How To Decorate a Room With Dried Flowers? | FlowerAdvisor

Flowers symbolize love, friendship, health, glamour, and purity. They’re used for various occasions and in a flower bouquet. From weddings to simple house parties, you can find a flower vase at every venue. However, flowers are not low maintenance. They require the perfect amount of fresh water and air to keep them in bloom for a longer period.

Dried Flowers
Dried Flowers

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Baby Breath – The Gypsophila Flower

Baby breath
Baby breath

Gypsophila, also known as “Baby’s breath” is part of the Caryophyllaceae family of flowering plants. Native to almost every continent of the world, this unique plant is famous in the flowering industry and has been highly used for decorations by people. Some of its species are used to create medicine and food. This beautiful plant has about 150 species spread across the world. Its flowers not only level up your bouquet by their beauty but can also be used to fight cancer cells and break them down. These little white flowers are beautiful and enough to woo anyone with their structure and scent. Gypsophila requires 6-7 hours of sleep everyday and does really well under it. To prosper and grow abundantly this plant does not depend on too much water, even if you water it a little it will grow abundantly. It is advised not to water Gypsophila too much and only a little amount of watering is suggested.

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Baby Breath – Meaning, Caring And Use

Baby's Breath Flower Bouquet
Baby’s Breath Flower Bouquet


When people mention Gypsophilia, the first thing that comes to mind is the baby’s breath flower. Gypsophilia paniculata, also known as baby’s breath, is originally from Eastern Europe. There are about 150 species of Gypsophila that can be found from Central and Eastern Europe to Asia. However, the most famous species of the Gypsophila type is the baby’s breath.

You must be familiar with these little flowers that are often found in a bouquet for you who frequently received or sent flowers. They have small and delicate white petals. A baby’s breath is commonly used as a filler for flower bouquets with a simple, soft, and graceful look. Besides being used as a filler to flower bouquets, baby breath is also used as wedding decorations. The presence of baby breath flowers at the wedding gives the impression of the purity of the bride and groom’s love.

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