Maintaining a Healthy Body and Mind
Maintaining a Healthy Body and Mind


With the current virus outbreak, we should take extra care of our bodies. Besides wearing a mask and keep our hands clean, there are some tips for you to take to maintain your body and mind healthy.

1. The Power of Music

Music has the power to affect both our emotions and body. It says that faster music can make you feel more alert and concentrate better, while slower tempo music can quiet your mind and relax your muscles, making feel soothed while releasing the stress of the day.

2. The Art of Yoga

If you are not the type of hardcore workout routine person, yoga is the perfect choice for you! Yoga is known to be an antidote for stress, also it can help you to clear your mind and relax your body. Don’t forget that yoga also has the potential to increase fat loss, build flexibility, and develop muscle tone!


3. Eat Plenty of Veggies

A study shows a diet rich in vegetables can lower blood pressure, prevent some types of sickness – like cancer, reduce the risk of heart diseases and stroke, and have a positive effect on blood sugar level. According to Dr. Mercola “Take Control of Your Health”, eating more vegetables reduces more depression and anxiety. Vegetables are so good for your body and mind. Although they are not tasty and exciting to eat, your body will say thank you sooner or later!

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