Romantic Flowers
Romantic Flowers

Relationships are hard and we get it! Working on keeping the spark alive in a relationship gets pretty tough sometimes and to maintain that love and affection both partners need to give it everything they got. This is why we have come to present this lovely article to you, to share with you how to maintain that feeling of romance in the air even if it’s not valentine’s week. Basically, after reading this article, you will be prepared to make every single day with your significant other, valentine’s day. 

1. Which flower is a symbol of first love? 

If you didn’t have any idea, well now you’ll do. Sometimes when your relationship goes through puddles and you face problems and obstacles at every turn with your partner, all you need is little precious things to make your partner feel that you love them a lot. Giving them a flower that symbolises first love will not only make them realize that they are your first love but it will also make both of you forget about the bad times and the fights. Lilac is one such flower that represents first love and giving this flower to your lover will make him or her feel blessed to have you. Apart from first love, this flower also symbolizes purity and innocence. Lilac is also known as “Syringa” and has originated from Eastern Europe and Asia. Another important fact about Syringa is that it didn’t originate from America, but was brought to the United States by colonists during the 17th century. Lilacs bloom in spring and are considered the harbinger of the spring season. 

If you are looking to give this beautiful romantic flower to your lover, add roses to your list as well and mix the two flowers to create a beautiful and wholesome bouquet.

2. What flowers are a sign of love?

  • You’re probably thinking ROSES!! 

Well, we hate to break it to you but it’s not just roses that are a sign of love. Many flower species are considered to be the signature of love. The common notion and belief which depicts that only roses are associated with love and romance is false and should be scrapped. 

  • Sunflower 

You probably have never heard it but sunflowers are also a sign of love and depict passion and adoration for your partner. Giving sunflower bouquets to your partner is a great start for your relationship. 

  • Camellias

If you do not live in colder climates, you may have never seen this beautiful rose-twin flower. These splendid flowers symbolise love and the fire of passion between two lovers. These beautiful flowers are usually found in the East of the Himalayas, Japan and Indonesia. There are over 300 species of this flowering plant in the world but this number isn’t accurate as per a few experts. Giving this astonishing flower to your partner will make them happy. 

  • Alstroemeria

Alstroemeria, which is also known as “Peruvian lily” are native to South America and are also found in Australia, Mexico, New Zealand and the United States. This gorgeous flower depicts love and support between a couple. Giving this to your lover when your relationship is going through serious issues and explaining to them what this flower means will help your relationship to move on from the problems. 

  • Passiflora 

Passiflora or the Passion Flower is also associated with love and holds a lot of significance when it comes to love. If you are planning to do something special for your partner, then mix these cute flowers with a bunch of roses. You can also check out our blog on Passiflora and learn more about the significance of this flower.

These were a few flowers that signify love and affection. Pick any of these flowers and give them to your partner to make them feel really special. Giving these romantic flowers to the woman you love will spark a fire of passion between you two. 

3. How can you make his day romantic? 

Putting on a cute outfit or lighting the scented candles will just not do the job for you anymore girl! To make his day romantic you need to get creative and put in a lot of effort and work. You can start by getting romantic flowers for him and placing them on the breakfast table in the morning when he comes to have his breakfast. Prepare a delicious meal for him, something like pancakes and a milkshake would do just the work.  Subsequently, picking out a perfect place for a date with him and taking him out yourself will make him feel great. Take him out and if you miss out on the morning flowers, Get sweet love flowers for him and give them to him on your date. We have seen a lot of boyfriends buying romantic flowers for their girlfriend but turning the tables around will surely make him feel blessed to have such a super cool girl in his life. After your beautiful date together, you can pick out a pleasant movie to watch with him together at night and cuddle. Order some yummy pizzas with fries and spend the night watching a beautiful movie. These ideas will surely make his day beautiful and romantic and he will love you more. 


4. Buy Romantic Proposal & Birthday Flowers in Singapore 

After attaining all these ideas and thoroughly going through flowers that are associated with love, you must be wondering where to buy these beautiful and romantic flowers in Singapore. FlowerAdvisor is your one-stop shop where you can get flower delivery Singapore with our efficient delivery services. Check out our amazing collection of flowers available just for you at pocket-friendly rates. 

  • Red romance: To show your love and affection to your partner, give this beautiful flower bouquet to him or her. Red romance has 6 beautiful red roses ready to be handed over with love to someone you love. 
  • Flames of love: Creating a blazing deep rep, this special hand bouquet of 12 red roses and Baby’s breath will not only serenade but make a statement. The bouquet consists of highly attractive 12 deep red roses accompanied with white baby breath to enhance the look. It is neatly wrapped using a fine black sheet of wrapping paper and tied with a ribbon. Bring your serendipity alive by gifting this to your loved one. The arrangement symbolizes passion and love and makes for a great gift for almost any occasion, especially birthdays, anniversaries and valentine’s day
  • Faith in love: It feels like being kissed by a thousand stars when you receive this dazzling floral gift. Embrace the feel of serenity with this arrangement of pink roses, white lilies and fillers. White lilies and pink roses give a perfect look when they are wonderfully mixed in a glass vase. Giving this flower arrangement to your lover will make them feel blessed to have you in their life. 
  • You are my sunshine: A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love. Give love to your man with a blooming bouquet and express how you can’t help falling in love with him. This flower arrangement consists of a vase of pink carnation, lilies and pretty pink roses along with some leafy fillers. 
  • Kiss of passion: This auspicious looking bouquet can steal anyone’s heart. If you are planning to express your feelings then let this bouquet do its work. Consisting of a single pink rose, some rose sprays, and enticed with cotton and fillers, this Loona wrap will help you to fill their Birthday or your Anniversary with love and joy. 
  • Sky full of love: It will rain kisses from the sky and above when she opens this romantic gift. Nothing can express, ‘I love you’ more than a bouquet of 12 pink roses scattered with pink baby’s breath. This hand bouquet when wrapped in a pink with golden border glaze paper looks so amazing that it can make anybody skip a breath. 
  • My significant other: You can never go wrong with a classic arrangement of red, black and white. But have you ever seen a bouquet with a cone? Give them a cone of 10 Red Roses with outstanding Babies breath when your heart’s got the right mind to say ‘I Love You’. They will be astonished by looking at the cone bouquet and will get impressed too. Best suitable for proposing events like valentine’s day or Chinese Valentine’s day.
  • Layers of my heart: 300 Mixed Roses bouquet with heart-shaped arrangement in the center. This flower arrangement has no competition at all. It is hands down one of the best and most beautiful flower arrangements our team has put together with love and affection. 
  • Endless passion: You may hold my hand for a while, but you hold my heart forever. If you are not always this expressive then this gorgeous bouquet of 6 white roses & pink and white baby’s breath flowers will do it for you. This hand-bouquet symbolizes ‘Endless- Love and Passion’. You may not be perfect but your love and this bouquet are!!
  • Love is in the air: You would believe that all good things come in threes after you set your eyes on this lovely flower gift. An epitome of perfection for sure, this will mesmerize anyone with its charming arrangement. This amazing pink carnation bouquet containing violet and white fillers is all set to fill the air with love. 

All these flowers are available on our website. Make it your way of saying I love you to your partner beautifully and elegantly.  

5. Things to do to keep the spark in your love life alive

Keeping the spark alive in a relationship is one of the most crucial things. The spark is what gives you butterflies in your stomach, makes you lose your mind in love and love the person unconditionally. If you are looking for things to do with your partner to keep that spark alive and don’t have any idea what exciting thing to do? Don’t worry, we got you. We have listed down several things you can do with your favourite person. 

  • Movie night: Probably one of the most exciting things you can do with your lover on weekends. Get a cosy blanket and a bucket of popcorn and turn your bedroom into a movie hall. You can binge-watch romantic movies or watch horror movies if you both are a fan of the horror genre. There are hundreds of movies available on streaming platforms that you can watch online in your house. For example, you can watch The Notebook or The vow if you are a romantic movie fan or you can watch the whole Conjuring series all night long. 
  • Book reading: It is one of the most peaceful activities through which you can bond with your partner beautifully. Reading a book together or reading different books together is not only good for your mind and soul but it also makes you both learn something together. This is the true definition of quality time 
  • Cooking: Cooking with their partner is a dream for many girls. If you both spend your time cooking together your partner will feel more connected to you than ever. You can try New recipes available on YouTube or try your partner’s mother’s special chicken recipe. 
  • Workout: Working out together with your partner is also very inspiring. If you can take out some time from your busy schedule and workout together in the morning before going to work or maybe work out after the evening after returning from work, both of you will feel energetic and stay motivated all the time. 
Couple Workout
Couple Workout

These awesome amazing ideas of activities that you can do along with your partner to keep the spark alive in your relationship.