Champagne Roses
Champagne Roses


The champagne roses have a really unique color. It is hard to describe its exact appearance. One thing for sure is that it has a soft cream or orange color just like a glass of wine. In addition, this color makes it is looked really classy and elegant.

That is why; we can say that the champagne rose is also like an idol. It becomes so popular in a florist. These flowers can be arranged into a perfect and wonderful hand bouquet as well. It can be used for various happy and joyful moments in your life.

It will be great for your wedding. Furthermore, you can send it to propose to your lover or even for a mother’s day. You need to know that there are so many creative hand bouquet designs made from champagne roses. What are they? Here is the detail.

The Sparkling Champagne Hand Bouquet

These champagne roses in Singapore will for sure make all people star at it. It has an amazing design and looks even in its simplicity. It is great for you who want to get an elegant and luxurious nuance. You will really adore this hand bouquet.

Actually, this bouquet is just made from champagne roses. The amounts of roses used are 12. They are arranged perfectly in a bouquet. In addition, a florist can also mix it with some filler. An example is the white baby breath flower and green leaves.

Can you imagine that? You will get the perfect color combinations of white, champagne, and fresh green. At the bottom of this hand bouquet, a cute ribbon will be used. The ribbon will tie all the stems there. It will make this bouquet is easier to hold too.

However, you need to know that the roses bouquet filler or items can be replaced with other flowers. It will be based on the season. You can choose other items that have the same value as the original one. It will still look awesome.

The Three Tones Roses Hand Bouquet

It is a super interesting hand bouquet that you can choose. It is not only made from a kind of rose but three. That is why; you will see three beautiful rose colors in a bouquet. It will be perfect for a wedding. It matches your white gown.

The types of roses used are varied. Usually, the florist will use champagne roses, red roses, and pink ones. The total amount of flowers used in this roses bouquet is 36. It will be added with the filler of white baby breath flowers as well.

It is not always made for a wedding hand bouquet. The florist can also make the hampers and table flowers from these roses. You can send it as a beautiful gift to show your love and attention. The dark brown ribbon will complete this bouquet.

If it is available, you can request the color of roses to use in this bouquet. If you want to give it to a boy, the blue roses can be a great choice. The color of the ribbon can be requested too. The white ribbon is also awesome.

Mix Roses Bouquet of Flowers

Mix Roses Bouquet
Mix Roses Bouquet


Some of you maybe prefer to send a colorful bouquet of flowers. It is also the smart option to cherish a moment. In this case, the champagne rose can play an essential role. The florist can mix it with other roses that have a different color.

The roses which are chosen are orange, champagne, and white. This roses bouquet will be wrapped in dark grey paper. It really accentuates the color of the roses. The light grey ribbon will make the appearance is sweeter.

This kind of hand bouquet is perfect for several occasions. The examples are like to celebrate your friendship, anniversary, or even a wedding. This bouquet will be mixed with filler. The common filler used is the white baby breath flowers.

The fresh leaves can be also placed there in the bouquet. It gives the natural and fresh look of the bouquet. Besides the real flowers, you can also choose the artificial ones. This kind of roses hand bouquet is also interesting to look at.