Roses Singapore Delivery
Roses Singapore Delivery


Coveted throughout the ages for its gorgeous look, intoxicating fragrance, and simple beauty, sending rose bouquets through roses Singapore delivery is a great movement. Rose has been an unofficial symbol of love and passion for centuries.
It begins from both ancient Romans and Greeks mythology that associated Aphrodite or Venus, a goddess of love. The entire story has been collected in Anacreon, a Greek lyric poet telling the story of the first white rose.

Ouranos, the father of the sky really hated Chronos, his own son, and imprisoned him into the earth. Chronos then attacked his father until his testicles fell into the sea where Aphrodite is born. The white rose grew since the moment and turned red when Aphrodite’s love, Adonis, was killed by Ares.

Rose Color Meanings

As time goes by, rose to be one of the most popular flowers among roses Singapore delivery that is always ready in every florist store. However, you need to know that each color of rose has a distinct meaning. Thus, you should know the basics before delivering a rose bouquet to someone.

rose color meanings
rose color meaning

1. White rose represents purity as its white color, along with youthfulness and innocence. It somehow is correlated with eternal loyalty and everlasting love as bridal roses.

2. Ivory rose means gracefulness, thoughtfulness, and charm. It also is a sign of perfection and richness, a great way to care for someone without any romantic intention.

3. Yellow rose has existed since the Victorian era, a symbol of joy, caring, and friendship.

4. Peach rose stands for genuineness, modesty, gratitude, and sincerity, a perfect way to say ‘thank you’ elegantly.

5. Red rose truly presents love, passion, and desire, a perfect way to say ‘I love you’ without even say it loudly. It is one of the most popular in roses Singapore delivery.

6. Orange rose conveys energy, fascination, and enthusiasm, another way to say ‘I’m so proud of you’.

7. Pink rose shows elegance, sweetness, and femininity, a great way to say ‘thank you’.

8. Blue rose tells the impossibility, unattainable, and mystery in an extraordinarily unique way.

9. Black rose can represent any meaning, from mysterious to death. However, it also can be a sign of confidence to face a new era.

Rose Tradition as a Gift

Once you know the best color represents your feeling to send toward someone, now you need to know the tradition of sending a rose as a gift. Nowadays, you can effortlessly send it through roses delivery. Consider the amount of your selection to give a single or dozen roses.

1. One dozen roses gift traditionally represents love and gratitude and becomes the basis for rose arrangement. It says ‘Be mine’ or can literally mean ‘I love u’.

2. Two dozen roses carry double meaning, a romantic way to say someone ‘I belong to you’.

3. Long-stemmed rose brings deep meaning and is the most appreciated in roses Singapore delivery. It signifies deep love, an unspoken way to tell ‘I will always remember you’.

4. Petite rose in smaller size defines the affection toward someone. Rather than other kinds of rose, it is miniature and more economical.

Rose Myths and Legends

Along with its deep meaning for each color of rose, countless things are telling about rose myths and legends around the world. It is not only for Greek mythology, but other countries and religions also have correlated to this kind of flower deeply.

1. In Asia, the rose always be a symbol of the world’s and mankind’s creation, specifically in Sanskrit and ancient Persia. While the supreme God of India, Vishnu, formed 1008 rose petals to his bride, Laksmi, as a symbol of her beauty.

2. In religion, the rose has existed even without thorns, it appeared after the expulsion and the fall of Adam and Eve.

3. In Greeks and Romans, the rose is basically dedicated to the Gods, the Persians, towards their paintings and poems. It is always associated with the story of the nightingale where Allah chooses the white rose as the queen of flowers. However, she flew down and her drops of blood turn into a new red rose.

Giving a rose bouquet to someone is the most recommended option to truly show your deeply feeling, especially when it comes to love and affection. However, keep in mind to choose the best and trusted roses Singapore delivery to make your intention to get to her on time.


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