Sunflower Bouquet
Sunflower Bouquet


If you are looking for a gift to celebrate something, then a sunflower bouquet can be the right choice. This bouquet has bright yellow colors, which are great. This bouquet can be a gift for Mother’s Day. Your mother will be very happy.

Sunflower is a very beautiful gift. Its bright color can leave a very strong impression. In addition, bright yellow or orange colors will also look beautiful in the photo. This flower also has a deep meaning of celebrating a moment.

Because each flower has its meaning, giving flowers to colleagues, friends, or loved ones must be considered. You have to adjust the type of interest with the message you want to convey. Then what does it mean if you give a bunch of sunflowers to someone, especially for Mother’s Day?

Below is some information about the sunflower bouquet. You will find out about the meaning and also the symbolic meaning behind it. Then, there is also information about some bouquet designs from sunflowers so that later you can choose the right design.

Symbolism and the meaning of sunflowers

A Bouquet of 3 Sunflower
A Bouquet of 3 Sunflower


The yellow color of the sunflower symbolizes vitality, intelligence, and happiness. This color also represents good friendship. No wonder this flower is suitable for you to give to your friends. The examples are for a moment of graduation when your friend is sick, and so forth.

This flower is also associated with the myths of Apollo and Clytie. Clytie, who Apollo cursed, became a sunflower and continued to look at the god he admired. That’s where the sunflower bouquet is considered a symbol of admiration and loyalty.

If it is associated with Mother’s Day, a bouquet of sunflowers can show how impressed you are at a mother’s figure. It also symbolizes you as a child to continue to serve. Its beautiful appearance will also make your mother happy when getting this flower bouquet gift.

Chinese culture regards sunflowers as a symbol of longevity. Sunflowers are also known as flowers that are synonymous with happiness so that it can be a perfect gift to convey hope for the presence of a day that brings happiness to someone such as your mother.

Caring for a bouquet of sunflowers so that it will not wilt quickly

Because it is made of real flowers, over time this flower bouquet will wither. However, if you take care of it properly, then this flower will always be fresh longer. You can take care of it yourself. If not, tell your mother about the best way to care for it.

Shortly after you give the sunflower bouquet to the mother, move the flowers in a vase. Then, add a little water to the vase so that your flowers don’t wilt. It is better to keep this flower in a place with a normal temperature. Don’t place it into a refrigerator.

Why? It is because the flowers will wilt just after you take them out of the refrigerator. The most important thing is you have to put this flower in a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight. Some flowers are not good to have it.

There is one more trick to caring for a sunflower bouquet to keep it fresh longer. It is recommended to cut the stem at least 1 cm every day. This is so that not too much water is absorbed by the stalk. This is what will make the flowers do not rot quickly and can always be fresh.

The examples of a sunflower bouquet

Apart from its deep meaning, the sunflower also has a stunning appearance. Their bright colors are very good combined with various other flowers. This flower is also suitable to be combined with various ribbons and colored paper.

An example is a single sunflower bouquet. This bouquet is made from 1 sunflower stalk of a rather large size. Then, this bouquet is added with fillers with other colors. The examples are the baby breath flowers, several purple flowers, and the green leaves.

If you want a bouquet that looks livelier, use a bouquet made of 5-6 sunflower stems. Then, use black paper as a cover. To make it look more beautiful, tie the bottom by using a yellow ribbon. It is a beautiful sunflower bouquet.


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