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    Ultimate Gift Guide for Cancer
    Ultimate Gift Guide for Cancer


    Happy birthday, Cancer! Everyone knows that Cancer is ruled by the moon, these water signs feel most at home well. Just like a crab needs its shell, a Cancer needs a home that is comfortable for them and welcomes the people they love. They love to entertain their loved ones with dinner parties. A Cancer may not be the loudest, but they settle for the finest quality. For those of you who are still confused what to give for your fellow Cancer friends, here’s the ultimate gift guide.


    1. Vinyl Player

    They said Cancers are homebodies, but that doesn’t make any Cancer boring. Help them play some sweet and relaxing tunes at their comfortable space.

    2. Novels

    Rather than going out to the cinemas which they love staying at home more, get them some novels. With novels as a gift, they’ll know the stories that are playing at the cinemas (not feeling FOMO) and they have their own ‘me-time’.

    3. Gym Sets – Yoga Mat and Barbell

    Let’s turn Cancer’s home into a Gym! As Cancers enjoy having their loved ones hanging around in their house, they can spend time by exercising to have some fun, as well as to  maintain their health.

    4. Spa

    Time to bring your Cancer friends out! Birthdays can be overwhelming and we all know Cancers are home-loving folks, so treat them to a spa of their choice.

    5. Kitchen Sets

    Cancers are also known to be great in kitchen – help them spruce up their dinner parties with some kitchen sets and dinnerware.