table flower
Table Flower

Flowers add elegance and royalty to your house. Decorating your house with flowers and planting then around your house can never go out of trend. Flowers please the human eye and captivates the attention of anyone going by your house or visiting you in a calm and soothing manner. There are many ways to use flowers to uplift and increase the class in your home. People nowadays use flowers to decorate their bedrooms, living rooms and even bathrooms. They not only keep your house fresh and immaculate with the sweet essence but also rejuvenates your mind. According to many reports, flowers have been known to decrease the amount of stress levels people have and encourage growth and productivity. Keeping your mind serene is a requisite task these days amid the chaotic era we live in and flowers are perhaps the easiest and pocket friendly way of doing that. Stargazer Lilies, Carnations, Roses and Hydrangeas are used prominently to decorate homes and gardens. These splendid flowers are enough to make you impress your guests and make them a fan of your lovely home. Apart from these there are many types of flowers and plants which can improve the vibes in and around your house. People usually root for table flowers nowadays when it comes to decorating their homes with flowers. Table flowers are not only beautiful to look at, but adjusting them is also very easy and they don’t take much of the space of your home.

What are table flowers?  

Table flowers are a type of a flower arrangement which is used to decorate homes, offices and party venues. You probably have visited many wedding receptions and conferences in your life, what is that one thing which you have found similar in both of the events? Table flowers arrangements!. Table flowers are used by many flower enthusiasts and professionals to enhance the exquisiteness and beauty of the room. They are elegant and help you make a great impression on others. You can buy table flowers from the markets easily but if you are too lazy to go out or just do not have the time to go out and shop, then worry not! And leave that task to us. FlowerAdvisor has many table flowers options available for you on our website to make your home more beautiful. We have shared a list of table flowers available on our website down below. 

1. Floral fantasy

This artificial flower arrangement is enough to make a good impression on your guests. An elegant table flower arrangement which is simple yet so captivating. 

2. Mademoiselle

A table flower of Red Roses, Pink Lilies and fillers. This table flower arrangement not only pleases your eyes but also makes your house light up with the sweet essence of the flowers.

3. You are my sunshine

A beautiful table flower arrangement for the sunflower lovers. Grab this table flower arrangement of 5 sunflowers and make your house more classy. 

4. My Lilly

Are you even a flower lover? If White Lilies is not on your list. This table flower arrangement of White Lilies is one to die for. With an elegant look, this table flower arrangement will make your house exquisite.

5. Tulip essence

This 18 Tulip table flower arrangement is vibrant and soothing. Captivating in nature, Tulip essence is the perfect choice for anyone looking to decorate their dining table.

6. Rose carnation

This gorgeous table flower arrangement is filled with mesmerizing Pink Roses and Carnations. Appealing to the eyes, this flower arrangement can set your soul on fire with the lively look and sweet essence.

7. Crystal white glamour

White Lilies and White Roses, an amazing combination together. This table flower arrangement will definitely help you win the hearts of your guests and make you feel a lot happy and content. 

For more such table flower arrangements options in Singapore, hop on to the FlowerAdvisor wagon and explore the amazing choices we have in store for you. 


7 Amazing Ideas to decorate a table with flowers

table flower
table flower


Expecting someone at your place? Or planning an event and have no idea how to decorate?. Decorating with flowers is one of the most beautiful and easier ways to enhance the look of the room. There are many ways of decorating with flowers and the one which stands out from the rest is the table flower arrangement. You must have seen flower arrangements on tables and various events, well that takes a lot of hard work and creativity from the decorator. We have listed 7 amazing ideas you can get creative with while decorating a table with flowers. 

1. Flowers on top

You can put a small flower stand right in the middle of the table. This is used in wedding receptions and functions a lot. Put beautiful White Lilies and White Roses in the flower stand and you will have a nice and vibrant table ready to please the eyes of everyone. 

2. Small flower basket

If you are not a fan of flower stands, you can also put a big flower basket on the table and fill it with huge sunflowers and Hydrangeas. The table will not only look full, but will also captivate the attention of everyone due to its uniqueness. 

3. Stick flowers on the edges of the table

If you are planning an event like a conference or a party, you can paste flowers in bundles of 3 or 4 to the edges of the table. It will look intriguing and catchy.

4. Centerpieces

Many unique centerpieces are available in the market. You can go for an amazing centerpiece and decorate your table by putting beautiful artificial or real fresh flowers in it.

5. A mixed flower stand

Fill up the flower stand with different decorative flowers and create a unique and colorful table flower arrangement. It will surely become the highlight of the event.

6. Flowers and candles

If you are setting up the table for a nice romantic dinner with your significant other or someone you are trying to woo, use candles along with red Roses to decorate the table. Kill the lights once you lit the candle and the Rose & Candle combination will surely help you steal their heart away.

7. For an event

If the table decorations are being done for an official event, perhaps decorating with Lilies or Carnations will do the work. Put these flowers on the table and you are set for the evening. 


How do you decorate a rose bouquet on a table?

table flower
table flower


Rose centrepiece looks splendid and the essence of the flowers mesmerize anyone sitting by it. Rose centerpieces are not that hard to decorate if you have experience in decorating flowers. We have shared the steps which one can follow to decorate a rose bouquet on a table to make the table stand out and captivate the attention of the guests. 

1. Required items

To decorate the bouquet of roses for the table, you will need artificial roses or real roses if you want the decorations for a limited time, floral foam, floral tape, a vase to put the flowers in and obviously a table!

2. Cut the flowers

Cut the flower stems according to your need so you can put it in the floral foam later on. For this you can also use different flowers such as, White Lilies, Hydrangeas, Tulips and Carnations. 

3. Foam

Cut the floral foam to fit into your vase or any basket of your choice. Cut it in a manner so it fits perfectly in the container. To make sure the foam does not get out of the container, super glue it to the container from the bottom of the foam. 

4. Add the flowers

Start inserting the flowers in the foam and make sure the flowers are stuck in it. Once you are done putting flowers in the foam, check to see if it looks nice and if the combination of the flowers is appropriate. 


How do you make fake flower centerpieces?

Fake flower centerpieces are in the trend nowadays and people tend to go for them as it is very high maintenance and takes a lot of time to buy fresh flowers over and over again. Fake flower centerpieces are not at all high maintenance and hard to look after. To make fake flower centerpieces, you can buy artificial flowers from the market and buy a container to put them in. Nowadays glass centerpieces are in style and people are grabbing glass centerpieces a lot. You can buy a small fish bowl or a glass jar and make a flower centerpiece out of them. It is not only affordable but also easy to make. Add floral foam if required and follow the same steps as mentioned above to create an amazing and beautiful flower centerpiece. Put perfume to add fragrance to the flower centerpiece and you can also add glitter to make it look more exquisite.


What are some table flower plants?

table flower
table flower

Table flower plants are supposed to catch the attention of the guests and make a good impression of your place. There are a variety of table flower plants available in the market and they are widely used to decorate tables at events and on various occasions. We have shared a list of various table flower plants below so next time you plan to buy a plant to decorate your home, you won’t get discombobulated. 

1. Roses of course!

It would be absurd to miss out this legend of a flower when creating a list of decorating flowers. Used to convey the message of love and romance, roses can also be used to decorate tables during an event or simply a nice romantic dinner with your partner. If it is an official event you can also go with white roses. White roses are highly used to decorate tables during official conferences and ceremonies. You can also add white lilies along with White roses.

2. Hydrangeas

This plant symbolizes grace, gratitude and deep emotions. It comes in various colours and every colour represents a different heartfelt emotion. Their gorgeous look is hard to resist and their unique shape makes them stand out of the crowd and many plant enthusiasts fancy them. 

If you are interested to know more about Hydrangeas you can also check out our article on hydrangeas (Add link).

3. Stargazer Lilies

This flower symbolizes purity and elegance. If you want to add class to your table do not miss out on this snazzy flower. Highly used in wedding receptions, Lilies have a sweet fragrance and they can surely light up a dull room with their essence.

Apart from these prominent table flowers, there are many different flowers used as table flowers to decorate tables at events. Carnations and sunflowers are one of them. Though they are not used as much as the ones mentioned above, they are attractive and a majority of people like them.


How do you arrange a bouquet of flowers at home?

Preparing a bouquet of flowers is really romantic and thoughtful. If you are planning to prepare a bouquet at home make sure you have plenty of time so in case you mess it up you can buy one from a florist or you can hang by Floweradvisor and we will fix you up with a beautiful flower bouquet. When preparing a flower bouquet make sure you have fresh flowers. Cut a few fresh Roses and Lilies if you have them in your lawn. Buy a plastic sheet in which you’ll wrap your flowers in. Make a cone shape from the sheet and put tape on it so it does not open. Put the freshly cut flowers in the cone and add glitter in it, make sure you have plenty of flowers so the bouquet does not look small or light. Keep a few leaves on the stems while cutting the flowers but make sure to get rid of the thorns. Spray it with a glitter and your work is done. A hand-made bouquet is perhaps one of the most romantic and purest forms of expressing your love for someone.


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