Condolence Flowers
Condolence Flowers

We often hear that sadness is a part of life just like happiness and we all go through hard times in our lives and fight our way out before experiencing happiness. Life is full of ups and downs and the challenges we face and live through make all the good times worth it. When we lose someone we cherished dearly, we not only lose a person, a human being, but we also lose the feeling, memories, and precious moments we have had with that person. When we love someone, it’s hard to say goodbye to them and many people find it very hard to cope up with the loss of someone. We all have our ways of dealing with a loss and pulling ourselves together. Some grieve while some stay silent and brood privately.

Everybody has their own way of dealing with the loss of someone. Whenever a friend or a relative passes away and goes to a better place, every single family member experiences sadness and pain. The need of standing together with each other and supporting the person who has been devastated the most by the demise of someone becomes the need of the hour. We have to become sympathetic and empathize with them with funeral flowers. When you share the pain of someone who has lost someone very close to their heart, you not only give them a shoulder to cry on but also a heart to confide in. Let’s dive into this piece of article and learn how you can understand and support someone going through a tough time. 

1. What is a Sympathy bouquet?

Sympathy Bouquet
Sympathy Bouquet

We have often seen bouquets being gifted on birthdays, weddings, parties, etc. But there is one bouquet that is not a symbol of joy and happiness but a symbol of grieving and sadness. People send sympathy bouquets to their house whenever someone passes away right after they hear the sad news or wait for a few weeks for the situation to calm down a bit. 

A sympathy bouquet is used to share the loss of someone and exudes sympathy. It depicts that you are thinking about the person who is battling the loss and want them to know that you are there for them. 

In some countries, Sympathy bouquets are sent out immediately after the death of someone, whereas, some people prefer giving the Sympathy bouquet after a few months.  

2. What is a condolence wreath?

A wreath is a flower arrangement, arranged in a circular shape. A condolence wreath is a circular wreath of flowers that is sent to funerals or memorial services to share the loss with a close member of the deceased. If you have seen around flower arrangements on funerals or at community-built memorials to grieve together over someone’s death, you must have seen the condolence wreath there as well. People not only send out condolence wreaths alone, they also write short and sympathetic messages with them as well such as, “May he/she finds peace” or “Forever in our hearts”. 

3. Why is sending out condolence flowers important?

If you ever wonder why people send out condolence flowers or what’s they need of them, you need to understand that the death of someone is an overwhelming and seriously heartbreaking moment. People send out the condolence flowers to share the pain and to establish their presence and support in the hearts of those dealing with the loss. In India, whenever there is a death in a family, their neighbors and friends join in to share their pain and even cook food for a whole week for the grieving family. In some cultures, turning on the gas stoves is prohibited whenever there is a death in the family, which is why the neighbors step in and look after the whole family. 

4. What kind of flowers do you give for condolences? 

White Lilies
White Lilies

Whenever we try to send out flowers or try to buy it ourselves from a shop before going to a friend’s or family member’s house who has recently lost a loved one, we often find ourselves in a conundrum of choosing which flower to buy. Choosing the condolences flower for the sympathy bouquet is not an easy task. You have to look for flowers that the person can connect to and has a great significance when it comes to love and support. We have shared a list of flowers you can give to someone dealing with the loss of someone:

  • Roses: Roses are not just the symbol of romance and passion but also depict love and support for someone who is sad and needs your support. Giving a rose bouquet to someone dealing with the loss of someone or simply leaving the rose bouquet on the grave will exude that you are thinking about them. 
  • Lilies: Lily bouquets are highly used in memorial services and are given to people dealing with the death of their loved ones. This flower represents sympathy and condolence.
  • Carnations: Believe it or not! These beautiful flowers are also used to share the pain of someone who has lost a loved one. Carnation is the most used flower for funeral bouquets.

These are three significant flowers that are used to share the pain of someone. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you can’t choose the ideal condolence flower, go with any of these. 

5. How do you wish deepest condolences?

We often find ourselves at a loss for words when we lose someone close to our hearts. We bury ourselves under our own feelings and emotions and confine ourselves in a bubble of pain and sorrow. Expressing our sorrow to someone gets really tough but when you visit someone who has just lost a loved one, only the words from the heart can make them feel better if not amazing. Whenever you are greeting someone who’s lost their friend or family member, you can use the lines shared below:

  • I wish you the strength and power to go through this enormous amount of sorrow. 
  • I hope you get through these tough times and pull yourself together.
  • He/she is forever in our hearts.
  • May He/She be at peace.
  • I wish I could change what happened, but I hope you stay strong.

6. What does purple mean at a funeral?

Purple Flower
Purple Flower

There are many colors that are associated with sorrow and mourning. For instance, the color black is often worn at funerals in Western countries. These colors are sorted out as the dress code which symbolizes pain and death. The color purple has a great association with mourning in many countries. In Thailand, widows wear purple colors along with black at funerals. In many countries, Catholics also wear purple robes as a sign of mourning a death. 

7. What color Roses are appropriate for a funeral?

As mentioned above, Roses are often given at funerals and memorial services to share the pain of someone who has lost their loved one. Now let’s go over which color of rose is the most appropriate for a funeral. There are only two types of roses that are the most appropriate for a funeral, red rose and black rose. These two roses can be given at a funeral or can also be sent to someone who is going through the pain of losing someone. 

  • Funeral flowers for support: If you are looking to give funeral flowers to a loved one who is going through a hard time and want to make them feel protected and loved, have a look at the list of funeral flowers that we have shared below for you to share your deepest condolences with your friends and family. 
  • Comfort Condolence Wreath: In these trying times when circumstances hold you back, let Noel Gifts bridge the emotional distance. Serene floral wreaths to express your deepest condolences, a gesture of respect in times of shared grief.
  • In Our Hearts: The purpose of sending a condolence wreath is to celebrate life. It should provide comfort and help lift the mood of the family of the deceased, deliver a condolence wreath to send comfort and show that you care today. This arrangement comes with chrysanthemum, foliage and artificial flower.
  • Eternal Grace: Eternal Grace arranged in white Eustoma, Hycinthus, Rose, and Chrysanthemum expresses deep emotions and sentiments for those who grieve over the death of their loved ones. White is a classic color that will suit different cultures and meet any religious background. This arrangement has the following: eustoma, chrysanthemum, foliage and artificial flower.
  • Your Sanctuary Awaits:- If you’re unable to be there physically for the memorial service, send a condolence wreath to let the grieving family know that you’re thinking of them and will appreciate your thoughts and sentiments during this difficult time. This arrangement consists of foliage, ivy leaf, chrysanthemum, rose and artificial flowers.
  • Comfort In Pain: Gestures of comfort are just what the bereaved family needs in times of grief. Condolences stand with fresh flowers and artificial flowers.
  • Peace Wreath: Provide calming comfort, offer solace and send your condolences with a peaceful floral wreath. The Condolence stand consists of White Gerbera (20 Stalks), Purple Mattiola (10 Stalks), accompanied by Fuji Pom Pom, Eucalyptus Round, and Johor Fern.
  • Strength In Pain: Gestures of comfort are just what the bereaved family needs in times of grief. Give this Condolence stand with fresh flowers to your dear ones and let them know you are there for them through their toughest times. 
  • Calming departure: Sending flowers is a way to express grief and condolences, Peaceful Departure is specially curated in blue and white to show compassion and solidarity with the grieving family who has lost a loved one. This arrangement has chrysanthemum, foliage, eucalyptus leaf and artificial flower.
  • Condolence Wreath Stand: Express your deepest condolences with a sympathy floral tribute shaped in a cross. Condolences stand consists of light purple Eustoma (3 stalks) and Fuji Pom Pom, accompanied by Phoenix and Ruscus.
  • Tough Times: Let the bereaved know that your thoughts are with them and gently give strength to weary hearts during these moments of sorrow. Apart from flower arrangements and stands you can also get comfortable blankets that will give your loved ones the warmth they require during these cold times.
  • Comfort Blanket: Give this blanket to someone who is going through a tough time while dealing with the pain of losing a loved one. Make them feel the warmth they need in these dark times. 
  • Comforter In Pain: Give this absolutely soft and warm blanket to your loved ones and help them stay strong. 

8. How to be there for someone?


Flowers can help you a lot in lifting up someone when they are down. It is said that the language of flowers goes through the heart and can even in still emotions of love and affection into stagnant things. Apart from flowers, there are a few ways that can help you connect and share the pain of your grieving friend or family member. Listen to them and let them vent as much as they can. Venting out to someone takes the tension off of your mind and lets you relax a bit. By listening to them, you’ll be able to help them relax a bit. Apart from listening you have to strongly establish the fact that you are there for them. Give them comfort and a shoulder to cry on, look after them and make sure they are eating well and not skipping meals out of sadness. These little acts can make a huge difference in a person’s life.