Red rose bouquet
Red rose bouquet

Rose is known as the universal symbol of love and romance. This flower has a vital role in history because it is often used as a symbol of the royal family or religious rituals. And lately, offering flowers as a token of love has become more common. The use of rose bouquets in Singapore and Internationally is for celebrating or expressing something. For example, wishing happy birthday using roses or happy Valentine’s Day using red roses.

And for you who want to send flowers but are busy or lazy to go out, you can send your rose bouquet online or look for the ‘rose bouquet near me’ on your phone. By shopping online, you can save time.

How to wrap a rose bouquet?

Simple pink rose
Simple pink rose

Before you give it away, you may wrap up your rose bouquet and make it even more exquisite, and have a personal touch. Leave the stems exposed for a dramatic look. For a simple look, wrap the whole stem until only the flowers are noticeable. Decorate with a ribbon or string to make it shine. Here are some tutorials on how to wrap your rose flower bouquet.

1. Choose the wrapper

To wrap a flower bouquet, use brown craft paper or thick wrapping paper. Choose a color that matches the flowers. For example, for a red rose bouquet, use silver, pink, or blue paper to make the flower stand out more.

2. Tie the stem

Secure the whole flower and stalk it in rubber bands so that it doesn’t come apart. The rubber band is concealed in the bouquet until the flowers are covered in the wrapper.

3. Put the flower

Place the wrapping paper diagonally to create a diamond. Position the flowers on the paper with the buds on top of the ends of the paper. Most of the stems are supposed to be in the middle of the paper.

4. Fold the wrapper

Fold the sides of the piece of paper over the flowers. Take the side of the paper and wrap it over the flower. Then bring the bottom half of it to the middle of the bouquet. If you want the bouquet to be securely attached, use transparent double-sided tape to seal the paper folds.

5. Secure them with a ribbon

Not only do they decorate, use ribbon, rope, or string to bind the paper. Wrap it around the paper a couple of times so it doesn’t open up. And voila, your rose bouquet is done!

What to do with a rose bouquet?

Dry roses potpourri
Dry roses potpourri

A wilted bouquet of roses sometimes ends up in the garbage because they are no longer considered stunning. You can turn withered and dry flowers into exciting items for your home.

1. Potpourri

Cut off all the petals, put them in an open bowl and place them on the table. These dried flower petals still have a long-lasting scent and are still very formed. You should place your favorite essential oil or perfume in a bowl.

2. Candle Decoration

You may add dried petals or entire flowers from the bouquet around the candle. You should give the candle the right color to make it look more elegant and appealing, then use this flower candle as home decor.

3. Leave it in the vase

The dry flower arrangement would not lessen the elegance of the flower. Dry floral arrangements will make your home room look romantic and elegant.

How long should a rose bouquet last?

Rose in a vase
Rose in a vase

Roses can survive for up to one week and probably longer. You will maximize your roses’ longevity if you adopt proper flower care guidelines, including cutting the leaves, using flower food, and changing the water every few days.

  • Provide a vase filled with clean water.
  • Unwrap the bouquet and slant the ends of the rose stem about 1 cm.
  • Change the water once a day.
  • Pay attention to the end of the flower stem; if it tends to become brown at the end of the flower stem, slice it immediately.
  • Also, pay attention to the leaves on the flower stem, whether the leaves are brown or slightly wilted, cut them, or pluck them immediately to prevent the bacteria’s growth.

What rose flower bouquet means?

Different colors of roses
Different colors of roses

Do you want to send flowers to someone else? Learn to know the definition of each color. Since every color of the rose often has a different significance.

The red rose is the universal symbol of love. This flower also represents romance. The red rose bouquet is perfect for giving on a first date or when you want to express love.

Rose roses are expressions of devotion, gratitude, and admiration. Soft pink roses are synonymous with tenderness and appreciation and may also be seen as sympathy symbols. A pink rose bouquet is an ideal way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

The white rose symbolizes dignity, innocence, compassion, and spirituality. A white rose bouquet is a traditional wedding flower that bears the sense of peace, goodness, and purity of new love. Great for marriages, displays of sympathy, or funerals.

Will a bouquet of flowers last overnight?

Yes, the rose bouquet will last overnight if only you treat them right. Keep your roses in the refrigerator overnight. It will help slow down the water loss process and keep your flowers fresh. Although the flowers are not allowed to sit in the fridge all day, you can store them in a vase overnight for up to six hours. It will give the flowers more time to soak up the water and keep it fresh.

How to make a combination of various roses bouquet?

The mixture of various varieties of flowers makes the bouquet more exquisite and appealing. When mixed, different colors or flowers make the bouquet brighter and more extensive. Choose a minimum of three flowers of different types to create a simple bouquet, such as earl grey roses, purple dahlias, and white button poms. Place the biggest flower in the middle of the arrangement. The flower’s color put in the middle should also stand out more than the other two flowers.

The flower form also influences the flower arrangement volume. The mixture of multiple flowers with large measurements can yield more flower sizes. On the other hand, if you want your flower arrangement to look minimalist and simple, choose a smaller flower.