and body. In a nutshell, it will heal your soul and give you a peaceful state of mind.
  9. Pen it down: One of the most effective ways to reduce stress is to write down all your feelings and the ones you feel grateful for. It will provide you instant relief. Jotting down can help you to focus on the positive aspects of your life.
  10. Spend time with La Familia: Being with your dear ones can help you to stay away from irrational stress and anxiety. They celebrate failure and motivate you to be on the track to a healthy lifestyle and career.
  11. Avoid procrastination: The other best option to stay away from anxiety is to do your daily chores on time. You can make a to-do list by priority of the things. It will help to keep you updated and assist you in living an organized life.

How to overcome anxiety?

Anxiety knocks on the door unexpectedly. It comes to you for numerous reasons, for instance, financial stress, death of a loved one, maladjustment in social life, to name a few. Anxiety elevates panic attacks and groundless fears. It pushes you into the well of loneliness and makes you alienated from society. To keep yourself safe from being anxious one can follow all the natural remedies. But if the natural one is not assisting in a better way you can opt for the medical field. Yes! You heard it right, anxiety is not something to let it go free. You have to be self-determined to be free from its grasp. 

You can seek advice from medical professionals if you have any hallmark of anxiety. The doctor can guide you to the right path to choose. You can opt for many treatment options such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), or medications, or a union of both. It will help you lead a stress-free life. 

CBT assists you in searching for the root cause of anxiety and aids it in not getting triggered and medications to provide you relief. The most commonly chosen medications are antidepressants, anti-anxiety drugs, and beta-blockers.

Which flowers are useful for calming down the nerves?


Flowers have been famed for giving the gift of calmness in an ambiance full of chaos. The gardening experts at BillyOh assert that ‘spending time and caring for plants is a great way to help look after your mental health. Nurturing the buds and seeing the indoor plants grow can be very rewarding and helps boost self-esteem. If you are dealing with anxiety and find it tough to go out then don’t be so stressed as you can get all the calm providing and peace-giving plants online at flower delivery Singapore.

Here are some plants and flowers are given which helps to bring solace to your rollercoaster mind:

  • Peppermint: It aids in lowering the frustration and elevates the acuity. This plant has the presence of menthol, which is found in all bath products as it helps ease the muscles. Having a distressing day? Why not mince some fresh peppermints and start your day with all freshness? What’s stopping you? Go and plant some peppermint and feel refreshed every day.
  • Chrysanthemum: These adorable mums help to minimize the signs and symptoms of anxiety and stress. You can take it in a sip of tea, they can also help to provide a calmness to your physical health and boosts up the metabolism.
  • Chamomile: It helps in reducing anxiety and aids in the sleeping cycle. One can take it as a tea as it decreases inflammation. It can be your roof partner as it can be grown in the garden. It is commonly used before bedtime.
  • Lavender: Its soothing aroma and adorable hues are magnificent beyond belief. It assists the agitated babies. Its oil is frequently used in the curation of anxiety and depression. They are so easygoing and can be found in every florist shop.
  • Jasmine: It is famed for assisting the body from stress and anxiety and it is best to keep it as your sleep partner. You can consume it through tea or can be bought in organic oil.
  • Aloe Vera: It is acknowledged for its anti-inflammatory qualities. It is the most loved plant and has the superpower to heal. It offers a helping hand to the environment and removes the harmful chemicals from the air and lowers anxiety. You can plant it on your own and build your little garden.
  • Gerbera: These cute little bright blooms, i.e, gerbera leaves no stone unturned to make you all astonished. They bring to light with them wherever they go. They also help in filtering the air and eliminates the chemical benzene found in it.

 If you have followed and applied all the tactics but still haven’t found your peace. You can go for a therapy which is famed as aromatherapy. It will surely make you feel like heaven on Earth. You are going to forget all the trauma of your life. Aromatherapy will help you calm down and help you lead a life full of peace and soothes.