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    Christmas Hampers
    Christmas Hampers


    A happy Christmas moment will be more joyful with the Christmas hampers gift to enjoy. These hampers are usually arranged from various items. Those are like snacks, dolls, chocolates, or other products. The number of items can be arranged based on your request and need too.

    If you have a lot of budgets, choosing more than 45 items in a hamper can be great. You can order this hamper if you are a member of a large family. It can be a perfect gift to be sent to your work relations or the boss.

    In addition, maybe you prefer to choose the small hamper with fewer products. If it is so, choosing the under 15 items Christmas hampers is recommended. This hamper still looks really fantastic. They have artistic design and appearance. Here are some references for those hampers.

    Unique Hamper with a Santa Hat Inside

    Children will love everything about Santa Claus. If you want to surprise them with a hamper, this gift is perfect. Can you imagine your children’s expression when they got it? What a memorable moment that they will always remember. This hamper consists of several goods.

    Examples are some brands of butter cookies and chocolate snacks. These sweet foods are perfect for Christmas moment, right? Most of the family members and for sure your kids will love these Christmas hampers really much. Well, this hamper is also arranged with other items.

    Those are the Santa Hat and for sure some sweet candies. The Santa hat is in the red color which really represents a joyful Christmas nuance. If you want to, you can write the sweet notes in this hamper. In addition, several decorations may be also added for this hamper.

    The examples are like colorful ribbon and flowers. The florist will choose the right flowers with matching colors for this hamper. Usually, you have to order these Christmas hampers at least 2 days before Christmas. Just make sure you know about the terms and conditions.

    Special Hamper with Wine and Nest of Bird

    Christmas Hampers with Wine
    Christmas Hampers with Wine


    The less than 45 items hamper is maybe special. However, you must know that the under 15 hampers can be amazing too. You can do it by ordering a hamper for Christmas that is arranged with several special products too.

    This special hamper with wine is the perfect example. This hamper consists of a bottle of high-quality Australian red wine (750ml). The wine lover will really adore this gift. In addition, wine is not only a special point in this hamper. It still has other products that you will adore.

    These Christmas hampers are also arranged with 6 bottles of bird’s nest. In addition, the sweet things can be gotten from the Droste chocolate and the durian praline which are added to that hamper. The Droste chocolate is 75 grams for its size. It is so delicious.

    Meanwhile, the durian praline chocolate is around 200gram. This unique chocolate will grab your attention. It has a unique taste combination of durian fruit and chocolate. Enjoy it to cherish your Christmas moment with the family.

    The Halal Hamper for Christmas Celebration

    Although Christmas is a Christian and Catholic special day, sometimes maybe you want to send the Halal products. It is totally fine because this kind of hamper is available. These Christmas hampers also contain less than 15 products. Is it the kind of hamper that you are looking for? This hamper arranged from various delicious and sweet snacks. The examples are the chocolate ball, praline, and assortment chocolate. The chocolate brands which are used are for sure the high-quality one. The praline itself is made with the durian filling.

    Besides some chocolate products, this hamper also consists of other snacks. You even can get the delicious almond white cookies snack there. Some mango chocolates products are also available. The sizes are varied and it is ranged between 70gr-200gr. All products are guaranteed as Halal foods.

    To get the thick Christmas nuance, a Christmas stuffed animal will be also placed in that hamper. The size of this good is about 20 cm. From the sizes, you can imagine the overall size of this hamper. These Christmas hampers are really recommended to celebrate Christmas.