Spring flowers
Spring flowers

Spring is the season that everyone is looking forward to. A romantic and calming spring atmosphere attached to it. The season is just right, and it’s perfect for everyone to take a walk in the park without feeling too hot or cold. Many festivals are celebrated in this season because of the pleasant weather.

You cannot forget the beauty of spring. The return of fallen leaves due to fall and winter adds to the beautiful and soothing scenery. When it comes to spring, we can’t forget this one. Spring is the blooming season of beautiful flowers along the roads and parks. The beauty of the blossoms in different shades of hues adds perfection to spring. Everyone often uses this to take a leisurely walk in the park or have a picnic with their loved ones. Some people deliberately visit tourist destinations where there are flowers in bloom for just refreshing and taking pictures. You can also see one sign of spring arrival from the many uploads of people with backgrounds of blooming flowers such as cherry blossoms, tulips, pink moss, and others.


Which Flowers Bloom First in Spring?

Spring flowers
Spring flowers

Usually, in the northern hemisphere, spring starts around March 21 to June 21. While in the southern hemisphere, spring begins around September 23 to December 21. However, at this time, the change of seasons may vary as determined. As we know that spring is known as flower season, then what flowers first bloom in the spring?

1. Crocus

The crocus flower is one of the first flowers to bloom in late winter or early spring. They usually last for 10-12 days and then die with the leaves. This flowering plant only grows to about 4 inches tall and the flowers are bell-shaped facing upwards in yellow or purple.

2. Daffodil

One of the spring flowers is the Daffodil or what is also known as the Narcissus flower. This flower has a center that looks like a small trumpet. Daffodils generally have a yellow color, but some types of Daffodils also have white, pink, or even green colors.

3. Snowdrop

This flower, which has the Latin name Galanthus nivalis, is often called the Morning Star. Snowdrops are the first flowers in early spring after winter when snow still covers the ground, with white petals facing downwards.

4. Anemone

Most anemone bloom species in early spring, but there are summer and fall species that don’t flower. The genus anemone is part of the buttercup family (Ranunculaceae). They have large variety of blossom colors, including white, yellow, silver-pink, rose, blue, purple, scarlet, rust, copper, and coral.

5. Hyacinthus

The last flower to bloom in early spring is Hyacinthus. They bloom in mid-spring like the daffodils. Hyacinthus is a genus of small, round flowering plants belonging to the Asparagaceae family. The flower has incredible fragrance that can perfume the entire garden.


What are The Top 11 Spring Flowers?

Spring flowers
Spring flowers

Spring is the season most eagerly awaited by any flower enthusiast. Many gardens open to visitors offer beautiful spring flower beds. Even a large field filled with wildflower beds has become a target for visitors to take pictures with the beautiful spring flowers in the background. But of the many flowers that bloom in spring, which one is the top flower in spring? Here are the top 11 spring flowers:

1. Cherry Blossoms

Spring is marked by the blooming of cherry blossoms and it is the eagerly awaited season in Japan and Korea. They are the main characters in spring. Even many tourists deliberately come just to see its beauty.

2. Tulips

Among spring flowers, tulips have the same popularity as cherry blossoms. This flower blooms from March to April. There are various types of colors, patterns, and ways of blooming. The tulip flower bed is the most popular spot for tourists and for the people in the Netherlands.

3. Azalea

In Japan, after winter ends, these mountain valleys turn into a sea of ​​azaleas that bloom throughout the spring and summer. That’s why the best times to see azaleas are May and June.

4. Daffodil

One of the famous flowers in spring is the Daffodil. The bright yellow color brings joy and a smile to anyone who sees it.

5. Hyacinthus

The flowers included in the top flower ranks this spring have a unique shape, namely that in one stalk, there are many flowers shaped like a duster.

6. Bluebell


This bell-shaped flower has the Latin name Hyacinthoides. The plant is a protected species that cannot be picked. The bluebell plant has medicinal uses such as protecting against insects and contributing to fixing HIV and cancer. Bluebells have a strong sweet fragrance and have flower petals like white, pink, and blue.

7. Daisy


Daisy flowers are tiny flowers found in flower shops, gardens, and even in the yard. Daisy symbolizes purity and sincerity. It is no wonder that this flora is often used as a flower bouquet and given to loved ones.

8. Wood Anemone

This wood anemone is often used as a wedding bouquet. Uniquely, the term anemone flower comes from the Greek word, anemos, which means wind, and the suffix “-one” refers to a girl. In full, anemone can be interpreted as a girl’s wind blowing, which is another name for the anemone, namely the windflower.

9. Camellia

Camellias have flower petals that are layered. Some of these flowers bloom in winter, but some can last until early spring, March. They produce flowers in shades of white, pink, and red.

10. Rape Blossoms

Rape Blossoms is one of the beautiful spring flowers. Even though they are wildflowers, the fields of Rape Blossoms that look like a sea of ​​bright yellow are guaranteed to make your day too bright. You can enjoy its beauty in April and May.

11. Wisteria

Besides cherry blossoms, one of Japan’s endemic flowers that you must see is Wisteria. The flowers are purple that grow dangling down like a curtain. Early May is the best time to enjoy the beauty of this flower.


When Should I Plant Spring Flowers?

If you want to see the beauty of the flowers blooming in your yard, you can plant them yourself. But, when is the right time to plant flowers that bloom in spring?

If you want to grow spring flowers from bulbs, then the right time is autumn. It is because autumn is the best time for the spring flower bulbs. The spring flowers that you can plant in fall are daffodils, crocus, alliums, tulips, Hyacinthus, fritillaria, and snowdrops.


What Perennials Can I Plant in April?

Spring flowers
Spring flowers

Perennials, especially flowering plants, grow and bloom in spring and summer and then die again every fall and winter, then return in spring to bloom from the roots as seeding for annual plants. However, the length of this life depends on the type of plant. Some are several years old and a long-lived tone.

One of the perennial crops that you can plant in April is Snapdragon “Purple Prince.” The name “snapdragon” comes from the “mouth” of a flower that opens like a dragon’s mouth. This plant is commonly used as an ornamental plant and as a cut flower. Cut flowers are flowers or flower buds (often with some stem and leaf) that have been removed from the plant bearing it commonly for decorative use.

The next perennial plant that can be planted in April is Daylilies. Daylilies are perennial rhizome plants, growing over the years, forming vigorous shrubs. The lily is a tuberous plant. From each onion comes one stem, on which there can be a single flower or a whole cap.


What Flowers Bloom All Spring and Summer?

Flowers that can bloom in spring and summer are Iris flowers. Iris flower is one of the favorite ornamental plants planted in the yard, street decoration, and garden decoration. Iris flowers are very beautiful to enjoy, especially with the diversity of colors they have. Astilbe flower is also a flower that can bloom in spring and summer. Flowers that have an extraordinary decorative effect are often combined as a flower bouquet. Then the most popular flower that can bloom in the spring and summer is the daisy. Daisy flower is one flower that is usually combined in a hand bouquet. This flower does not have the strong charm of a rose, but the beauty of the daisy flower can attract the attention of anyone who sees it.