Sunflower Bouquet
Sunflower Bouquet


A sunflower bouquet should make a great gift for your loved ones. Since this flower is often associated with happiness, it will be suitable for a present on various occasions including a graduation ceremony, birthday party, and others.

Whether you get a single-stem variety or other types, sunflowers will become a beautiful piece in a bouquet. This flower also makes an excellent addition to your vase or other floral arrangements. Besides, it comes in a variety of sizes and shapes as well.

Depending on your preference, you can get a bouquet that consists of a single sunflower. However, for a more blooming effect, get some medium sunflowers that are put together in a bouquet. Now, let’s learn further about this flower below!

The Meaning of Giving a Bouquet of Sunflower

A Bouquet of 3 Sunflower
A Bouquet of 3 Sunflower


The most important thing to know before taking a sunflower bouquet is to understand its meaning. As mentioned above, this flower commonly represents happiness because of its bright color. Besides, it is frequently linked to loyalty and love as well.

Indeed, this vibrant yellow bloom is capable to elevate the mood of any recipient. Meanwhile, sunflowers are also used as a symbol of life and fertility. Its symbol often represents enlightenment and protection for spirits, souls, bodies, and minds too.

When it comes to spiritual meanings, sunflowers are generally connected with faith. Since this bloom looks like the sun, it is often used to signify an ability to find truth and enlightenment. That’s why some cultures consider a sunflower bouquet as something religious.

Meanwhile, if you take the color into account, a sunflower may signify different meanings as well. For instance, yellow sunflower is typically associated with endurance, timelessness, and goodness. On the other hand, red sunflower means passion and energy.

In case you find an orange sunflower in a florist, this bloom represents good fortune and high spirits. That’s why it should be an ideal gift for someone who has just opened a new business. Moreover, other colored sunflowers also have their meanings.

Things You Should Know about a Bouquet of Sunflowers

Aside from its meaning, you may also how much a sunflower bouquet is and how does it last. While the price of a bouquet can be diverse from one florist to another, you better refer to particular providers for reference.

A bouquet with a lone sunflower and one with more stems must come in different price tags. Some florists will typically charge you for each stem included in the bouquet. You can check your favorite florist for an exact price.

Moreover, you need to know that a bouquet of sunflowers can last for five to 12 days depending on how fresh the bloom is when bought. Besides, you can also take proper care of the sunflower bouquet to extend the bloom’s life.

For some tips, you should add enough water to a vase and put the flower immediately into it after buying it. Then, it is recommended to replace the water daily so that the sunflower can keep alive and fresh.

By changing the water every day, you help to keep the levels of bacteria low so that the decomposition can be slow down. In case you are picking your sunflower in the garden, consider watering the plant before cutting.

Furthermore, it is recommended to pick the sunflower in the early morning so that injury can be prevented. Then, you should cut the bloom’s stems at an angle, so it can immerse more water when you use it to arrange a sunflower bouquet.

Combining Other Flowers with Sunflowers

Combining this bright yellow flower with other blooms may create a gorgeous floral arrangement as well. Considering its color and size, you should pick companion blooms that complement this flower instead of competing for a stage in the bouquet.

You are recommended to go for a flower that offers a visually pleasing arrangement. You can consider staying with a flower that comes in another shade of yellow. Then, adding one or two dissimilar colored blooms may work too.

If you want to go for yellow flowers, some of the good choices will include lilies, daisies, chrysanthemums, forsythia, roses, snapdragons, and goldenrod. For other colored blooms, go for blue or lavender asters and green orchids.

To conclude, sunflowers are a versatile bloom that can be easily arranged with other blossoms. It makes a great bouquet for celebrating various occasions including business opening and others. You can also grab a sunflower bouquet to beautify a room.