Flower Delivery in Singapore
Flower Delivery in Singapore


It is a fact that the flower delivery Singapore provides tons of options for gifts. You can purchase the gift to be used on several occasions. It can be a graduation moment, anniversary, baby shower, a birthday party, up to the condolence situation to cheer up a friend.

The gifts are really varied. You can choose the romantic flower bouquet as an example. The bouquet can be made from various beautiful flowers. It can be roses, lilies, and more. If you want more, you can choose the hampers too which are arranged for several items.

However, some of you may want to purchase a unique item from flower delivery. Do they have it? Yes, they have. Take a look at the website to find it. Here are some unique items from the delivery of Singapore. You can make it as your reference in sending a gift.

A Hidden Treasure Box

Sometimes maybe you want to give a special gift to your lovely one. It can be your mother, wife, or your couple. So far, the exclusive gift that is known is jewelry. In addition, it can be mixed with a flower in a beautiful box. Is it a perfect gift for you?

It is called the hidden treasure box. As it is named there will be a treasure inside this box. This box contains some red roses and baby breath flowers. The box itself is in pink color. The flower delivery Singapore will hide a special thing between the roses.

The treasure used is the ring pendant necklace. This pendant necklace is embellished with a diamond to show timeless perfection. This pendant is made of 925 silvers. The sparkling cubic Zirconia crystals are also applied thereto to enhance its look.

Can you imagine how your wife’s expression when she opens this box? The look of this gift is so attractive. It has a soft pink color appearance with red color roses inside. The jewelry is also a focal point of this gift from flower delivery Singapore.

A Flower Bouquet with Skincare Products

Actually, there are some other ideas of gift items that you can share. One of them is a flower bouquet with the skincare products inside. This hamper is great to remind you and your friends (or a couple) about the relationship. It is so fascinating.

This hamper is arranged in a beautiful basket that has a white and pink pattern. The pink ribbon will be also placed there. The hamper itself is made from some flowers such as dark pink roses, some small flowers, and baby breath flowers as the filler.

The skincare products which are placed there are like body milk two tubes of shower gel (each size of this gel product is 50ml). Just like the flower, these skincare products also have a floral scent. That is why; this flower delivery Singapore item is so unique.

It is a great idea to give this flower box on several occasions. The examples are like in an anniversary, birthday, engagement, or other celebrations moments. Some of the flowers can be replaced based on the season. However, the replacement will have the same value.

The China Fantasy Gift Idea

Preserve Flowers
Preserve Flowers


The fresh flower is for sure really fascinating to see. However, it will need special treatment after someone’s getting the bouquet. It is especially when they want to make it is last longer. However, if you want to get the practical one, the preserve flowers can be awesome.

One of the flower delivery items that use artificial flowers is China Fantasy. It is an arrangement or artificial flowers which are looked like an orchid. The florist also adds the blushing floral ambiance to make it is looked more beautiful than before.

It has a soft purple color with the green leaves part near the stems. The height is about 66cm. This flower is placed in a small white pot which makes it is looked really classy. You can place it on the table of any rooms at home.

In addition, it is also a great idea to hang this flower. You can create a small hanging garden at your house. Since it is not a real flower, it is so easy to treat it. Now, you can choose the right items from a flower delivery Singapore based on your needs.


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