Gift Box for Valentines Day Gift
Gift Box for Valentines Day Gift

Let’s face it: finding the right Valentine’s Day present for your significant other, closest friend, or your mother (she, too, deserves to be rewarded!) is a time-consuming task. It could even be the reason you start early on holiday shopping this year—which, by the way, is a brilliant decision. While giving someone a single thing they’ll adore is always lovely, there are other ways to pamper everyone you love on this Valentine’s Day: gift box.

Gift Box of Valentine's Day
Gift Box of Valentine’s Day

No, a gift box isn’t just a random collection of items from the store’s clearance department put together as a present. Valentine’s Day gift boxes, on the other hand, are packages stuffed to the brim with goodies that anyone would enjoy. Sure, making a gift box with that extra-special personal touch is always a possibility. Bonus: Gift baskets are okay even if you’ve only been dating for a short period. They’re meaningful and genuine without being excessive, which is a huge plus. And, let’s be honest, who wouldn’t love a box filled with their favorite treats? 

However, if you have to go to several different locations to find the items you need for just one box, the gift-giving process can be quite time-consuming. We might be thinking about the solutions. We suggest you order it in gift delivery services around your neighborhood to save time. But to finish everything perfectly by February 14th, there are some steps to do. First, plan the gift box thoroughly for every one of your significant others. This way, you will be able to order and communicate your needs. Second, place your order on time. Flower Advisor Singapore provides 24 hours delivery service, or 3 days delivery for more complicated items.

If you need some inspiration to figure out the perfect gift box for your loved one based on their characters and personality, or maybe a glimpse of gift ideas to match your activities on Valentine’s Day, keep reading. 

Valentine’s Gift Box for the Sweet-Tooth Person

Classic Gift Box
Classic Gift Box

Classic gift boxes filled with a fine chocolate bar, champagne-flavored candies, a bouquet of roses, and their favorite character dolls are predictable but still lovely. To add more surprises, add cute and unthinkable things such as lollipops, gold coin chocolate, or cute candies from our childhood. 

Valentine’s Gift Box for Charcuteries Lovers

We all know someone who likes cheese more than most people (but not more than you), and a basket full of crackers, honey, and gourmet cheeses that we probably have no idea how to pronounce would be a big hit. This basket will make them very pleased if they love charcuterie (and who doesn’t?). It’s essentially a charcuterie board with cheeses, sausages, crackers, pistachios, and other goodies.

Valentine’s Gift Box for Beauty Enthusiast

Beauty enthusiasts can come in many forms. We recommend you start noticing your significant other’s beauty routine. Are they more into skincare, makeup, nail arts, or organic beauty stuff?  It is important because you may get a single $25 skincare product or a box with a variety of different skin items for the same price. A facial peel, hydrating gel, shampoo and conditioner, cleaning balm, moisturizer, face cream, scrub, and body oil can be considered to put in this gift box. You might want to acquire one for yourself as well. For them who enjoys themed nail art? You can help them get ready for V-Day with a package that includes every instrument they’ll need for an at-home mani-pedi that they can perform themselves.

Valentine’s Gift Box for Self-Care

Do you know someone who loves to stay at home and pamper themselves? Or a busy Mom who probably needs some simple relaxing treatment at home? You give them an aromatherapy gift box and put scented candles, bath bombs, lip balms, and a fragrant sachet with a beautiful arrangement of dried flowers inside. With this gift basket filled with everything needed for a peaceful soak, you can help your loved one bring the spa home. Do you know someone who truly needs to unwind? Consider giving the gift of a peaceful night’s sleep in a basket. Mint tea, sleeping mask, eye mask, incense stick, and potpourri will do. 

Valentine’s Gift Box for Chillin’

Making a toast at home after a lovely Valentine’s Day dinner will make a perfect night for couples or families. Beside a classic wine gift box consists of a bottle of rosé wine, two wine glasses, a scented candle, and a chocolate bar. There’s another brilliant idea. Have you ever met someone who loves to do experiments with drinks, specifically cocktails? Besides the spirit bottle, you can add the drink infusion kits (essentially all the fruits, spices, and herbs you’ll need for a fancy cocktail), a bespoke cup, and a few other extras so they can have fun creating their perfect drink for Valentine’s.

Gift Box for Chillin
Gift Box for Chillin

Valentine’s Gift Box for Tea and Coffee Drinkers

Create a gift box that says “tea party”. A beautiful white ceramic teapot, a range of English teas, strawberry preserves, cookies, chocolate chocolates, and more. Also, you can arrange a gift box that screams “cozy”. Filled with soft socks and warm herbal tea, making it ideal for a romantic night on Valentine’s Day.

If coffee is the way to your S.O.’s heart, try to get them a coffee-themed gift box. You can start with coffee-flavored chocolate bars, actual coffee beans, or home brewing equipment. This surely will brighten up any coffee lover’s day.

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