If you have a friend born between May 21 to June 20, you need to buckle up to keep up with their social ways at all times. IT’S GEMINI SEASON!

Gemini is known for its intelligence, musical, and charms, which means they love being the center of attention (NOT a bad thing!). Represented by the twins, they have strong opinions and personalities – they’re not afraid to express it to the fullest extent. Even though it can be tough to hold their attention, but once you do, it’ll be worth it. Here, the ultimate gift guide to impressing the Gemini in your life.


1. Sheet Mask

Always on the go, a busy Gemini can easily fall behind on their skin routine. Giving sheet masks are an ideal quick and easy way to remind them to keep their face hydrated to leave their skin healthy and glowing.

2. Journal

Geminis have A LOT to say. They’re an intellectual sign with a lot of swirling thoughts. Gifting your Gemini, the perfect outlet to let out their inner thoughts and opinions, brings them to keep all their ideas in one place.

3. Karaoke Machine

A karaoke machine is obviously an ideal gift for Gemini as they love being the center of attention. They can turn anything into a celebration!

4. Art Set

Creativity is flowing from one way or another. Your Gemini will thank you for this.

5. Instant Film Camera

Who else likes to remember moments for years to come? Geminis go out and live their best. What a better way to documents those moments? It’s not time-consuming and doesn’t involve any chemicals that can stain their shirts.