Tips What To Do at Home
Tips What To Do at Home


During Corona virus pandemic, we all must do our part to stay at home. There are limits to the thing we can do and most of you would probably feel bored, but you don’t have to worry, we have tips for you that can give you some ideas about what activity you can do at home.

Movie Night: For those movie lovers, this is the time for you to rejoice since now you have the time to bench watch all the movies or tv series you’re looking forward to.
Learn to Cook: To those who’s been dreaming to learn how to cook, this is your chance. With the extra time on your hand, you can learn how to cook and show your affection towards your family or even to yourself with your own cooking.
Exercise: With the current situation we must keep our body fit, with that we must exercise daily such as doing yoga or simple exercise to make our body fit and fresh.
Read a book: For those book lovers, this is the time since there is no distraction going on outside that is making you lose track and miss the opportunity to read a book.
Work from home: For those who have to work from home, create the perfect environment that can increase productivity. Our advice is to work inside a room that can decrease distraction.

There is so much activity that you can do inside your house without having to go outside, remember that we must stay inside to fight against corona virus.

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