Statice Flower
Statice Flower

Statice, what an ecstatic name! Well, it does justice to its name by being a versatile flower. It has a superpower of flourishing daily. The first superpower it inculcates is, it is a cut flower that is used in dried floral arrangements. It also acts as a fairy as it shoots up as an airy flower and is frequently used as a filler. It is typically found in the shades of purple and blue. The modern breeders are sharp-minded, they have grown the statice in the hues of yellow, white, rose, and apricot. It is also famed as sea lavender or marsh rosemary. It carries an odor, some feel it as a pleasant smell and some find it foul. It is an exquisite bloom that belongs to the family of Plumbaginaceae. There are approximately 120-150 species of Limonium there.

Everything must have a purpose, so do these flowers have. Let’s dive into the meaning and symbolism of the ecstatic statice flower.

What is the meaning of the statice flower?

As you are apprised earlier that statice acts as a fairy, its genuine meaning is dependent on the events or occasions you invite them.  

We are aware that the human race is swift in making and following lores, statice has acknowledged some meanings for itself.

  •  Reminiscence
  •  Condolences
  •  Triumphs

The prime significance of statice is remembrance, which makes it a favorite pick for memorial ceremonies, making wreaths, garlands, and bouquets etc.

Foundational meaning of statice

The scientific name of statice is (Limonium sinuatum). This fairy bloom derived its name from the Greek word Limonium which stands for meadow. It got its name owing to its habitual growth in the wild. The home sweet home of statice is Mediterranean region. Their nativeness to the hotter region makes them exotic and all appealing.

Symbolism of statice

Statice Flower
Statice Flower

Statice has dual qualities in every aspect. It signifies both doting memories and sympathy. It is used in memorial wreaths and souvenir bouquets. It also plays a lead role in reunions, official celebrations, and triumph meetings.

Statice flower color meanings

There is no law written for the meaning of the hues of statice. One can mold the significance by the colors they are in.

  • Red: It signifies love and passion and creates an awed look while being ready for an event.
  • Pink: This bloom conveys the feelings of pure love, compassion, generosity, and femininity. Gift your lady luck with this flower and welcome happiness in your home for the whole day.
  • Yellow: It represents friendship, honor, and sympathy, if your buddy is far away, send them these blooms and make them go all hay.
  • White: The white statice flower signifies dignity, innocence, and trust. You can give these blooms to those who you trust with your life.
  • Purple: This cute purple statice flower explores fantasy and mystery. Grace your loved ones and fill their heart with full charm with this adorable bloom.
  • Blue: The adorable blue statice flower stands for intimacy, sanity, and trust. This is a perfect bloom for the love of your life.

Occasions for statice:

Statice is a kinda pixie bloom which can perfectly go everywhere. But self-respect matters for the blooms. They keep their feet only to the occasions where they are being invited to.

They are a versatile bloom that is a perfect pick for every event. The various occasions which are the perfect spot for them to visit are:

  • Reunions: Meeting your dear ones after a long time is a gem of a moment and statice is going to make your moment extraordinary.

As statice has dual qualities, it searches for a perfect partner: carnations, exotic roses, cutie-pie primrose, etc. Decorate your reunion venue with these Powerpuff blooms and see the magic of these pixies in the form of blooms.

  • Birthdays: Birthday surprises are the best. Make your loved one’s mouth go drop in  awe with the bouquets of statice along with carnations, or cute table decorations with this bloom. You can get hampers with enchanting blooms and tempting chocolate bouquets in singapore

Your buddies are gonna appreciate you all their life for this surprise.

  • Funeral services: Goodbyes are hard. Statice is the purest way to bid adieu to your near and dear ones. Their soothing appearance makes them the perfect fit for the memorial services. One can get a statice wreath for the one they are bidding goodbye to.
  • Success party: You and your buddy made your recognition. Well, it calls for celebration. Statice is there for you, make your rooms all adorned with statice and its perfect partner bloom of your choice. It may be baby breath, gerbera or a pretty lily bouquet. They are going to make your party a noteworthy one.
  • Perks of statice: It has a medicinal quality also. Oil of lavender flowers is extracted to heal the toothaches, piles, and ulcers. It is also used in aromatherapy, which helps people to find solace and let go of their distress.

Is statice annual or perennial? 

Statice is like a pixie that has the power to act dual. In fact, these flowers are perennials but can shoot up as an annual. They bloom in the months of spring and summer. Isn’t it amazing? They have dual roles everywhere. Their plants nourish up to 80 cm and boast a long stem that carries a bunch of cute tiny blooms. They produce a rainbow of shades.

Statice growing and caring tips

Statice Flower
Statice Flower

Statice needs love and warmth like other beings. They are tiny flowers. One can also call it a fairy flower because it has specific qualities such as winged stems and dual nature of growing. 

How to grow statice: Cutie pies are easy to handle. All you have to do is to provide them with full sun and a modest amount of fertility. 

  • You are advised to set the seedlings outdoors when the danger of frosts is not there. They love the warm soil. 
  • Plant them 12 to 15 inches apart. A well-established statice can fight drought.
  • Prune the blooms when they are open, up to three quarters.
  • In the dark, let them air dry in an upside-down position.

Propagation of statice: In the seed propagation, sow the seeds in a warm climate, straight to the spot after the last spring frost. For earlier blossoming, plant the seeds eight to ten weeks before the last spring frost date. The seeds will start germinating in 14 to 21 days at 65° to 75° degrees Fahrenheit.

Uses of statice: They are born for the cut flower garden. As they are pixie blooms they can be used in upright accents in variegated flower gardens and to fascinate butterflies.

Disease problems of statice:

  • Anthracnose: It is a kind of fungal infection that results in circular spots on the foliage. With time the spots expand and turn black. This happens due to excess heat and humidity.

To keep them safe from anthracnose, give them proper air circulation, do not overwater them, use mulch to prevent spores from the soil to plants.

  • Aster yellows: In this disease, plants develop like a witch’s broom(excessive growth), petals become green and lose their shape. 

To stop the pixie from transforming into a witch’s broom, remove the infected plant and weeds which act as an alternate host to the disease. 

  • Cercospora leaf Blight: This disease develops a yellowish halo appear on the leaves which causes the leaves to fade and die.

Make it safe by destroying all the plant debris and removing all the infected parts. 

How to dry the statice flowers?

Statice is cute bundles of tiny, glowing blossoms which look captivating in dried floral arrangements, bouquets, wreaths, and other events. One can grow them in their garden or can buy it fresh from the local florist market.

  • To dry the Limonium, pick more than you thought, as they can shrink more when dried. Not all flowers would be perfect; you may find some damaged too.
  • You are advised to harvest the statice when they are at their peak blooming and leaves are perfectly open.
  • Refrain from getting damaged or insect-ridden. It would be much better if you could harvest it in the afternoon. 
  • Remove the leaves from the lower stem by taking the help of your fingers. 
  • Bundle the limoniums together in small bouquets with five to ten stems in each.
  • Avoid the crowding as it can hamper them. It’s better to dry the statice in a small cluster than in one big throng.
  • After that, loosely tie the stems together with string or twine. It should be enough to hold the bunch together. Leave the one end of the string 2 to 3 feet long.
  • Hang the bunch upside down in a secluded place. For instance- a basement, closet, or dark empty room. 
  • Prevent areas that are filled with insects, rodents, or other animal problems. Leave them alone and then see them after one week to check how dry they are.
  • If they are appropriately dried, try to bend the bottom portion of the stem. Dry stems will snap and the fresh one will send.
  • When completely dried, remove the statice and arrange it in a flower vase, basket, or wreath frame or you can use it in the way you want to. 

If you are swamped with other work and are not able to use the statice at the very moment. Don’t be tense as they are pixies. They won’t let you down, just keep them in a cardboard box by loosely wrapping them in tissue paper.

Can statice be grown in pots?

Sea Lavender
Sea Lavender

Statices are like fairies; they can’t be limited to specific areas. They are a little tough to get nourished in a pot. 

  • These plants grow tall so you are required to choose a wide pot with 200 mm depth. 
  • The pot should be filled with a suitable potting mix. 
  • Plant them straight to the pot by sowing the seeds to a depth of 6 mm. Cover the pot.
  • Water them gently and keep them soggy throughout the growing period.
  • When the seedlings have grown 5 CM of height, apply a light layer of organic mulch. For instance- sugar cane or pea straw around the plant base.
  • Feed them plant food once every week.

How long do statice flowers last?

If provided balanced nutrition and nourishment, the plant begins to bloom in early summer and continues till late fall. In some places, statice takes the role of perennial and comes back after every year.

The amazing facts about lavender: 

  • Statice or Latifolia is also famous as an “everlasting flower”  due to its hanging on nature as its exquisite calyx stays on much longer even after the bloom has dried.
  • It has herbal qualities too, it can assist in curing diarrhea, gleet and pulmonary hemorrhage, bronchorrhea, leucorrhoea, and chronic laryngitis.
  • They are famous as leafless plants but have winged stems.
  • They are a real gem when they are put on sale as cut flowers or even dried flowers.
  • They can be grown as shrubs too.
  • They acquire inflorescence branches that are produced in green color. 
  • They are low-maintenance plants and are easy to grow.
  • They are sun lovers and thrive under direct sunlight. 
  • They can grow up to 90 cm or 3ft in height.
  • They inherit many different names such as statice, sea lavender, German statice, Marsh rosemary, or misty.

If you are planning to organise a big event, do not forget this simple but beautiful statice to adorn your venue. They will make a perfect pair with other fantastic blooms such as roses, lilies, chrysanthemums etc.