Silk Flowers
Silk Flowers

Wedding flowers bring color, texture, and personality to your big day in a variety of ways. The options for everything from your bridal bouquet to your table arrangements can seem limitless. But what about a possibility you haven’t considered yet? Flowers made of silk.

Silk flowers are a beautiful option for a couple seeking a more environmentally friendly option. Silk flowers, being artificial replicas of real flowers, appear to be completely natural if you know the key to selecting the best silk flowers. Assuring that the silk version accurately represents the natural version. Silk flowers that look natural are offered in many styles. Silk versions of popular bridal flowers including roses, peonies, hydrangeas, ranunculus, and even anemones are available. There are also silk greenery alternatives like eucalyptus and ferns.

Another perk? For years to come, you’ll be able to save your bouquet or a table centerpiece from your wedding as a memory.

Do you start to consider silk flower arrangements as the option for your wedding day? Continue reading to learn what you need to discover about these lovely kinds of flowers.

The Benefit of Using Silk Flowers

Benefit Using Silk Flower
Benefit Using Silk Flower

Silk flowers are not just gorgeous, they have plenty of other advantages. 

  • Fresh flowers for wedding bouquets will always cost a lot of money. Because wedding flowers are seasonal and depend on the type of flower. Prices can vary from month to month. However, this will not be the issue with silk flowers. Pricing for silk flowers is more consistent and predictable because they are always in season. 
  • When you order silk wedding flowers ahead of time, you’ll be able to see your bouquet or centerpiece arrangements before the big day. So there are no last-minute shocks due to floral shortages or quality difficulties. That’s a great benefit for [couples] who are very visual or who want the assurance of knowing what they’ll get.
  • Silk flowers would not cause allergic effects. Because they’re artificial, they won’t cause problems that flower pollen does. So they are a perfect choice when any guests or family who attend the wedding have allergies. They don’t have to be seated at a wedding feast next to a magnificent floral display that irritates their eyes.
  • Silk flowers aren’t going to wilt like real flowers. So if you plan to keep your wedding bouquet for years or opt for a rent-and-return scheme, silk flowers offer a sustainable solution. Those bouquets can be reused several times in either case.
  • There are no dropped petals, droopy stems, or water spilled. Just lovely, long-lasting silk blooms that require little more than a simple dusting now and then.

How to Pick the Best Silk Flowers

How to Pick Silk Flower
How to Pick Silk Flower

The secret to using silk flowers in your wedding bouquet is to buy them from a reliable vendor. Silk flowers aren’t the same as the plastic flowers you’d get in a craft store. The quality of silks varies a lot from one store to the next. One will most likely deceive the eye, whilst the other will most likely stick out as artificial.

When you are looking for a vendor for your wedding bouquet, you have to make sure you got all these services from them. 

  • A one-of-a-kind design plan for exactly what you require
  • Open lines of communication before and during the design process
  • Handmade process for the arrangement
  • Previews of your flowers so there are no surprises on your wedding day (of the bad variety)
  • Displaying cherished arrangements throughout your house after the big day
  • All of this should be completed on your timeframe so you can tick it off your list and focus on anything else.

Choose the Right Bouquet Style

Bouquet Style
Bouquet Style

When it comes to finding the ideal fit for your wedding bouquet, there are no rules. With the right combination of perfect bouquet style, lovely-made silk flowers, a wonderful color palette, and a detailed arrangement, your dream wedding bouquet will be on the table. You can also combine fresh and silk flowers if you desire. 

1. Round Bouquets

With its assortment of larger blooms and looser presentation, the classic round silk bridal bouquet is classic, timeless, and elegant. These are ideal for brides who choose a modest elegance that will stay stunning and perfectly shaped.

2. Cascade Bouquets

The cascade silk wedding bouquet, the most formal and classic of bouquets, combines bigger, long-stemmed flowers with small, delicate flowers that cascade over the front of the bride’s hands, creating a cascade effect. These are ideal for brides who wish to add a few more flowers to their bouquets while still maintaining their attractiveness.

Silk Flowers Wedding Bouquet Inspirations

1. Spring is here!

Are you hoping for some spectacular spring-themed wedding bouquets?

You can combine ranunculus, peonies, ferns, roses, and hellebores made from silk to create a complex and beautiful wedding bouquet. 

For a fresh spring look, stick to simpler styles. Beautiful daisies and delicate lavenders are also good options for a spring-themed wedding.

2. Bohemian Vibe

Bohemian Vibe
Bohemian Vibe

The combination of silk roses and ranunculus, along with a touch of textural pampas grass and willows, creates a lovely, boho aesthetic. 

3. Go with the Classics

Silk flowers are very reliable to make a classic full-white wedding bouquet. Your bouquet will not fall flat with a combination of white silk hydrangeas, peonies, and ranunculus.

Other Ideas to Utilize Silk Flowers 

Besides using silk flowers for wedding bouquets, there are a lot more we can explore with these amazing silk flowers. For example, silk flowers are a good solution to make a floral backdrop. Because using fresh flowers for a floral backdrop could be very expensive. Spray paint silk peonies and silk roses with vibrant colors will already make a wonderful floral backdrop.

Decorate your wedding cake with silk flowers coated in wax. It is surprisingly food-safe, so no worries!

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