Love relationship
Love relationship

We all have a bond with a person we don’t see a lot or haven’t met face to face ever. Distance or lack of time become the primary reason for this and although there is a saying “that distance strengthens relationships and bonds”, the more there is distance between two people, the more they care about each other’s presence. During this era of fake relationships and weak friendships it is hard to find a genuine person. So if you find a person with a good heart irrespective of the distance and barriers between you and them appreciate their presence in your life and make them feel loved and cherished. Bonds are immaculate and should not be taken lightly, it takes sheer determination and a lot of love to work on relationships. If a person lives miles away from you working on the relationship becomes hard. You don’t get to see their faces and don’t get to talk to them a lot, so it is incumbent upon you to take initiatives to keep the spark between you and them alive. You can video call them on a daily basis if possible or at least send them memes and cute posts on social media. These small gestures keep the spark between friends and lovers alive. Initiatives and efforts are requisite for any relationship to stay alive. When you think about a person, you don’t just think about them you think about the moments you have made with them and the memories you’ve created with them. Precious moments with a person are worth remembering and not only do they act as  pillars which makes a relationship sturdy they also keep the bond alive. 

How do you show someone that you are thinking of them?

In a world full of ostentatious behavioral disorder showing people that you actually care and acknowledge their presence is something which is sporadic. And the fact, in this contemporary era someone put their leg forward and striving hard to make a change and made known their efforts is exemplary. 

Without further adieu, let’s hop in the ways how one can show someone that you actually think and care about them:

  1. Text :- Sometimes all it takes is a single call to make someone feel special and 
  2. Call :- Calling them sometimes makes them feel that you remember them and want to stay in touch with them.
  3. Video calling :- Sad that you can’t see their face on a daily basis? Video call them once in a while so they don’t forget your silly smile. 
  4. Check ins :- Check up on your friends and see if they are doing fine, mentally and physically. During this era of depressing times and hectic schedule, you really don’t know if the person next to you is happy or is just putting on a happy face to cover the sadness they have in their heart. 
  5. Delivery orders :- You can order food for them if they are a foodie or anything in their wishlist. 


1. Listen

Sometimes all a person needs during these bleak times is a shoulder to cry on and an ear to tell all our worries and problems. The best thing you can do is become all ears to your friend or partner and make them feel that you care about them and want to be present in their lives through their ups and downs.

2. Make an effort

Efforts and initiatives are all what a relationship or friendship asks for to survive the hard times. Take initiatives to keep the bond strong.

3. Attention

Pay attention to the actions and behavior of your loved ones as actions speak louder than words and your friend or family member might not say anything to your face but they could be feeling empty inside so help them go through hard times all the time.

4. Movie

Watch a movie online with them together, there are a lot of apps which allow you to watch movies together nowadays even miles apart. Have a movie night or a day full of binge watching your favorite movies together and share the laugh and reactions even being apart from each other.


What does giving someone flowers mean?


Gifting flowers to people is an age old and a universally accepted tradition. We can gift flowers to people from all walks of life conveying our emotions in a very subtle yet profound manner. Flowers being a smile on everyone’s faces irrespective of the age and cultural background they come from. When a person gifts someone flowers, they simply communicate their feelings to the other person and strengthen the bond the two share. Flowers are such a beautiful gift that can be given to communicate a wide range of emotions from sympathy, affection, appreciation to remorse. They are a beautiful way of telling our loved ones that we really care about them and wish for their well being in their trying times.

Flowers helped people to communicate their emotions at a time when it wasn’t considered to be appropriate and hence, Floriography, the language of flowers was developed. With the basic idea of sharing emotions behind gifting flowers remaining the same, flowers have different meanings and symbolizes different things around the world.

Therefore, we should be really careful while picking the type and colour of flowers for different individuals and different occasions. 

For instance, in Japan, it is customary to give flowers to somebody who is sick. However, potted plants are offensive as they symbolise that the person’s health will further deteriorate because the disease will deepen its roots.

Additionally, different colours of the same flower depicts several emotions and if chosen wrongly, can lead to miscommunication or perhaps misunderstanding in relationships!

For example, roses are beautiful and are mostly preferred by everybody. They are so pleasant that exchanging them has become a norm and we specially have a day earmarked for exchanging roses! However, we need to understand the symbolism of different coloured roses.

Red coloured roses are exchanged by couples. Red roses speaks desire and passion in volumes. On the other hand, yellow and pink roses are shared among friends and colleagues to show respect, care and affection. It gets tricky when the same colours mean different things in different flowers. For instance, we saw yellow roses depicts friendship but important thing to note here is that when it comes to lilies, yellow coloured lilies symbolises gay love. So, next time be really specific about the type and the colour of the flower you choose to give to your loved ones! 


What can you give to a grieving person?

A loss of a loved one is perhaps the toughest thing a person can go through and handle. During this time a person is always on the verge of breaking down and bursting into tears. It is your duty to make that person as light and calm as possible. Giving them comfort through kind and thoughtful words or a nice warm hug can do wonders for their hopeless heart. All a person needs during this time is a ray of sunshine and you can become that sunshine for them with efforts and care. To make a person feel better and tranquil during such bleak times, what you can do is give them flowers to make them feel calm and collected as much as you can. Flowers are a great medium of sending messages whether they are one of love or hopefulness. You can give them flowers to help them go through the hard time and make them feel that they are not alone and there is always someone who they can count on during these hard times. If you are probably wondering where to buy such funeral flowers easily and quickly, don’t pester as FlowerAdvisor has everything you need. We have made a list of funeral flowers in Singapore which you can give to someone who has just lost a loved one and help them feel better and loved. 


1. Affection and fond memories

Yellow gerbera funeral flower stand. This flower stand is perhaps best suited for the day of sadness and will be enough to send a message of hope and love to someone grieving.

2. Memories of you

Encased with a pair of preserved roses and hydrangeas. This nice to look at and pocket friendly flower case is a great way of telling someone that you have them in your prayers and hope to see them get through the tough time soon.



3. Peaceful memories of you

Peaceful memories
Peaceful memories

White gerberas & yellow and white chrysanthemums. This flower stand is delicate and gives calm vibes. Give this to a person who has lost a loved one to make them feel light and pleasant.

4. Irreplaceable you

An arrangement of artificial cymbidium, lily, assorted flower and pompoms. A great and light way of giving someone hope and positivity to conquer the difficulties they must be facing.





What message do you send for funeral flowers?   

Funerals are tough and a delicate matter for someone who has just lost a loved one. Anyone who loses someone close to their heart feels empty and dead inside during the initial days of going through the loss. It is absolutely necessary to give them time, space and comfort whenever needed. A person is most vulnerable when they have just lost a loved one, and they require all the love and support in the world during that time. So do kind gestures for them and make them feel loved and less hopeless. A person loses all the hopes of positivity in their life when they lose a person they love, it is the duty and moral obligation of someone close to them, to make them feel less sad and help them get through the tough times. 

To help a person go through a loss of their loved one you can most definitely write messages of hope and positivity for them to get through the demise of their loved one. If you are planning to give them a bouquet of flowers to share their grief and make them feel loved, tag a message along to it so they can read it and feel better. We have shared a list of a number of messages you can tag along to the flowers. 


  • Hey! There is light after the storm and a beautiful dawn after the darkest nights. Be hopeful and stay positive.
  • During these dark times, it gets hard to cling on to hope and positivity, your family is in our prayers, don’t lose hope.
  • A loss can’t be considered trivial and the period you are going through is the toughest of all. Stay hopeful and try to find the light within yourself.
  • You are in our prayers! Stay positive and wait for the dark time to pass.
  • Allow hope and positivity in your heart, then only you will be able to move forward in life with a serene mind.
  • Wishing you some small comfort in this time of sorrow.
  • I am truly sorry for your loss. I would like to offer you and your family our deepest and most sincere condolences and may the soul of your (add the name of the person who passed away) rest in peace.
  • Heartfelt thoughts go out to you in this time of sorrow. 


Choose the best remembering flower without being gender biased


The best remembering flower is the one you can connect your memories to you have with a person. The bond you have with them and the connection you share with them matters a lot when it comes to picking a remembering flower to send them. The best flower to pick for someone when you are remembering them is Gladioli. Gladioli usually mean remembrance, as well as strength of character and sincerity. Apart from it there are many classic flowers used for remembering flowers such as Rose, Lillies and Poppy. All these flowers are used to be sent away to someone a person misses and longs to meet.