Sweet Pea
Sweet Pea

Do you know what happiness is? Flowers are a way to happiness even if they have thorns around them. Every bloom imparts a sensation of novelty and charm. Flowers have the knack of freshening the ambiance on all sides and bring lots of love, cheerfulness, peace, and beauty. They make one feel empowered and confident by their vivacity. 

Where the flowers bloom, so does hope, and hope is what keeps everyone alive. 

Sweet pea flowers are most attractive as they are rich in colors and fragrance. Sweet peas are a favorite choice for cottage gardens and other casual garden styles. It is frequently seen to be inculcated for sticks and other structures, but as they are easy-going in nature they can also be scooted to form molds. They can also be set out in a container where they can splatter from the sides.

It makes people feel nostalgic for the era when our grandparents used to do gardening.

The shades in which they bloom are pearly white, ice-cream pastels, ritzy magentas, and inky purples. All these bubbly hues are enough to make your face swelled with a gentle smile and your day go all ecstatic. They have captivating fragrances. They also have a special quality of having five distinct petals in the bloom which makes them more appealing.


Every flower has some hidden message within them and has its own uniqueness. Let’s increase your knowledge on its flowers as to how to grow and take proper care of them and the facts they symbolize.


How long does it take to grow a sweet pea flower?

With their alluring nature, they are the perfect pick for gardens and bouquets. 

For planting a sweet pea, one must have full knowledge of it. 

Sweet peas are also known by their binomial name ‘Lathyrus odoratus’. It is a once-a-year flower, as it grows annually. They are full of honey and orange blossom scent. They have a perfect blend of delightful perfume and a variety of shades, this caliber makes them widely popular.


Tips to grow sweet peas

Sweet Pea
Sweet Pea

Early germination

Sweet peas have a delicate and fragile look, but they are quite hardy in nature. You are advised to sow them in the late winter season or commencing spring. They tend to grow perfectly in dry soil. 


Planting the sweet peas

If you are habitual of planting in mild winter climates that are 8, 9, and 10 zones, you are advised to sow the seeds in the late fall season, which will help them grow and bloom in the month of November during late winter and early spring. To obtain the best quality of sweet peas, dig a pit and throng it up with well-decayed manures or you can compost it 6 weeks before the germination of the seeds. These are acquisitive in nature and they are in desperate need of nutrients to survive.


Indoor germination of sweet peas

  • If you live in the coldest part of the globe, try to be ahead and start to sow sweet peas in a seed tray. Sow it before the last frost day and then transplant it in the soil as early as you can do. It can bear light frosts.
  • You are required to soak the seeds overnight, it assists in softening the outer coating and helps in germination.
  • After that, plant the seeds about half an inch intense in individual modules in a seed tray. Ideally, you should not plant more than two seeds in the same module as the probability of the roots getting tangled is high.
  • When you will witness the first occurrence of these peas, you are advised to scoop them out and shift them into a bigger pot to make them harden.
  • You can plant them outside too.


Planting seeds in the ground

  • Sweet peas are ecstatic when they get appropriate sunlight on their head and their roots all drown in cool and moist soil. If possible try to assist them by planting low-growing annuals towards the front of them so that their roots can get a gentle shade.
  • Opt for a well-drained spot. If you are perplexed, which soil to go for? You are advised to use alkaline soil as it is the best for sweet peas. If you feel that your soil is acidic in nature then sprinkle some lime on the surface.
  • Make a blend of compost and well-decayed manure to a depth of almost 2 feet.
  • Before planting, dig a deep pit and up to four inches properly fill it with compost.
  • After digging the trench, use a pencil to make holes, drop the seeds, and press down the soil to make it firm and eliminate any source of light.
  • Prior to planting, dip the seeds into the water for the whole day before planting, nick the seeds with the help of a nail file. You are requested to not soak the seeds in a temperature climate.


How to grow sweet peas

Sweet Pea
Sweet Pea
  • After being planted, germination can take a time of 7 to 15 days as it solely depends on the temperature of the soil.
  • When seedlings emerge, fill the dig and hover more soil around them.
  • Keep the soil all soggy. Summer rain may be enough. Check the moisture of the soil by putting your finger into the soil bed to its first joint and if you find the soil dry, then water them up to the soil level, and repeat it in the morning; sweet peas can suffer from bud drop.
  • If you use a plethora of rotten manure and compost then fertilizers are not required.
  • You can use high potash feeds, as nitrogen feeds elevate up the growth.
  • They love cool days and nights and they may start to fade when the temperature goes above 65°F.
  • These peas are climbers in nature. You must give them support up to 6 feet. 
  • Tie the first few stems before supporting them as it will give them a good start.
  • Mulch the established plant well, to keep the soil all cool and soggy.
  • To gear up the growing, pinch off the top of the plant when they are 6 inches, but not before or else they can become a victim of premature side-shoot development.
  •  Sweet peas are free of diseases, but they are prone to pests like birds, green flies and slugs, and snails.


What month do sweet peas bloom?

These are well known as the birth flower of April.

The season for sowing the peas is September to October, and the plants start flowering in February, and they continue to blossom till the month of March or mid-April. 


Do sweet peas come back every year?

Some varieties of sweet peas are annual and perennial. The peas that are annual in nature, Lathyrus odoratus, are commonly rich in fragrance and are great climbers. They last only for one season and need to be sown fresh every next year. 

The peas which are perennial in nature also known as everlasting types, Lathyrus latifolius, tend to resurgence every spring, but the majority of them have the least fragrance or no scent at all. They are bushy in nature instead of climbing.


How to take care of sweet peas?

Sweet Pea
Sweet Pea

Sunlight is sweet pea’s best friend, they love to be in an open sunny area.

They love to get nourished in cow manure and with plenty of leaf mold.

To make sweet peas grow appropriately you need to pinch out the growing tips of the plant when they are about 6 inches in size which is approx 15 cm. This will help them in their regular growth.

Water the plant at regular intervals because they thrive only in a soggy climate in their roots. Pick off the spent flowers to elevate fresh blooms. Do not fertilize it too much as an abundance of fertilizer can cause foliage at the expense of these flowers.


What part of sweet pea is poisonous?


Sweet peas are a little toxic, their seeds are mildly poisonous because they contain lathyrogens in them which results in a condition known as Lathyrus.

Lathyrus is a lethal problem that consists of paralysis, labored breathing, slow and weak pulse, and convulsions. If anyone has consumed the seeds in a large amount then immediately call your doctor, or poison control as the seeds of these peas are lethal.

You are suggested to keep it out of reach of children and animals as they can consume anything accidentally.


What do sweet pea flowers symbolize?

Sweet pea is an appealing climbing plant, commonly available in graceful hues of blue, pink, purple, and white. These exquisite flowers are available in every color except yellow and orange.

They are linked with the thought of departures and goodbyes. They are also a representative of blissful pleasure.

These peas are majorly used to convey a message of thank you.


Cultural significance of sweet pea

For the very first time, sweet peas were cultivated in the 18th century.

After its birth, no special occasion was complete without sweet pea blooms. 

It is a belief to plant it on a good Friday, as it brings prosperity and good luck.


Sweet peas flowers gift

Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food, and medicine for the soul. – Luther Burbank

Who doesn’t like gifts? And a gift of flowers is worth more than anything. Believe it, flowers can bring a gentle smile to your beloved face. They are wonderful and have so much charm and enthusiasm within them. Arrange sweet pea flowers with some other beautiful blooms to gift it to anyone and just check the smile on their face. 


Sweet peas flower bouquets

Sweet Pea
Sweet Pea

You are planning an occasion or a special event and want to make it noteworthy? Well! Everyone is aware that the world is going through hard times and in this crucial time bringing a smile to someone’s face is the most beautiful and pious thing you can do.

Flower bouquet of a sweet pea, what a tempting bouquet to have. You can get it for your beloved and near and dear ones.

The floral bouquets of these peas can go for all occasions. If you are perplexed about what to get for your buddy, which will make them go all awe, well then you are at the right place, get them a sweet pea flower full of attractive fragrance and beautiful and spectacular shades.  

These are also given at weddings as a gift. They are believed to be good omens for newly wedded brides. Giving a these flower to a bride elevates good luck in her life. There are other flowers too that can be given as wedding gifts. You can check it out here.

These flowers are the most favored choice to bid adieu. They are used as a way to say goodbye. Most people use the sweet pea flower bouquet in the farewell ceremonies. As it conveys the message of the wonderful time spent.

These flowers can also be given as a wreath to the departed soul. It will show the utmost respect and honor to the deceased person and his family.


Sweet pea flower delivery

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