Thanksgiving celebration
Thanksgiving celebration


Hi Flower lovers, happy Thanksgiving Day! Thanksgiving is one of many types of celebrations that are done for expressing gratitude. Thanksgiving meaning usually symbolizes a form of gratitude to God for what we have got or being grateful for. It can be done in various ways. One of them is through the Thanksgiving celebration.

Americans and Canadians commonly practice thanksgiving origin. This celebration is also used as a national holiday in the two countries. Thanksgiving was first introduced by British people who migrated to the American continent. However, both America and Canada have their history of how the British introduced Thanksgiving to them. In America, the British practiced Thanksgiving in 1619 in Charles City, Virginia. Meanwhile, in Canada, the British introduced the tradition in 1578.

Apart from America and Canada, several countries celebrate this tradition, such as in Brazil, Grenada, Norfolk Island, Santa Lucia, and other inhabited territories of the United States and the Leiden area in the Netherland. And eventually, the Thanksgiving celebration became commonplace.

People often ask, ‘When is Thanksgiving fall each year?’. For short, Thanksgiving celebrations are different in each country. In the United States, the Thanksgiving date falls on the fourth Thursday of November. Meanwhile, in Canada, it falls on the second Monday in October. On Thanksgiving, people usually gather and eat together with family or friends. The meals that are served are also typical, such as Roast Turkey, Pumpkin Pie, and any dish made from Yams. Let’s learn more about Thanksgiving with the article below!

What is Thanksgiving celebrated for?

The Thanksgiving celebration dates back to 1621. At that time, the immigrants living in America used to make feasts for Indians (natives Americans) who had taught them how to grow crops to survive. Because of the help of the Indians, the newcomers who had just arrived in America learned how to garden, grow crops, farm, and produce crops so that the harvests can be used for living. Therefore they celebrated it by conducting a Thanksgiving day as an expression of gratitude to the Indians.

Nevertheless, nowadays, the Thanksgiving tradition in America has shifted. If before Thanksgiving used to express gratitude to the Indians, it has become a tradition for family and friends to gather on that annual national holiday. Thank you for the many blessings they have received this year and the beginning of the holiday season.

What day is Thanksgiving, and why?

In the United States, Thanksgiving Day falls on the fourth Thursday in November every year. Before it was set for Thanksgiving to fall on that day, there is a long history. During the American Revolution, George Washington declared the first Thanksgiving to express their gratitude for thankfulness over the country’s war for independence to John Adams and James Madison. During their presidencies, they also designate Thanksgiving Day, where in 1817, New York became the first of several states to adopt the annual Thanksgiving holiday officially.

In 1827, a famous magazine editor and acclaimed writer Sarah Josepha Hale, a writer of the nursery rhyme “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” launched a campaign to establish Thanksgiving as a national holiday. Over 36 years, she published many editorials and sent letters to governors, senators, presidents, and other politicians. Abraham Lincoln finally complied with her request in 1863. At the height of the Civil War, he scheduled Thanksgiving for the last Thursday in November. It was celebrated every day until 1939 when Franklin D. Roosevelt moved the Thanksgiving holiday a week in an attempt to spur sales during the Great Depression. Roosevelt’s plan, mocked as ‘Franksgiving,’ was met with resistance, and in 1941 the president reluctantly signed a bill that made Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday in November.

Is Thanksgiving a religious holiday?

Thanksgiving is not a religious celebration, but this celebration has religious roots because the Pilgrims are Christian. At first, Thanksgiving is used to celebrate a meal between Christian Pilgrims and the Indians. It is certainly not a religious celebration like Christmas and Easter, but as their way to be thankful to God for the numerous blessings and survival during the year. 

Today, everyone celebrates Thanksgiving as a family day, not as a religious celebration. But still, on Thanksgiving, people even pray before they eat their meal. Thanksgiving united more people because they can celebrate it together since it is not a holiday based on some religious community. Plus, on Thanksgiving, people usually bring a meal for each other. And it shows that Thanksgiving is a day to remember the blessing, not only for the food on the table but also for the people around. 

What really happened on the first Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving was not originally a celebration as of nowadays. In the beginning, Thanksgiving was just a regular harvest celebration in Britain. Then in 1621, this tradition was brought to America, which, as previously told, was brought by Christian Pilgrims. There are very few historical records about the first Thanksgiving, so it wasn’t celebrated as a holiday until the 19th century.

One thing for sure, the traditional story of the first Thanksgiving told a story about the successful harvest in 1621 by the Pilgrims. They make a harvest feast as a feeling of gratitude that they got through a difficult time. Until now, history is still a mystery about the presence of Indians on the first Thanksgiving; they were there because the Indian was invited and helping the Pilgrims survive, or because the Pilgrims and the Indian have clashed. Either way, Thanksgiving was spent as a reminder to be grateful for all the blessings.

Why do we eat turkey on Thanksgiving?

Turkey meal
Turkey meal


You cannot ever think of Thanksgiving without thinking about turkey. Turkey somehow has become the centerpiece of a meal on Thanksgiving. But there are a few reasons why turkey is always on the menu for Thanksgiving. The first is that turkeys are native birds around for years; that is why turkey has been mentioned in the first Thanksgiving celebration. There is no record of what was served at that time. However, according to the letter written by Edward Winslow, turkey hunting was carried out before the meal was held. When Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving as a nationwide holiday, he started a tradition with roast turkey as Thanksgiving dinner.

Moreover, people consider a portion of a turkey suitable as a family dinner because it has a large portion and enough to be eaten by many people. Because if they used regular chicken, the portions would be very small and probably not enough for many people to enjoy. So that’s why turkey is the main dish of Thanksgiving. Additionally, turkeys are usually born in mid-spring (around March) and take about nine months to reach adulthood. So, the turkey will taste delicious for the Thanksgiving meal.

Why do we eat cranberry sauce on Thanksgiving?

Another must-eat dish on the table for Thanksgiving dinner is cranberry sauce. There are many histories and different reasons why cranberry sauce has become important. In 1863, getting sugar to sweeten the food is very difficult to do. This is then made people take cranberries as a substitute for sugar. Apart from providing a sweet taste, they also believe that cranberries can benefit the body.

There is also a story about this sauce because cranberries are fruit from Massachusetts origin. The area was once the residence of the Pilgrims who started the tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving. They were taught by the Indians how to use and cook cranberries. The colony started the process of making cranberry juice in 1683. The name cranberry itself is said to have come from Pilgrim, namely “cranberry.” The name is given because the red cranberry petals are similar to the head of the Sandhill crane.

Later, cranberry is used as a dipping sauce for Thanksgiving turkey. Cranberries are great for Thanksgiving because their fruit season takes place at the end of the year. Apart from cranberries, a Thanksgiving turkey sauce can be made with other fruits. Some replace it with plum, cherry, or apple sauce, which also have the same tastes, sweet and sour.

What to gift on Thanksgiving?

If you are attending Thanksgiving dinner for a family gathering or with friends, you should not show empty-handed. You can give them a gift basket to thank your hostess. Yes, a gift basket would be a perfect gift to pamper your hostess. You can personalize the basket according to the theme, or if you know your hostess preference, it would be even better. Or if you want to send them to your partner to show them that you are thankful and thinking of them while they are away, it is ideal for sending them a gift basket on Thanksgiving Day.

FIlling your Thanksgiving basket is not hard; the essential things are drinks and food. You can choose beers, wines, coffees, or teas for the drinks; meanwhile, you can choose fruits, cookies, cakes, or nuts for the food. You can also add a bouquet of Torana flowers; their autumn color will match the Thanksgiving theme. The other things you can add to fill the basket are candles, candies, or beauty products. Do not forget to choose the right container that will suit your basket, and add decoration to make it more elegant!

Thanksgiving is not only about the feast and gathers with the families, but actually, you can do something fun with your family members, especially with the kids. One of the examples is making some thanksgiving crafts for them. So, what are they?

Here are five creative thanksgiving crafts for kids:

1. Hand Turkey

Hand Turkey
Hand Turkey


It’s so easy and simple to make. First, you need a blank card and some watercolor painting. Paint each of the fingers with different colors, then tape it to the blank card. And for the body, you can use your palm and paint it a brown color. Then tap it too to the blank card. Lastly, you can draw eyes, mouth, and feet to complete it. Voila, your turkey is done! Actually, this card can be used to make greeting cards during this Thanksgiving Day.

2. Tissue Paper Turkey

Tissue Paper Turkey
Tissue Paper Turkey


First, all you need are some colorful tissue papers, scissors, a paper plates, glue, a brush, colorful paper, and a black marker. Cut some colorful tissue papers and make them into a leaf shape. After it’s done, pour the glue into a paper plate and stick them to it. Then, cut and make a turkey-shaped body and facial features with the colored paper. Don’t forget to make their little feet too. Then, you’re done!

3. Rolled Paper Pumpkin Craft

Rolled Paper Pumpkin Craft
Rolled Paper Pumpkin Craft


Have you ever heard about quilling? It’s a bit similar to it. But don’t worry. It is way easier so that you can make it together with your kids! How? First, you need to prepare the glue, colorful papers with orange, green, and brown color, and scissors. Then, cut the paper into 1 or 2 strips. You need to cut one brown, a few green strips, and many orange strips for each pumpkin that you want to make. Now, we begin with orange strips first. Roll each strip and glue the end of it.

You need to keep in mind that you need to make it all with different size because the pumpkins have a lot more character when the sizes are different. Then glued the orange circles together to form the pumpkin shape. Lastly, add a stem and a few green paper curls to complete it.

4. Turkey Napkin Holders

Turkey Napkin Holders
Turkey Napkin Holders


To make this, all your needs are TP Rolls ( 1 or two a roll per place setting), 4 colors of felt, googly eyes, and a hot glue gun. First, cut a standard toilet paper roll in half. Then cut four colors of felt and make them into a feather shape. After that, stick the feathers onto the TP Roll by using a hot glue gun. And also, glue the googly eyes onto the TP roll. Lastly, cut a triangle out of orange felt for beak and glue onto the TP roll. Your Turkey Napkin holders are done now!

5. Turkey Colorful Book

Turkey Colorful Book
Turkey Colorful Book


All you need are 3 paper bags with brown color, hole punch, rubberband, craft stick, brown, red, and yellow construction paper, brown card stock, googly eyes, glue, scissors, and recycled papers or magazines. Here are some steps to make it:

1. Fold each paper bag in a half. Punch two holes along the folded edge of the bags. From the back, insert the rubber band through each hole. Insert a craft stick through one loop of the rubber band and then through the other loop.

2. Next, create the turkey face. Cut a yellow triangle for the beak. From the red construction paper cut the turkey’s wattle. Add google eyes.

3. Then, create the tail feathers by cutting a feather shape from recycled paper or magazine pages. Glue the tail feathers to the back of the last page of the book. After that, cut a piece of brown cardstock paper a little bit larger than the size of the book to cover the back of the tail feathers and help support them.

4. Lastly, illustrate your book. Add some drawing or writing to the inside pages of the book. Be as creative as your kids want.

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