Valentine's Day Flower
Valentine’s Day Flower

Valentine’s Day is known as another day of love. Although the description of this day is global, many couples take advantage of this one day on February 14th to share more love with their loved ones. Usually, they spend their Valentines Day with their loved ones as much as possible. The celebration is usually the right time for those who want to express their feelings and even propose to their loved ones.

On this date, many restaurants are fully booked by those who wish to celebrate a romantic and intimate Valentine’s Day. Not only with your lover, but you can also celebrate the day with your parents and friends. Make this day to show them your love more.

There are many ways to spend Valentine’s Day, such as a candlelight dinner at a restaurant. However, you can still do many activities on this day. Going to an amusement park is usually done by young lovers. Meanwhile, married couples celebrate by cooking together, watching movies at home, or going on holidays with their partners.

Valentines Day is also synonymous with giving gifts to their loved ones. These gifts are usually given to their lover, parent, brother, sister, or best friend. Of the many gifts that can be given on this day, chocolates and flowers are Valentine’s gifts that can symbolize their love.

Why are flowers given on Valentine’s Day?

Nowadays, giving flowers on Valentine’s Day is a must to do when celebrating this day. Why are flowers given on Valentine’s Day? Giving flowers is a form of affection. A bouquet will make your loved ones feel more meaningful.

Prepare a bouquet well for Valentines Day. Many types of beautiful flowers can be given to lovers, parents, or friends. Every flower and color has a different meaning. If you are confused about choosing, you can search the internet. Type in “Valentines day flowers Singapore” then find a flower that suits your partner.

What are the types of flowers for Valentine’s Day?

Mixed flowers
Mixed flowers

The best-selling shop on Valentine’s Day is a flower shop. On this day, they are flooded with orders for bouquets and other types of gifts. A beautifully arranged flower bouquet is a bestselling Valentine’s gift. When choosing flowers to give on this day, you must understand the meaning of the flowers that will be given because every flower has a different meaning. Even the color of the flower has a different symbol. Then, what are the types of flowers for Valentines gifts?

1. Sunflowers

Sunflowers in bloom can evoke joy and excitement. Sunflower means ‘I only see you,’ which means that the flower’s recipient is the only one at heart. This flower’s broad petals symbolize happiness, admiration, and long life. Besides being given to lovers, sunflowers are also suitable as Valentines gifts for your parents.

2. Tulips

In the Victorian flower’s language, red tulips are an expression of love and commitment. Tulip is often associated as a symbol of loyalty, love, and the beauty of life. According to some people, tulips are the perfect gift when entering a new relationship.

3. Roses

Whether they are sponged or arranged into a flower bouquet, roses are always a popular choice to show love and affection on Valentines Day. Besides, roses have a variety of charming colors. Various kinds of rose colors can be used as valentine gifts, such as red, pink, white, and yellow roses.

4. Carnations

Carnations can express a variety of feelings. Usually, this flower is used to signify feelings of love, respect, and enchanting attraction.

Which flower is most popular on Valentine’s Day?

Mixed roses
Mixed roses

Although many flowers can be used as Valentine’s gifts, roses are the main star. That is what makes roses one of the most popular types of flowers given as gifts to loved ones. However, each color of the rose can have a different meaning.

Red roses mean love and romance. Meanwhile, pink roses have a symbol of love and tenderness, which makes them commonly used as wedding decorations. White roses symbolize peace and purity. It is also commonly interpreted as true love. That is why men use white roses to propose to their lovers. And yellow roses are flowers that you can give to your friends on Valentine’s Day. Yellow roses have a cheerful meaning, so they are suitable for representing a friendly relationship. So, you can give valentine’s day roses Singapore to your lover in Singapore.

Why is the red rose so popular on Valentines day?

Red roses
Red roses

In every picture, photo, painting, film, or anything related to Valentine’s Day, it is not uncommon to find heart symbols representing love and roses. Of the many rose colors available, red roses are the most popular as gifts.

So, what is the reason, why the red rose is so popular on Valentines Day? It is because the red rose is a symbol of true love. The rose has been a symbol of love since the early 1700s when Charles II of Sweden brought Persian poetry known as the “language of flowers” to Europe. The red rose is believed to be the favored flower of Venus, the Roman Goddess of Love. In ancient civilizations, the rose was used as a symbol of love and a flower of appreciation. Although there is no scientific evidence for the existence of this first rose, many researchers believe that the oldest rose is named Rosa Gallica, which is also called the French rose.


Which are the best Valentine’s Day flowers?

To send Valentines Day flowers to your loved one in Singapore, you can use a florist e-commerce service. One of the best florists in Singapore is FlowerAdvisor. They serve customer orders from abroad. To give a valentine’s flower gift, you can visit the FlowerAdvisor Singapore website. Or you can search for “valentine’s day bouquet Singapore” on search engines and find valentine’s day flowers delivery in Singapore.

When choosing Valentine’s flower gift, of course, you will be confused because of the many choices of flowers. Then all you have to do is search in the search field by typing “best Valentines Day flowers,” then choose which one suits your loved one. Giving the best flowers to your loved one will make them feel like a precious person to you.

Various kinds of hand bouquets such as roses, sunflowers, tulips, carnations, and other flowers will be stunning when combined with other flowers. The touch of baby breath and cotton flowers can make your flower bouquet the best Valentine’s Day flower gift. Or, to make it the best gift, you can also add another gift. A bouquet with chocolates, a teddy bear, wine, or her favorite make-up is the complete package to celebrate Valentine’s Day with her.

Apart from other gifts, various shaped bouquets can also make it the best Valentine’s gift. Like flowers arranged in a heart-shaped box, or flowers arranged in the name of your lover, or roses decorated like a heart-shaped cake. Make your gift the best gift, and she will not forget it because it can make her feel the sincerity of your feelings for her.