Flowers, Proposals and Everything Nice
Flowers, Proposals and Everything Nice

Love is a complicated thing! 

But amid the complexity and the butterflies it brings you, it can be considered as one of the most delightful emotions one can receive. When you love someone, all the worries of the world seem pointless and your whole universe revolves around them. This feeling brings everlasting happiness and joy into your life and makes you glow naturally. The feeling of being loved is very tough to explain as the significance of the fact, that a person carries you inside their heart and mind simultaneously is overwhelming and too special to be understood easily. 

The movies have got it right! 

Sometimes when you watch a movie and watch scenes featuring an overjoyed girl exuding happiness just because the “love of her life” plucked a rose out of a garden for her or an overwhelmed man bewildered by the fact that his lover kissed him on the cheek for the first time. All of it may seem very exaggerated to you but that is the truth, that is what love does to you. It makes you happy and forces you to lose your senses and fall head over heels. Love makes you do things you never imagined you were capable of. It not only gives you the responsibility of caring for someone, but it also brings you immense pleasure to know that someone wholeheartedly cares for you too.

Why do we feel shy to confess our love?

Confess a Love
Confess a Love

We feel shy when confessing our love to someone because of excitement and joy. Expressing your love to someone takes a lot of guts and a truckload of emotions. When we try to confess our love, we fear rejection or losing our friendship. But it does not stop us from revealing our true feelings to the person we love. When we enter the moment of expressing our love to the person in front of us, our surroundings begin to fade away and the only thing you can focus on is their reaction to your proposal. 

How to propose to a girl?

Flowers, Proposals and Everything Nice
Flowers, Proposals and Everything Nice

If you think you need to create a task list, arrange a venue, buy 100 roses, invite your friends and book a singer to sing at your proposal…..then you’re wrong! 

When proposing to the girl of your dreams, you should be as original as possible. In other words, you need to be yourself and bring out your best game instead of pretending to be someone you are not. To propose to a girl, just take her to a nice and private place, where she can feel safe and also not too cautious about her surroundings. Bring some flowers and chocolates before your date and give them to her when you both greet each other. Order her favourite food, keep asking her if she likes the food or not and then when it’s the right time, ask her the important question. 

Bring out your ring and first tell her what she makes you feel and how special she is to you and seal the deal by asking if she would like to be yours forever. 

How to propose to a boy?

Proposing to a boy seems very easy to everyone, but in reality, it is harder than what it looks like. When you plan to propose to a guy that you have always liked, make sure you go all out and plan the proposal considering his likes and dislikes. Do the same as picking a private place without any disturbance and ask him the million-dollar question. 

Best places to propose in Singapore

If you are looking to propose to him or her and you happen to be a Singaporean, then we have got some pretty swanky places for you to propose. Proposing someone is a very intimate and private thing and it should be done after a very meticulous planning period. But if you don’t have time to meticulously plan out your proposal venue, then leave that to us as we have listed below some places where you can propose the love of your life and express your love and affection immaculately to them. 

  •  The Botanic Gardens:- Envision a romantic proposal in a pleasant white structure set among rich plant life! Astonishing, right? The Botanic Gardens is the embodiment of sentiment and one of the most heartfelt spots to propose in Singapore. You can book the yard and the structure for your exceptionally unique day. In any case, simply the structure and the yard wouldn’t be sufficient, and the area would require more prominent exertion in embellishment. In case you are planning the proposal around evening time, you can get the whole structure lightened up with pixie lights for a warm, heartfelt setting alongside live music played in the background. Take some assistance from your loved ones as their help can make a lot of burden off of your shoulders and you can focus on asking the one question that matters the most.
  •  Alkaff Mansion:- This lovely Italian eatery situated at the pinnacle of Telok Blangah Hill has an extraordinary green park and the greatness of the structure and its patio is an incredible sight. The Alkaff Mansion is likewise a famous objective for weddings and there’s no question on why this could be your decision for heartfelt spots to propose in Singapore. Its provincial engineering draws an incredibly heartfelt and mystical vibe ideal for a proposition. If you truly don’t have the foggiest idea of what might be your partner’s assumptions for a proposition, the Alkaff Mansion would be a great decision.
  • Chijmes:- Chijmes is one of the most-fit spots to put together your wedding. With its one of a kind appeal and warm mood, this Gothic-styled church is enlivened with ravelled plans and subtleties that upgrade the area into a staggering setting for any heartfelt occasion. You don’t need to mull over considering proposing to your accomplice here! Particularly if your accomplice loves 19-century design, this would be a stunning area and presumably among the best heartfelt spots to propose in Singapore! Truth be told, you can even consider your wedding at CHIJMES as it is without a doubt a fantasy area to say “Yes”.
  • Singapore Flyer:-  A romantic proposal in the skies will be a fantasy to anybody! The Singapore Flyer has a stunning perspective on the city’s scene. If you like to keep the proposition hidden, you can pre-book a whole case. You can partake in a heartfelt supper through The Premium Sky Dining Flight with your cherished one during the whole ride. Albeit costly, this motion will intrigue your adored one, and it will be a critical encounter for a lifetime. Remember to book your spot somewhere around half a month ahead of time to ensure that you secure a container for your exceptional day and go down on one knee at the most beautiful spots in Singapore.
  • Henderson Waves at Mount Faber Park:- Henderson Waves at Mount Faber Park would be one of the amazing heartfelt spots to propose in Singapore. It will be an interesting thing from generalization recommendations like the ones in the café or lodging. This spot is perceived as the most noteworthy walker connection in Singapore. The inconceivable perspectives on the city’s scene, dawn, and nightfall from the ideal climate you need. Nonetheless, if you like to keep your proposition hidden, you can propose to your cherished one in, early morning or late evening as it is a well-known dating spot for a lot of couples.

These were a few romantic places you can propose the love of your life at. Make sure you tick all the boxes out of your checklist before going in to propose, to have a complete and perfect proposal. 

Different ideas for a proposal

Proposals can be very creative and very simple as well. It all depends upon your ideas and your effort. You can have a million-dollar proposal idea that may not end up in a “Yes” or you might have an idea to propose at McDonald’s and that may lead you to a “Yes”. No matter how much effort you put in it, it all comes down to one thing, emotions. If there are true feelings between the two of you then there’s nothing in the world that can stop you from getting along for the rest of your lives. But to help you out if you are in a conundrum of picking a perfect idea for proposing, we have shared a list of ideas that you can use to propose. 

Indoor proposal:- If both of you love each other’s company over others, then having a private proposal inside your home would be the perfect idea for the special proposal. Decorate the house beautifully and cook a delicious dinner for your special person and wait for them to arrive. Welcome them with flowers and walk them inside your home nicely. Open up a bottle of wine and then once you both feel comfortable, pick a moment and shoot your shot. The proposal will be very romantic if you can also add nice, slow music to compliment the evening. 

Outdoor proposal:- If both of you love to go outside, then having an outdoor proposal would be the ideal thing to do for the both of you. Pick a beautiful venue for the date and propose at the right moment. 

Outdoor Proposal
Outdoor Proposal

Where you met for the first time:- Some people cherish every single moment and every single place they go. Being meticulous and paying attention to every single detail is considered very romantic by a lot of women. If you want to impress her and get a definite “Yes” for an answer, then take her out to the place you both met for the first time and pop the question. 

These ideas will surely help you get some clarity over the planning of a perfect proposal. Remember! A proposal doesn’t require the place, the date, the time to be perfect, it only requires your love to be unblemished.

Things to get him or her for the proposal

Flower for Proposal
Flower for Proposal

Now that we have gone over the venues and the ideas for proposing that one person who makes your heartbeat a little faster, let’s go over the gifts you should bring along when proposing to them. We have shared a list of amazing gifts you can give to your special person while proposing to them. You can order all the exclusive products which we have curated just for you and get them delivered by our superfast and lovely delivery services around Singapore and overseas. 

  • Rain of kisses:- It will rain kisses from the sky and above when she will open this romantic gift. Nothing can express your love more than a bouquet of 12 pink roses scattered with a pink baby’s breath. This hand bouquet consists of golden border glaze paper that looks so beautiful that it can make anybody fall in love.
  • Love is in the air:- A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love. Give love to your man with a blooming bouquet and express how you can’t help falling in love with him. This flower arrangement consists of a Vase of 5 Lilies, 8 Roses & 6 Carnations along with some leafy fillers. 
  • Expressing:- Flowers don’t tell, they show. Your loved ones would appreciate you showing your feelings to them. Flowers are just one perfect way to do it. This bouquet that contains 6 red roses and baby’s breath can help you. 
  • Proposal:- An array of Red preserved and dried flowers. Presented in a timeless round box with a carrier.

These beautiful and splendid flowers will surely make your special person go head over heels and will make them say “Yes” to your proposal.