Soap Flower
Soap Flower

Do you know? People are ditching the usual flower bouquet for a new trend in town, Soap flower. Soap flowers are being preferred these days by people over normal bouquets and baskets. People are ditching the old-school ways for this new and efficient way of presenting love in the form of flowers. 

Soap flowers have come to light these days and they are being given as housewarming presents or in the form of birthday gifts. Are you scratching your head? Confused and do not have any idea about this unique artificial flower? Don’t worry and hop on the FlowerAdvisor wagon and get to know everything about flowers. 


What is a Soap Flower?

A soap flower is a fragranced soap created in the shape of a flower. They are also a type of artificial flower, though not as luxurious as preserved flowers. They are made with the same ingredients, soaps are made of, and come in many types. You must be wondering though, why do I need to learn about soap flowers? Here’s why: Soap Flowers have the same appearance as your regular flowers and sometimes you won’t be able to even differentiate between a soap flower and a regular flower because of the accuracy they are made of. Soap Flowers are hard not to like because of their many specialties, they are easy to look after and do not cost as much as regular flowers. 


How to use Soap Flower? 

Let’s learn a few things while we are at it

Now! Allow us to give full rein to your imagination and let us paint a picture for you. Imagine you are living in a fairytale surrounded by waterfalls and beautiful flowers and you pick a petal out of a flower and rub it on your skin and it dissolves as it touches your body and leaves nothing but a sweet fragrance of freshness. With a Soap flower, it is exactly the same. Whenever you want to wash your hands just take out a petal from the flower and enjoy watching it dissolve in front of your eyes in your hands. Even if you have a plan for a romantic and soothing bath just put one or two whole flowers in the bathtub and let them dissolve into it leaving the water colorful. Take a dip and let the beautiful essence of the soap flower affix to your body. The water will not only leave a sweet smell but will also clean your body and leave it soft and silky. 


What is Soap Flower made of?

Let’s  get into the ingredients of this magical flower.

After reading all that dreamy and interesting stuff about this magical soap flower, you must be wondering what it is made of? Then let’s soak into the making of the soap flower. Soap flower is an artificial flower made up of soap ingredients. Essential oils, a soap bar, and flowers are all you need to make the beautiful soap flower. 


How long do Soap Flowers last?

Soap Flower
Soap Flower

This is one of the reasons why soap flowers are highly desirable!

Since they are artificial, soap flowers last for a very long time. If you keep them out of sunlight they can last for almost three years. Never touch them with wet hands or do not pour water on them. They are a thing of beauty and you can gift them to your friends as a housewarming present. One can also place them in their living room or bedroom to change the whole vibe of the room and make it feel fresh and tangy. 


Are Soap roses a good gift?

Love your partner? Go for soap roses! Period. 

Certain people prefer expensive and ostentatious stuff and expect you to shower them with that stuff. But some people do not like someone going out of their way for them and buying stuff that costs them a fortune. Let’s just assume your friend or partner is the latter, giving them expensive gifts and bouquets will suffice your desire but it won’t satisfy them as they want something special, and not expensive from you. Giving them a bouquet of roses would not fill their heart as they stand against it but giving them a nice basket of soap roses will not only fill their life with freshness but it will also make them feel that you really care about their likes and dislikes. 

Ditch the normal and go for the unique. Nowadays trends are ever-changing and people go only for what is desired by the general public. Soap flowers are not only useful and pleasant to look at, but they are also easy to make by yourself. One can get creative while making the soap flowers as per one’s own choice of the heart. You can add any flower or combine any flower together to make a beautiful soap flower.  

A Penny for your thought: When planning a nice evening at home with your special someone you can also put the soap roses in the room and let the scent of it rejuvenate the vibe. 


Can you put fresh flowers in Soap? 

Ever heard the saying “The fresher the flower the fresher the soap” never? well neither have we, we just made it up. Though the saying is fake and made up, what is real is the fact that you can put fresh flowers in soap. It will make the soap look amazing and don’t even talk about the mesmerizing scent of it. You can pick any flower for a soap flower and that’s the beauty of it. You can even combine flowers together to make the soap flower more beautiful and presentable. 


Flowers you can use while making a Soap Flower

Soap Flower
Soap Flower

Soap flowers can be made through many types of flowers. One can use any flower of his or her liking while making a soap flower.  Below we are mentioning a few flowers which you can use to make a soap flower. 


1. Rose

We obviously cannot miss this gem eh! Roses have an amazing scent which not only makes a person feel pleasant but it also takes the person on a delightful ride. Using roses will make the soap flower 10 times better than a bar of normal regular soap. 



2. Sunflower

Use this bright and elegant flower to make your soap flower stand out from the rest. Sunflowers are highly preferred by people and using them while making soap flowers will give you excellent results. 



3. White rose + tulip

Use this amazing combination to make an amazing soap flower. White roses and tulips have been known to go quite well together. 



4. Hydrangea

We can’t possibly forget about this beauty when talking about going creative. Hydrangeas have been known to be famous among people and giving a hydrangea soap flower to your special person will make them very happy. You can also toss in a few rose petals in there to go extra creative.



5. Petunia

You can also use this soft and bright flower to make a soap flower. Petunia is highly prominent in the cut flower industry and is a show stopper. You can combine white and red flowers together and see the magic of Petunia. 


All these beautiful flowers can be used to prepare a soap flower. You can also add fragrance to it through perfume to make it smell nice. 


Soap Flower arrangements

Come on, have a look at our beautiful collection while you are at it!

You must have given your loved ones, various flower bouquets, and baskets on numerous occasions. Wanna try something different and unique this time? 

Gift them an amazing basket of soap flower arrangements and make their special day more momentous. We get it, you probably haven’t bought a soap flower arrangement before but even if you have, try checking out the beautiful soap flower arrangements we have listed below. These soap flower arrangements are available in Singapore and overseas. 

1. Handing over love

A hand-bouquet of mixed rose soap with fillers. Another gift idea! Sending this artistically crafted flower soap to be different, perfect for any occasion. Roses in this hand bouquet are made of soap which can be used for the face and body.  




2. Delicate love

A box of mixed roses soap with fillers. Note: Color may vary due to the nature of the flower. Give this amazing soap flower arrangement to your special someone and make them feel loved and happy. 



3. Red roses

A heart box of Red Roses soap with fillers. An amazing way of expressing your love to your loved one. Give this flower arrangement to your special someone and make them feel out of the world. 



4. Everything Ship

A basket and white soap roses combined just to make your loved ones feel cherished. This one in a million baskets will surely make your significant other feel blessed to have you in their life.



5. The sun is shining

A beautiful box of soap sunflowers ready to make your day and fill your home feel fresh as a daisy. 


You can check out more such products and beautiful gift ideas delivered at your doorstep. These soup flower bouquets are delivered throughout Singapore and overseas along with beautiful flower delivery in Singapore. 

Crazy things about Soap Flowers

Soap Flower
Soap Flower

Time for some head-scratching stuff!

After learning a lot about soap flowers we thought maybe it was time for you to loosen up a little bit and learn these amazing and fun things about soap flowers.

We have mentioned a few things you might find crazy right down below.


1. All seasons

You can get your hands on beautiful soap flowers any season you want. There is no specific period for their availability that makes them perfect.  



2. Great scent

The scent of soap flowers is magical. If you place them in a room they will cheer up the whole aura of the room with their beautiful fragrance. 



3. Beauty

They can be really deceptive. It is easy to mistake soap flowers for real flowers as they are just made with too much detailing and accuracy. 



Plants that can be used as soap

Did you know this already?

Now that you have learned a ton about soap flowers, why don’t take a stroll down the plants’ alley? And get inside the world of plants which are also used as soap. 

We have listed below a few plants which are used as a substitute for soap in many countries. If you find yourself without a block of soap in a forest one day, maybe you can use these valuable plants to get those germs off of your body.


1. Soapwort

Soapwort has been in use for ages now. This unique plant’s leaves and roots have juice which can be used as a soapy liquid. This plant is considered to be one of the best when it comes to being used as a soap.



2. Buffaloberry

This plant has high levels of saponin which makes it best for being used as a soap and shampoo. This plant and its berries are boiled to prepare a mild soapy solution. Apart from being used as a soap, this plant is also known to have medicinal properties.



3. Clematis

This commonly found plant is also among the list of plants having high saponin levels. The leaves of this plant are boiled to make a soapy solution.

4. Hibiscus



The leaves of this plant have antibacterial properties and are found almost everywhere. Directly rubbing the leaves of Hibiscus releases a soap-like formula and rinsing it off with water leaves your hands clean and fresh. 


High levels of saponin can be found in many plants and they can be used as soap or shampoo, what you need is just the perfect knowledge and information about the plant.